Fast Cash App Review: Latest Scam Exposed

Fast Cash App Review: Latest Scam Exposed

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Fast Cash App Review: Latest Scam Exposed


Fast Cash App Review

Fast Cash App ( is another Bitcoin trading system promising to make you millions this year. Robert Fisher who’s the developer of this app claims you will make $22,750 the first week. Let’s take an in-depth look at this software.

What is Fast Cash App all About?


When you log into this bogus app’s site, you will get a promotional video explaining how you’ll make money. It first starts with a huge hook that you will easily get and make $22,750 the first week. This should be the first thing that should scare you about this app. This claim is cause for alarm. When you continue watching the video, you will realize that it’s not easy making that insane amount as they claim.

This means that with Fast Cash App, you will be making a million dollars yearly with an investment of $37. Yes, the developer claims you only need to make an initial investment of $37 to start raking in huge profit margins. Promotional video also adds in the fact that you don’t require any skills to start earning money.

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What are they claiming?


During the presentation video, you will hear this unknown spokesman making huge claims. These claims are simply made to entice users to sign up. This supposed spokesman is not being honest making it hard to trust him or the product. This also makes it hard for us to believe that Fast Cash App is legit at all.

How does Fast Cash App Work?


Funny thing with this app is when you start actually using it. This app doesn’t work at all. Fast Cash App does not work as advertised and it simply is taking advantage of people. Their claims cannot be relied upon since there are no facts to back them up. This only shows that the developer only cares about making money through fraudulent means.

Once you decide to buy the app, you will get unhelpful and generic training on how to make money online. This is not enough to help you make money as they easily advertise. We have learned that most of the products they use are old and can be easily be found on YouTube. This means that the developer of Fast Cash is tricking you into purchasing products that can be easily be accessed online.

Fast Cash App Scam

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How Much does it really cost?


Truth is, it doesn’t cost $37 as they claim. After buying the app, you end up upselling the initial cost of buying. The con is to get you to cough out $37 from your first purchase. After purchasing, you will be required to make an initial deposit of around $250 to start using Fast Cash App. Just like any other ClickBank products, this one costs $37 and should be a good sign that it’s a scam.

After signing up, you will be asked to pay $200 in order to have access to the member’s area. They will add in the fact that you will get the chance to get your money back. What they don’t tell you is that, once you pay $37, there are some upsells you will incur

1. Fast Cash Version 2.0 @ $197

2. Fast Cash Pro Version @ $177

3. Fast Cash Social Version @ 97

This simply means you are being tricked into spending nearly $500 without having earned anything. They will tell you the extra products will help you in increasing the rates at which you will earn.

Who is Robert Fisher?


Robert Fisher is the man behind this bogus scam. He starts by claiming he’s an online entrepreneur and research expert. What we find disturbing is that there’s no known image of Robert Fisher anywhere in the face of the planet.

We have managed to link Robert Fisher with other known scam developers. One good example is James Robertson, self-proclaimed developer of the Wealth Project. He also claims to be a successful online entrepreneur and research expert. This is a well thought out plan to steal money from unsuspecting Bitcoin traders.

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A few months back, there was also a product known as Smart Cash App which surprisingly, was run by Robert Fisher. This fake scam also had the same con tactics as Fast Cash App. Both Smart Cash App and the Wealth Project have the same con lines as Fast Cash App.

How does this con work?


It’s a well-known fact that most con artists launch a product and later switch the name to make it look new. This way, potential victims will think that the product is new and hence fall into their trap. This is one way of making sure that victims don’t identify scam related products.

We conducted a simple online search and found out that Robert Fisher is a scammer and should not be trusted. Robert does not also show his face in any of his promotional videos. This is proof that Robert Fisher is nothing but a con artist. Any genuine person who’s selling legit products would proudly let his face known. This is a clear indication Robert Fisher is hiding his face to avoid backlash from victims and the authorities.

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Fake Success Claims


We have seen claims floating around that Fast Cash App has seen success with some people. However, we found out that these people could not be reached for contact. This simply means we could not reach these people to confirm their claims.

Unlicensed and Shady Brokers


What we found that stood out was the broker that Fast Cash App uses. They are unlicensed and unregulated. You should not trust your money with brokers and investors whose reputation puts you at harm’s way. These brokers have not been certified nor verified by the concerned authorities. These brokers will steal all your money and leave you penniless.

Why the Fake Reviews?


We have seen a lot of fictional reviews floating around. Developers of this crazy fake app have hired webmasters to help endorse this product. These endorsements make the product seem real to the untrained eye. You should be wary that this is the case with Fast Cash App. This is a misleading practice and should not be condoned by the Bitcoin market.

Can you really make $22, 750 in the first week?


There’s no way you can make that kind of money with any type of trading software. The Bitcoin market, just like any other market is volatile. Changes in prices can be attributed to unforeseen factors such as political showdowns, market crashes and so on. In reality, Fast Cash App is simply a bogus system.

Final Verdict for Fast Cash App


Fast Cash App Critique

Fast Cash is a shameless system meant to steal your money and leave you broke. We have to warn our readers to completely stay away from this system. Do not under any circumstances sign up with this fake trading app. You will lose your money and have no one to blame but yourself.

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