Faucetbot Review: A Dirty and Obvious Scam

Faucetbot Review: A Dirty and Obvious Scam

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We’ve discussed faucets here before and in those posts, we said that most (if not all faucets) are scams. We’ve come across another faucet hosted at the domain The site is inviting all those who are tired of clicking around to try finding sites that can genuinely earn them Bitcoin Satoshi. Faucetbot website also claims that they can claim free Bitcoin from over 3000 faucets. All you need to do is buy your space in the cloud.

The mechanism is allegedly so efficient that it enables Faucetbot to search over 3000 faucets and claim Bitcoins every 20 minutes. We strongly believe that this statement is misleading as there is no single Bitcoin faucet in the world that has ever earned people free Bitcoins every 20 minutes. It seem too good to be true in fact.

The bot is supposed to work 24 hours a day provided you have hired it in the cloud. There are 3 investment plans in total. To get started with Faucetbot, investors can choose the first plan which requires 0.003 BTC or the second and third investment plans which require 0.005 BTC and 0.0075 BTC respectively.

The difference between these plans is that each one of them is promising a different return. Different amounts of Bitcoins are supposed to be generated every hour. The first investment plan promises 0.0009 BTC per hour. The second plan requires 0.0018 BTC per hour. The third plan promises a return of 0.0027 BTC per hour.

Are these returns real? Is Faucetbot going to generate these returns as promised? That’s the question we will be answering in this review.

Note: You can only mine Bitcoins with a genuine site and not a faucet.

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Faucetbot review

Faucetbot Review

Faucet bot is not your usual faucet. Most Bitcoin faucets don’t have investment plans. This one has 3 investment plans as described above. The site claims that the reason why investors are paying is because they are renting their faucets in the cloud. It is not clear whether this site is really able to connect to 3000 faucets every 20 minutes. There is no proof that this site has this capability at all.

The main concern here is whether these returns are realistic? According to the basic plan which promises 0.0003 BTC returns every 20 minutes, investors are supposed to easily make 0.02 BTC in 24 hours. Think about it. This site is claiming that you will earn 0.02 BTC for paying 0.0009 BTC. How unrealistic is this?

Logic suggests that these are impossible returns which cannot be earned through this site or any other site that claims to generate free Bitcoins through faucets.

To cut a long story short, Faucetbot is misleading and deceiving visitors to this landing page. This is financial fairy tale and no matter how you want to look at it, it is still impossible to earn these returns from a faucet.

Features that enhance user experience and safety

This has to do with site-based features as opposed to your earning potential with the site. We observe that Faucetbot has implemented a few security badges on the site. Among the security badges presented on the site include SiteLock DDOS-Guard Protection and a couple of other badges which suggest that the site is heavily protected.

You may want to believe that this is the case. However, since those badges cannot be clicked, we conclude that they are fake. The site isn’t protected by the aforementioned brands. The message is falsely relayed, which amounts to deception.

Looking at the header of the site, we see that Faucetbot is also claiming to offer support through a partially revealed phone number. The reason they are not fully revealing the phone number is because the site is claiming that this kind of support is preserved to VIP clients. Rest assured that this is not the case. The site is just creating an impression that you can speak with them if you invest in any of their VIP plans. There is no guarantee that you will speak to them. We even doubt if a phone number will be provided anyway.

Fake testimonials

Let’s remember the fact that no faucet has ever generated Bitcoins for internet randoms who think that making money with Bitcoin faucets is a reality. There is not a single site out there which we know of that ever generated and sent free Bitcoins to its users.

Now, Faucetbot is claiming to generate a minimum of 0.02 BTC per day. This is not realistic and is definitely not real. You might say that the site has testimonials from people who seemingly made these amounts of money.

Well, you can’t trust these users because the testimonials haven’t been verified by a third party. What is more, it is not possible to verify these testimonials. The reason there are no photos to accompany the fake testimonials is because the scammer who runs Faucetbot didn’t want to use stock photos. It would work against them.

The names are equally fake. The stories about how they earned with Faucetbot are made up.

Summary of why we can’t trust this site

Faucetbot has really tried to take another approach if compared to what has been happening in this industry. However, it still doesn’t convince us at all. The site is only making false claims and promising returns that can never be realized even if the site was engaging in legitimate business activities.

The reason we can’t trust Faucetbot is because they are running a fake business model that doesn’t generate any Bitcoins.

The reason we cannot trust a site like Faucetbot is because the owner is anonymous and the site has a high risk of disappearing from the internet any moment from now.

The other reason you can’t trust this platform is because testimonials are fake. What do you expect from fake testimonials? You should expect to be ripped off.

The site is not legitimate. It is not transparent with its dealings. And definitely there is no excuse for accepting Bitcoins and keeping a low profile.

Our best advice for you

You should never send money to the admin who runs or manages Faucetbot. If you want to mine Bitcoin, here is a list of sites that genuinely mine Bitcoins.

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2 Replies to “Faucetbot Review: A Dirty and Obvious Scam”

  1. Hi, thank you for the review of the Faucetbot website. I have to say that there are faucets that do pay out every 20 minutes, in fact, one I use every day Bonus Bitcoin which pays out every 15 minutes, so you are incorrect on that… also Moon Bitcoin pays out usually after 5 minutes, provided there is a satoshi balance, if not you may have to wait a little longer, like 10 minutes, but there are faucets that pay out every 20 minutes or so.
    And, I would say that if there are 3000 faucets in existence and they are claimed as soon as the timer runs down to zero, that quite a lot of satoshi will be claimed. However, to prove such a thing would be exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, considering the time constraints of surfing and clicking. So, overall, I think your review is not quite accurate, but since I have been burned before, I will leave Faucetbot to others to try…
    Ken Christie

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