Fast Million Review: Fast Million AKA Sigma Pro Is Scam

Fast Million Review: Fast Million AKA Sigma Pro Is Scam

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Apart from using outright exaggeration, the Fast Million AKA Sigma Pro system doesn’t have a foundation or method through which it works to make money.

We have found that this product is only backed by lies. No factual statements are ever presented on the website ( to help investors make a decision of whether or not to use it.

It would therefore be extremely foolish to trust Fast Million system just because they promised millions of dollars in a few days.

In fact, there’s absolutely nothing to show that this software works. The presentation is unethical and typical of what fraudsters do when they want your money.

Before you consider using Fast Million or Sigma Pro system, you need to read this review and form an opinion first.

But as far as this goes, you should know that this is an outright scam — a filthy opportunity to fleece your wallet as opposed to fattening it. The criminals will then disappear into oblivion once they sell you lies and vanish with your money.

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What the heck is Fast Million or Sigma Pro?

It’s promoted as a secret project that makes people millionaires.

I wonder how secret this can be when in fact we were able to access the website for free.

The sales pitch says that Fast Million is free to use. How exactly is that secret?

This robot purports to trade binary options with high precision. It’s the reason they claim that Sigma Pro has made thousands of users millionaires.

We have to take those claims with a pinch of salt because no evidence has been presented to verify that indeed investors have been making millions with this robot.

Instead of elaborating what Fast Million is, the voice narrator keeps boasting of how he can make you rich through his software. This way, you are supposed to achieve financial freedom without working hard.

Now, the above sales pitch troubles me very much. It shows the shady aspects of this project. It makes the entire thing suspicious because no substantial information is given to confirm that indeed this robot has been making traders wealthy.

While the voice narrator claims that this project will make you lots of money, he also talks of Sigma Pro system, although no direct link between the two is offered in this obscure explanation.

The narrator is not even concerned with telling you what Fast Million is. He is only concerned with flaunting a dream life that does not exist in the real sense.

fast million sigma pro scam

The problem with these claims is that they never work. In fact, any software developer that promises millions in a short time is definitely a fraud. This is just pure fantasy – and no trader should fall for it no matter what.

To top it off, Fast Million claims that this opportunity was featured on CNN, Forbes, USA Today and BBC. I can’t hold my laughter because I know very well that this is a lie.

Does this phony internet marketer know that records do exist? And if Fast Million (as useless as it is) was featured in any of these websites, a quick search on any of these websites would show us that indeed articles were published in these sites to highlight the fact that people were making millions with this robot.

The more they lied, the more I was curious of digging further to find out the truth.

So this is the truth concerning Fast Million or Sigma Pro

How old is Fast Million system? The answer is that it is a very new system.

There’s no way a system that was launched in July 2017 can have 1400 users already. This website simply uses fake user counts to mislead victims into a fraudulent system that will leave them broke at the end of the day. It’s a suspicious system from the word go.

It is also very easy to find evidence of whether these numbers are true or false.

I simply verified these numbers with several trading communities online. It was not shocking to discover that traders did not know of this opportunity. So I had to introduce it first and wait for their feedback. Apparently, not even a single trader had used this robot before.

This is good news because it shows that people haven’t lost money with this scam yet. The downside, however, is that those who will not conduct due diligence will bump into it and get smitten by the promise of extreme wealth. Avoid.

The story behind Fast Million – Don’t laugh your ribs out!

First of all, the sales pitch is done by an anonymous voice narrator.

This narrator tells a sad story to his audience, which in my opinion, is nothing more than a ploy to make you fall for his lies.

This guy claims that he was basically homeless 6 months ago, and now he is a millionaire. In other words, Fast Million or the so-called Sigma Pro is supposed to make you a millionaire in a span of 6 months. I wonder how this will happen.

This con artist also talks of how he was drowned in debts and that he was scammed in the process of searching for a system that would finally change his status quo.

His story suddenly changed when he discovered Sigma Pro on the website Fast Million.

If you analyze the fairy tale above, you will see that a number of questions haven’t been answered yet. Secondly, this story is very similar to those which are propagated by get-rich-quick schemes on the internet.

According to this voice over acting, the author of the Fast Million or Sigma Pro system is an anonymous man called Nikolay Potanin.

The story surrounding this man is quite ridiculous too. The mysterious man was ‘contracted’ by an American bank (bank name not mentioned for fear that we will verify) who asked him to help them create a secret trading system whose algorithm will be closely guarded so as to prevent it from leaking to the masses.

Then all of a sudden, this algorithm was leaked, and Boom! Fast Million website was created, and now the system is being offered to every other Tom, Dick and Harry. Do you sense the lie? I hope you do. This is not something you should be convinced about. The story lacks authenticity, plus its source cannot be verified. This shows that Fast Million is nothing but hogwash.

No Trade results, although evidence of fake testimonials is present

The website hopes that you will trust the opportunity even with no verifiable trade results.

The video only has a screenshot of fabricated trade results which are even inconsistent to help you make an informed judgement.

Sigma-Pro-Scam fake testimonials

These are backed by fake testimonials to trick you into thinking that Sigma Pro is really profitable.

Our Best advice for you

We’ve prepared some really good automatic binary options trading systems on this list. You can pick any.

However, as for this system, it’s an outright scam as confirmed by this Sigma pro review.

The promise of wealth in a short time is the first red flag. The second one has to be detected from the false story line that the narrator gives us about Fast Million system. The dots cannot be connected. The story sounds too fictitious. Avoid the scam please.

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2 Replies to “Fast Million Review: Fast Million AKA Sigma Pro Is Scam”

  1. I competely agree with this article. Most programs or services that promise to make you “rich fast” are usually a scam. Thanks for reviewing both of these services so others know to stay away from them!

  2. I love this article. No idea fast Million is a scan. I was all about fast million until I read this article and I did some research about it.. This is defiantly a scam

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