Fawsa Tron Review: How Deceives Investors

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Fawsa Tron Review: How Deceives Investors

Fawsa Tron is one of the biggest Crypto MLM risky platforms to hit the Asian investment scheme. Our review exposes why this platform is a risky investment project.

What led to the collapse of Fawsa Tron

The platform has hit a wall after sign-up numbers dwindled and is now operating as an affiliate website. Hundreds of investors fell for the project and are now crying foul after the platform duped them.

To gain access to the ‘daily guaranteed investment plans’ investors have to deposit funds using Tron or USDT. Its clear Fawsa Tron was soliciting funds via TRX and USDT. We have a straightforward Crypto MLM Ponzi scheme.

We did our digging and found the project was operated by an Indian national residing in the UK. Attempts to get Raj Shaheed to comment on the sudden collapse of the project hit a snag. He seems to have fled the region.

Without anyone to turn to, victims in the UK turned to the Financial Conduct Authority. A manhunt for Raj started we feared he might have jumped ship and headed to Pakistan. This is his last stance as he is promoting the project on YouTube channels.

Such antics have been seen before, Fawsa Tron is clearly on its last heels as the project’s demise is inevitable. After digging deep, we found some disturbing aspects of the app, those who downloaded it need to delete it.

Here’s our candid FawsaTron Review.

About Fawsa Tron

With the owner now at risk of being sent to Prison, he deleted the website. The fact still remains that Fawsa Tron is active in Asia with another version of the website in the works. We believe he will use the Fawsa.tron or domain address.

There’s no doubt that we’ll be on the lookout in case such a scenario happens. All we need right now is to ensure the project doesn’t take up any more leads, as this means more victims falling for the antics.

Fawsa Tron promised investors guaranteed daily ROI thanks to various investment services. These include staking services for various leading crypto assets. And to convince investors to sign up, there were a handful of plans to choose from.

What we immediately noticed with the app was the incorrect spelling of most of the coins. So we thought it was a mistake on Fawsa’s part. However, this was not the case, it was pre-determined as the assets were not real.

Investors would deposit funds hoping to have a piece of the pie. When staking for Ethereum, investors didn’t know they were actually staking for a non-existing coin. On Fawsa, the coin in question was Ethrium.

The vesting period was also a concern as investors got a promise of earning daily ROI. In fact, it was a guarantee the project would make a profit for you. The promise was, that investors would have to vest for a minimum of 7 days for the lowest-ranked coin.

Despite this, the value of the daily ROI percentage for Digit Coin (instead of Digi Coin) was 2.6% ROI. Investors would reason that that was a near-perfect investment venture that would net a cool 14% ROI within 7 days.

And as such, most opted for this plan.

How Fawsa Tron Deceived Investors

Fawsa Tron is a risky investment project convincing investors of staking opportunities. With most investors only eyeing the listed profit margin, they fail to spot the obvious errors on the platform.

These include coins that are not real which points to a dummy app operated by Raj and his team. Clearly, Raj has some help from Chinese scammers who have been working behind the curtains to defraud investors.

Other investment opportunities include exchange of listed coins by members to earn profit. The platform would solicit funds by claiming members would act as brokers on the exchange platform.

For every transaction made, investors would get a commission. However, with the dummy app, it was all a case of fool the investor with dummy transactions. No one was really exchanging coins on the dummy exchange.

With the shortest vesting period we’ve seen in a staking project, Fawsa Tron was targeting a specific investment group. It was the group of investors who rush to get more ROI without the checking the facts.

Raj and his team of Chinese hackers also had something up their sleeve, backdoor access to your crypto wallet. These apps always come with certain security lapses, in this case, trying to gain access to your crypto wallet.

That’s why Fawsa Tron claims you must have a wallet in your mobile to access the app. With such terms, investors sign up not knowing the end-game from the project’s point of view. And when they have access, they disrupt your balance.

We have seen plenty of such apps before but, none dared to use false coin data to defraud investors. Other such scams we’ve seen so far include Fortron, Incomatrix, PandaTron, and Tranconomy.

What happens after signing up with Fawsa Tron?

How demised from the crypto mlm scene

Things immediately start going downhill the moment you sign up with Fawsa Tron. The platform starts attempting to gain access to your real crypto wallet. Aside from that, the ruse of making daily ROI begins.

Using backdoor access, Raj and his team will manually increase your profit margin at end of each business day. By doing this, they continue the parade and convince most of the users they are actually earning.

During the process, they even enlist you to be part of their affiliate program and offer a partnership deal. Get others to sign up and deposit their Tron and USDT for a chance to earn bonuses and commissions.

With these, the platform clearly fails to offer much in terms of authenticity and transparency. Investors don’t have a clue they are targeting victims for the same trap they have signed up for. And the cycle continues.

There are some few members who do actually get to withdraw funds. And these members have to showcase their withdrawals to others. To withdraw funds, the platform has to ascertain you have a large social media following.

This means they use you to convince others the platform is indeed earning as claimed. Far from it, you end up partnering with the very same scam group. And this is what you see on YouTube videos promoting the platform.

Most of the promoters or early marketers have already earned from the platform either by affiliates or social media posts. The platform allows these members to do all the heavy lifting as more and more investors get drawn in.

Eventually, the sign up numbers dwindled and the platform decided to shut down operations.

Customer Complaints Fawsa Tron

Hundreds of customers from the UK turned to the FCA complaining of the project. Other investors from different parts of the globe turned to social media to condemn the app. These includes investors from Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, and South Africa.

Before investing in any project, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying or have gone through the services. Their testimonial can help you make an informed decision.

You can also reach out and request a review from us.

Our Conclusion Fawsa Tron

Judging from the escapade Raj has had over the years with the law, it’s fair to state Fawsa Tron is a scam. The website is already blown with Raj’s only source of income being YouTube marketers.

The best way to earn passive income such as staking revenue is using projects with verified performance.

Please do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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