Financial Signal Review: Forex Scam

Financial Signal Review: Forex Scam

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Financial Signal ( is a CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex brokers scam to hit the lucrative trading world. FinancialSignal is claiming to offer a smarter investing opportunity to anyone who signs up. Looking at their homepage, this broker has plastered their homepage with empty claims and promises. Why are members crying foul crying foul with this broker? Read this full expose on our genuine FINANCIAL SIGNAL review for more details.

Financial Signal Review

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Financial Signal Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation. What we found out with this broker will make you think twice before opening an account. From having fake demo accounts to creating a cloned website, make sure to read this entire review. Dealing with fake brokers can be a daunting task especially if the broker is trying to steal your funds. Financial Signal is a certified scam.

These scam artists are preying on unsuspecting online investors by professing to offer a way out. Yes, they promise to make high and quick returns, all investors have to do is deposit with them. Scam artist know for a fact we all want to make an extra buck or two, they take advantage of this need. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Financial Signal is another rotten broker who is taking advantage of unsuspecting online investors.

About Financial Signal

According to the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, this broker claims to be from the Czech Republic. A reason why this broker uses this country is because they want to appear to be based in Europe. These scam artists are targeting European investors by using this country as their base of operation. A problem with this claim is they fail to have any contact details in the Czech Republic. Apparently, they only post contact details of the U.K, Sweden, and Australia.

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Who are the actual people running this website? Why have they gone to the length of hiding names of founding members? These are telling signs we are dealing with professional scam artists. A reason they are hiding their actual names is fear of backlash from authorities and investors. By having no names, it makes it easier for them to steal funds and hide without a trace. Their level of anonymity is alarming which makes us question their intent. Make sure to stay away from any anonymous online investment platform.

Is Financial Signal licensed or registered?

After checking with international regulatory bodies, we can confirm Financial Signal is not licensed. To confirm our fears, we contacted leading regulatory bodies for verification status. Some of the institutions we contacted include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, FSA, and NFA. All these bodies denied any involvement with this broker which makes it a pure scam.

A broker must show their licensing details to members who are signing up. There’s nowhere on their platform can members see any details of their licensing. Real brokers will post details of their licensing for all to see. It makes the platform appear authentic and shows transparency on the side of the broker. Lack of these vital documents is proof we are dealing with a rogue broker. Stay away from any broker who adamantly refuses to reveal their licensing and registration number.

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Financial Signal Features/Disadvantages

Demo Account

One of the reasons why Financial Signal is a scam is having a rigged demo account. These scam artists have rigged their demo account in order to produce insane profit margins. Their demo account produces over 97% successful trades. A broker or demo account who promises such a high profit margin is usually lying. There’s no way a professional broker or robot can achieve such a high profit margin. Market prices are always volatile and achieving such results is next to impossible.

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Deposit and Withdrawal

When it comes to funding accounts, this broker makes sure depositing funds is easy and fast. Depository channels include MasterCard and Visa which can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. A huge problem with this broker is refusing members access to withdraw funds.  And this is what makes Financial Signal a certified scam.

Financial Signal Deposit and Withdrawal

Types of Accounts

Financial Signal is furnishing users with five different account types to choose from. These account types are Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and VIP. A huge problem with these accounts is their high minimum acceptable deposit requirement. For their most basic account, users are supposed to deposit over $500 to $2,499 to start trading. According to set industry standards, $250 is the acceptable depository requirement. Make sure to stay away from these accounts.

Web Platform

Another unsettling issue we found is with their web-based trading platform. A platform should be safe and secure from third party attacks. What we found out is shocking to say the least. Their platform lacks basic security features such as DDoS and SSL encryption protection. These are mere brokers who are targeting unsuspecting online investors. Hackers will easily steal credit card details with this platform.

Are funds safe with Financial Signal?

How can funds be safe from a broker who lacks proper licensing details? Safety of funds is not guaranteed by a broker who is anonymous. Where do they bank funds deposited by members? These are online scam artists who will do or say anything to have your money. Did you know members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account? Why are they not segregating accounts as dictated by trading laws? These are brokers who have been planning to close shop once their pockets are full.

Pooling of funds in one account is strictly forbidden since it puts assets at risk. Financial Signal is merging assets in one account which is a huge risk. Bankruptcy can occur at any time and creditors will demand to be paid using assets on this account. Make sure to stay away from brokers who put your funds at risk from third parties. Now you know what to expect with this rogue broker.

Is Financial Signal a scam?

After checking all evidence, we are sure Financial Signal is a scam. Stay away from these brokers who have no trading license and put deposits at jeopardy.


Financial Signal Account Types

Adding this broker to our blacklist will help protect our readers. Make sure you ignore all their marketing gimmicks.

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Wishing you a successful trading experience.

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    1. A me ha truffato €16300 convincendomi anche pur di depositare a chiedere dei prestiti alla mia banca e adesso io sono rovinata

  1. Sono gino Balleri , ignaro spettatore, a me sono stati rubati ben piu di 750 Euro.L’ufficio e’ sparito con tutta la dirigenza dalla sera alla mattina. ora mi occupo da altre parti piu sicure come free lancer

    1. Gentilissimo Gino bar balleri lei mi sa truffato di €16300 con la società come era scritto altroché ignaro. Mi hai fatto indebitare fino al collo a**icurandomi ed ogni giorno mandandomi guadagni.

    2. Gentilissimo Gino bar balleri lei mi sa truffato di €16300 con la società come era scritto altroché ignaro. Mi hai fatto indebitare fino al collo a**icurandomi ed ogni giorno mandandomi guadagni. Sei un grandissimo bugiardo sapevi benissimo la mia situazione mi ha a**icurato guadagni infine avevo molto bisogno visto che è sono in situazioni gravi e tu me le hai peggiorate facendomi indebitare fino al collo.

    3. Come quando ti ho chiesto se sparite tu mi hai detto ci vogliono più di settimane intere finché sparisce tutto l’intero palazzo ti devi fidare di me mi hai detto. Ma se hai una coscienza sempre se ce l’hai!! Non dovresti neanche dire quello che hai detto perché tu non sei stato truffato tu truffa vi e continui a farlo

  2. HI
    I was scammed by Tradex1 and their VIP platform for Eur 280000!!
    Please help to stop Natasha Klein aka Natasha Amanda Klein Koss and the other brokers in this boiler room fraud to steel more money. They do not pay your money back! I have set up two websites [Links Removed] to point to my case and the fraud and to avoid future scams by them. Please link to these pages as they will finally be ranked higher and will be seen early enough before one places his deposit in their wallet. Thanks!

    1. A me €16300 facendomi indebitare riducendo mi sulla strada adesso sono piena di debiti Per colpa di Gino balleri ma con la società

  3. Salve sono stata truffata dal mese di luglio al mese di settembre di circa €16300, il tutto architettato dal signor Gino balleri broker il quale mi a**icurava ogni giorno mi inviava i profitti ed erano altissimi.mi ha fatto chiedere prestiti alla mia banca e alle società di prestiti e adesso sono indebitata fino al collo e lui da un giorno all’altro È sparito mi ha bloccato su WhatsApp l’unico riferimento. La società si chiamava scrypto.,com diceva di fare sede a Lussemburgo.

  4. La società di cui sono stata truffata da Gino balleri si chiama il quale mi diceva di fare sede a Lussemburgo unico riferimento era WhatsApp e comunicava solo con vocali messaggi ma mi chiamava dalla sede ogni tanto

  5. A me ha truffato €16300 convincendomi anche pur di depositare a chiedere dei prestiti alla mia banca e adesso io sono rovinata

  6. Salve vorrei sapere se si vedono i miei commenti
    Se sì dove si vedono. Io mi vorrei unire a tutte queste persone truffate come benissimo che purtroppo li ho persi mi sono indebitata fino al collo perché avevo veramente bisogno.

  7. Brooker Gino balleri mi truffati €16300 riducendo mia lastrico perché avevo chiesto dei finanziamenti da luglio 2019 a settembre 2019 il signor Gino balleri tramite la società stscrypto

    1. cara elena questo signore ha truffato me ed altra gente, promettendo profitti,facendo vedere in piattaforma grandi cose e poi dall’oggi al domani bloccato tutto, azzerato i conti ,giustificando il tutto che a sua volta è stato truffato e che lui nn centra…

  8. cara elena questo signore ha truffato me ed altra gente, promettendo profitti,facendo vedere in piattaforma grandi cose e poi dall’oggi al domani bloccato tutto, azzerato i conti ,giustificando il tutto che a sua volta è stato truffato e che lui nn centra…

  9. Gino Balleri truffatore. Mi ha truffato insieme a Martina Alfieri e Luca Cortese 250€ con la piattaforma trading gfxcrypto. Ma la cosa più a**urda sono gli insulti che si ricevono quando chiedi di rientrare dei soldi. Facendo ricerche i nomi citati sono segnalati come truffatori, mi domando come fanno a rimanere nel giro senza che nessuna autorità prende provvedimenti.

  10. Gino Balleri, Luca Cortese e Martina Alfieri sono dei truffatori seriali. La piattaforma di trading online gfxcrypto è gestita da loro e una volta preso i soldi spariscono. Sentendosi invincibili questi truffatori si permettono anche di schernirti. Vanno fermati.

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