FarGlobal Review: TradeVIM Scam Crypto Trading

FarGlobal Review: TradeVIM Scam Crypto Trading

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FarGlobal allegedly is a global crypto trading platform that aims to benefit investors when required. The platform motto is at “your service and that your command,” and investors expect top-notch services from them.

However, do not be so quick to go into your pocket and deposit funds in the account expecting returns because the company exposes several red flags. While you read this review further, we will highlight some of the reasons why you should not trust FarGlobal.

The company fails to provide any information regarding who owns and runs the operations, and this is a major red flag. Therefore you will be expecting returns from anonymous people who might even turn out to be criminals.

Scammers will rarely provide information on their whereabouts; this is because they result in opening new companies and try to scam more people. However, before investing in any platform, you should read more reviews and check the legitimacy before depositing a single dime.

Investors are introduced to the platform through a video showcasing a background with a logo of TradeVim, which appears to be their daughter company. TradeVim claims to be the “google-ization” of cryptocurrency, and they help investors know everything about crypto trading.

FarGlobal Review, FarGlobal Platform

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The platform boasts of simplicity and easy to use and that you do not have to go through the hassle of finding the best time to trade. However, how it comes up with this figure is not well elaborate than the kind of risk management is unknown.

FarGlobal Review

FarGlobal claims to gather billions of data points from the blockchain through its alleged algorithm. The software can collect the most probable profit within 120 days of the market.

However, the trading world faces high volatility, and guarantying profits always is not entirely true. However, there are legit trading tools that you can use in the crypto investment, and you will encounter minimal risks while trading.

The results the software generates are based on historical data, and they claim backtesting is applied. They further warn investors that the results may not necessarily be the best prediction for future results.

You need to be provided with a winning accuracy, and FarGlobal is more like gambling because the results are not promised. They showcase columns with cumulative effects after the binance fees are taken out, but the figures are not visible, and they very shady.

The sales pitch is poorly presented, and they fail to provide more information about how the software works. The software can open and exit the trade and reach maximum profit, and the price of Bitcoin starts falling.

The company aims at making trading as easy as 123, and they claim no knowledge is required for you to start using the software. The company even uses Leonardo da Vinci’s quote simplicity is the ultimate sophistication to try and lure you into believing the software is legit.

How it Operates

Scammers will use any marketing strategy, and until there are any visible trade transactions, no trade activities seem to be taking place in this platform. You should be provided with the historical background of the software and at least a demo account that you can use to set up a winning strategy.

For investors to use TradeVim, you must buy a license, and then you will need to create and fund a free Binance exchange account. For you to purchase the trading license, you require $697, and you gain access to all the platform’s functions, and you can use the software for up to 600 trades.

After 60 days, you have to renew your license for $197, and this gives you a usage period of up to 300 trades. FarGlobal and now comes in here when you want to purchase the license.

Customers can also benefit from bonus conditions from a uni-level compensation structure and that you are ten different levels for every new member you manage to bring into the company. Affiliate programs depend on the customer’s deposit for you to earn a certain percentage.

The primary beneficiaries of the affiliate program are the platform owners, and you will not benefit from a single coin from this investment firm. The company has three levels of the affiliate program, and you generate a certain level of GV.

Nothing makes sense in this investment firm, and it can be considered a waste of cyberspace. There is no evidence of any successful payments that have been made to any investor to earn your trust in the company.

Regulation and Customer Support

FarGlobal is not a regulated platform, and we can conclude this because they do not provide any regulatory information on the website. The platform owners risk facing criminal prosecution and are the main reason or knowledge of their whereabouts is unavailable.

Scammers will try their level best hide every information that may reveal the location, and similar characteristics are visible in FarGlobal.

Scammers will try their level best hide every information that may reveal the location, and similar characteristics are visible in FarGlobal. Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily trust such companies to make profits for you.

Unregulated companies do not stay in the market for long, and they risk facing closure once the law enforcers recognize them. You should be able to see and verify regulatory information readily in any legit investment firm.

Working contact support is very important, and a response towards your query should be a priority because the customer always comes first. No visible map location address has been provided that you can use to locate the whereabouts of the owners or employees.

Funds Safety

The safety of your funds is not guaranteed in this investment firm because who is controlling the operations of the company is unknown. Transparency is vital in every legit investment firm, and they should be able to find legit information before trusting a company with your money.

They feature a very shady method of operation, and they seem to have a hidden agenda behind the investment firm. No evidence of any successful page has been made to customers, and the result is not likely to change when you invest in the company.

You should also be provided with at least three months of past trade transactions that the robot has been able to complete. Furthermore, they do not feature a demo account that you can use to come up with a winning strategy, and you risk losing all your money before you even know how the software operates.

Final Verdict

You do not know the people behind FarGlobal and the kind of qualification they have for you to trust their legitimacy. They do not provide any regulatory data, and the main reason the owner’s information is hidden; is because they know they risk facing criminal prosecution.

Different countries have set up various laws to protect their citizens from scammers, and mostly you should be provided with regulatory data. Nothing makes sense in this investment firm, and they fail to provide you with a demo account and past transactions the robot has completed.

Transparency is vital in every legit investment firm in this platform fails to provide any regulatory measures taken and the kind of risk management. Furthermore, if you’re looking to make a profit, you should invest with profitable trading tools that have been tried and tested to make massive profits.

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