Fibo Live Review: Is a Scam?

Fibo Live Review: Is a Scam?

Fibo Live is our today review that has overturned the market with their absurd claim. The entity claim that it will boost your trading confidence. The company state that they have unique trading tools that traders can utilize.

The platform charting software will display a severe price movement in the market. You can keep track of the various price of currency pairs by utilizing the range bar chart. The company is providing generic information to investors.

You will have a good view of how and when to place a trade. It will also boost your decision-making ability. The company is utilizing the Fibonacci strategy. The various time frame and multiple charts will be seen from one point of view.

The company claims their training is offered online. You will learn unique strategies to help you exploit the market. The firm assures clients that they are using a straightforward, easy methodology to pass information. You can interact with the moderators in case you have any questions during the training. They urge both novice and expert traders to join them as their lessons are compatible with any trader.

Fibo Live is the bragging of having the best software, tools, and community. They guarantee you will advance your trading skills and earn more profits if you choose to venture with them.

Fibo Live Review, Platform

However, this company does not have any proof to show they are indeed a trustworthy venture. The firm is granting interested individuals a chance to try out their services for seventeen days at a fee of $20. The deposit can be made via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, among other methods.

Fibo Live Founder

The person who is responsible for running the operation of Fibo Live is known as Derek Schimming. He brags that he has made millions on the market. He is allegedly a licensed financial adviser who started his trading career in 1989.

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Derek claims that he has grown his assets into $300 million within five months; this is a bold claim. The founder views himself as the best, and he started his own private company to serve those who do not have much expertise in this field.

The founder designed his first trading software, which is known as the range bar. He claims that this is among the best universal system which enables investors to trade by utilizing the technology of pure price charting.

Derek is being marketed as a person who can train investors and develop excellent bots designing the most efficient tools. However, he doesn’t avail of his trading account. Therefore, it isn’t easy to believe he has made such an amount of profit.

The founder claims that he wants to teach individuals the Fibonacci strategy and live trading Forex. Unfortunately, you will be trusting the word of a person who has no trading result or past knowledge in Forex.

Additionally, there is worrisome information regarding the owner of Fibo Live.  He was a former managing and principal of the All-Tech company. FINRA, the financial bodies the accuses Fibo Live of operating against the law. Instead of depositing money in a company that has multiple loopholes, we urge you to invest with legit Forex trading EA.

They are not permitted to conduct any investment services with any resident of the US. Multiple people lost their savings by trusting the wrong company. Unless you need the same fate to befall you go ahead and trust this Ponzi scheme

About Fibo Live

Fibo Live the platform that claims to offer multiple services to Forex traders. The company act as a trading school, financial advisor service, as well as a trading software platform. The firm is also offering financial advisory and management of assets for the investor.

It is very unwise to trust a company to manage your money while its transparency is in question. The platform claim they will help you grow your portfolio by investing in equity securities. They claim to have the necessary experience regardless of the condition in the market.

Fibo Live when the market is favorable, they will deposit 80% of client assets incorporates based in the US.  They also partake corporate bonds investment. They claim to diversify your assets to yield more returns.

Normalize checking for performance reports as well as an accomplishment that a company has attained. In the case of this venture, we can’t see any of this material. We only see the founder bluffing of unverified claims.

Contact Details

Fibo Live states that they are located in Malibu, California, in the USA. We strongly believe that this information is false and that this company is operating in an undisclosed area. In case you want to contact them, you have to fill up a contact form. They do not want to leave any traces.

The platform has other social media platform where they share live market decision. Regulatory bodies do not have the name of the founder in their record. The founder is providing false information to steal from as many people as he can.

FINRA, which is the regulatory body of the US, warns potential clients who might be tempted to invest with them to keep off. The company claims to be regulated, but they are not, which is very suspicious. They need to have a license from NFA.

However, since this company is not legit, it does not have the necessary documents. No government in the world would permit them to collect money from their citizen.

Safety of Funds

Your money is not safe at Fibo Live. A founder is also a person who is linked to scam ventures that made enormous losses for their clients. They do not have a license that permits them to collect funds from members of the public.

If you choose to venture into this company, you will do it blindly. The company has not shared any banking information. It is risky to trust such an entity. In case they exit the market, you won’t be able to follow up on your money.

Financial bodies require any company collection funds from members of the public to set aside a particular amount of money. It acts as a compensation scheme if the platform faces bankruptcy. With Fibo Live, you won’t get these benefits.

Clients Feedback

During our research, we found that Fibo Live is unpopular in the market. There are very few reviews regarding their operations. Moreover, their lack of reputation is also worrisome. According to, the company was launched in September 2018.

It is enough time for them to have acquired testimonials from their customers. Unless the services they are involved with are not transparent, the entity is anonymous registered, and we could not establish who the owner is.

We cannot find any benefit that you will get if you engage with this platform. Two years is enough time to attain reviews. It seems no investor is interested in conducting business with Fibo Live.

Final Verdict

Fibo Live is a notorious company that is infamous in the market. The company is not regulated; hence they are running against the law—the platform avails generic information which is complex on their website.

Fibo Live have been in the market for the longest time possible, yet they haven’t acquired a single review or endorsement. Our best request is to stay away from this company. There is legit Forex trading software that you can utilize.


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