Finaxis Review: Forex Broker Scam


Finaxis Review: Forex Broker Scam

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Finaxis ( is a CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex brokerage firm to hit the lucrative Forex world. FinAxis is a scam broker who is purporting to offer users spreads from 0.2 points. Fin Axis is purporting to offer more than 50 trading instruments and 24/5 support. Anna who signed up a few months ago has lost all her deposits. Read this detailed and honest Finaxis review to know the truth.

Finaxis Review

Finaxis Review:

Looking at their homepage, this broker has created a visually compelling website. Immediately you land on their homepage, you are greeted with a red Mercedes Benz. What these scammers have done with this website is entice users with luxury. It’s believed that this broker will make you rich once you sign up. That’s what these scammers are after, to grab your attention with their website. Read this entire review to find out the truth.

Claims and promises are another bag of tricks that this broker uses to entice users. Other claims that are used by this broker include more than 500 investment tools. Promise that traders will be using expert analytical support and make profit can be seen on their page. These scammers should be ashamed of themselves considering that these are sales tactics. No user has managed to earn money with Finaxis platform, this is surely a scam.

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Who Owns Finaxis?

It’s not clear who actually owns this scam brokerage firm as no detail is given. What we did was take a look at their contact us page. It seems that this broker is located in Luxembourg, which is a surprise. Scammers will do or say anything to make their products and services appear legit to users. There are a lot of hidden details regarding ownership of this brokerage firm making us question everything. Read this entire review to find damning facts regarding Fin Axis.

Who is the CEO or CFO of this company? Why has the website failed to give visitors any information regarding the people running it? It’s clear that we are dealing with a broker who wants to remain anonymous. Anonymity is a dangerous character to associate with especially with any online investment platform. Stay clear of this dangerous broker and don’t believe a word written on their website. It’s all a marketing trick to get investors to sign up.

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Is Finaxis Licensed or Registered?

Finaxis Scam

Another damning detail with this broker is lack of proper licensing and regulation. Finaxis is not licensed to conduct any Forex transactions on behalf of third parties. And this makes signing up with this broker a dangerous affair. Disclaimer at the footer of their homepage fails to disclose any licensing or registration information. It’s clear that we are dealing with a rogue broker who is conducting Forex brokerage services illegally.

If Finaxis had been properly registered, where are their licensing and registration credentials? A real broker will post their licensing and registration credentials for all to see. This helps to show transparency and clear the air regarding regulation. Reason why Finaxis is hesitant to display their certificates is because they don’t have any.

Account Types.

Finaxis is offering users six different account types to choose from. These account types include Start, Progress, New Horizon, Classic, Invest power, and Finansist. Minimum required deposit to start trading with each account is $200, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, and $10,000. Each account comes with 4 asset classes on all trading instruments. These accounts come with an option of fixed or floating spreads. All accounts come with an individual account manager.

Start account does not come with insurance on account which is fishy to say the least. These scammers know that most users will opt to sign up with this account. This makes it easier for them to steal money deposited by investors who choose this account. Why have they failed to offer any insurance cover on this account type? It’s clear that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit that has made their calculations.

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Platform Used.

Finaxis uses MT4 trading platform and they claim it’s full of innovation that meets all needs. They offer Mobile and PC versions of this platform and we decided to test their platform. And this is where we faced our biggest hurdle when it comes to MT4 platforms. Download could not complete which means investors are using an unstable platforms. This is the last thing a trader should have since this is a huge risk factor.

Hackers find unstable platforms as the best place to harvest personal data. Next thing these hackers will do is purchase goods and services using your credit card. That’s why we are strongly against any trader or investors signing up with this fake broker. Stay away from platforms that are unstable in nature.

Are Funds Safe with Finaxis?

Finaxis Fake Review

When it comes to safety of funds, this broker will never guarantee it. In fact, funds are nowhere near safe with this broker for a number of reasons. This broker fails to give users the required details regarding their banking institution. Where do they bank money deposited by users? It’s also possible that investors are depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account. Stay clear from this broker at once.

And segregation of accounts is not done with this platform. It means that Finaxis is pooling funds in one account which is dangerous. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, this broker will lose all the funds at once. If you are thinking that the broker will compensate you, think again. FinAxis does not take part in any compensatory scheme. Surely, this is a scam as this broker does not follow set rules and regulations. Stay clear from this broker.

No Live Chat Support.

For a broker who claims to have innovative technology, why do they lack a live chat support team? Least thing they would have done is create a bot chat service. Not that we are for bot chat, but in this case, they help answer few questions. Lack of live chat support is clear evidence that this broker wants to remain anonymous for a reason. They are afraid of the backlash they would face from authorities and victims.

Is Finaxis a Scam?

Without a shadow of doubt, this broker is definitely a scam that waits to pounce on unsuspecting investors. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they will make sure to deplete your bank account. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Warn your friends and relatives from signing up with this broker, that way, you will remain safe.

Finaxis Final Verdict.

Finaxis Scam Review

According to the damning evidence we have exposed, only thing left is add this broker to our scam blacklist. Doing so will hopefully prompt authorities to look into it and shut their whole operation down. Make sure to never pick calls from their agents as they will ask you for personal details. This broker is in league with hackers to harvest personal data information. Stay clear from this rogue broker.

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Lastly, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.



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23 Replies to “Finaxis Review: Forex Broker Scam”

  1. Mi chiamo Ma**imiliano e purtroppo sono caduto nella trappola di questi infami e meschini luridi personaggi quindi fate attenzione a non investire con la finaxis , il mio augurio che i miei 10000 euro gli possano servire per curarsi da gravi malattie

  2. they have stolen my money too. not much, but they did. how can we return our money? a lawsuit or something?

    1. io mi sono rivolto ai Carabinieri Italiani ma difficile riavere i soldi ma cercherò di dargli battaglia finchè vivo tutti da spendere in medicine

    2. Jauciausi kaip užhipnotizuota ir viskas atrodo vyko profesionaliai. Apšvarino ir žiauriai.Kad gražinsiu pinigus vilties turiu mažai, likau skolose, gyventi nesinori ne dėl savęs, bet dėl tų kuriem likau skolinga. Ar yra kokia išęitis.

  3. io mi sono rivolto ai Carabinieri Italiani ma difficile riavere i soldi ma cercherò di dargli battaglia finchè vivo tutti da spendere in medicine

  4. Que requisitos hay para que me devolváis el dinero?

    Para que os lo ingresé no hubo ninguno. Los segundos 250 euros los realicé un poco coaccionada/influenciada por el hombre que me llamó y siguiendo sus indicaciones y cuando se cercioró de que se había realizado ese ingreso de 500 euros, fue cuando se digno a hablarme de que tenía que mandar foto de mi DNI y tarjeta de crédito con la que hice ambos ingresos. Es todo muy raro y estoy muy mosca y ese es el motivo por el que quiero recuperar mi dinero y salir huyendo.
    Pero ahora me llama una señora y no haceas que ponerme pegas con la documentación que le mando.

    Por favor ayúdeme a recuperar mi dinero.
    Voy a ir a la policía a poner una denuncia por si hicieran uso fraudulento de mi dinero y de mis datos( DNI, tarjeta crédito y datos de la factura que mande)

    Quiero reclamar oficialmente mi dinero
    Cómo se puede hacer?

    1. Hola, María,
      Pedirles que retiren tus fondos y, si se niegan o insisten en depositar más fondos, deberás cobrar a tu banco o abrir una disputa con PayPal según el método de pago, luego reportar el caso a la policía local.
      Sin embargo, siempre regístrese con corredores creíbles y transparentes que hayan sido examinados adecuadamente. Los usuarios que utilizan los corredores de Forex Confiables siempre están seguros y comercian cómodamente.
      Espero que esto ayude.


  5. Dopo tante telefonate sono caduto anch’io nella trappola di questo broker finto.Ho investito 250 € che non riavro’ mai piu’. Sto pensando di fare un articolo sui giornali. Cancellate dalla vostra lista questo broker.

  6. Yo invertir 250 euros y empeze a durar, mi estratégica fué sacar el máximo posible con la excusa de saber si igual que va bienen los euros, les pedí 150 y me intentaban de convencer de que sacará 100 y les dije que solo era una prueba y me lo dieron pero ya no me dan más el resto lo e perdido.

  7. Invertí con esta empresa en junio, al mes y medio quise retirar y cerrar la cuenta insistían en convencerme de que podía ganar más y que tenía que depositar más dinero y cuando les dije que no… Dijeron que enviara una solicitud de retiro, ya estamos por entrar a setiembre y hasta ahora nada ninguna respuesta concreta

  8. Primero te dicen que inviertas 250 euros, luego 500 mas y cuando dices que lo quieres recuperar, te llaman y te dicen que te lo envian a la tarjeta, te hacen una compra fraudulenta y te cargan 313 mas y despues pretenden que envies el 19 por cien del saldo que en ese momento figura en tu cuenta para pagar las taxas y devolverte todo tu dinero mas lo ganado, cosa a la que ya no accedi, cuidado es una estafa son autenticos ladrones

  9. Primero te dicen que inviertas 250 euros, luego 500 mas y cuando dices que lo quieres recuperar, te llaman y te dicen que te lo envian a la tarjeta, te hacen una compra fraudulenta y te cargan 313 mas y despues pretenden que envies el 19 por cien del saldo que en ese momento figura en tu cuenta para pagar las taxas y devolverte todo tu dinero mas lo ganado, cosa a la que ya no accedi, cuidado es una estafa

  10. Inverti 250 dolares, de los cuales hiy en día supuestamente esta en 345.63, los cuales quise retirar, me pidieron datos de mi tarjetas donde supuestamente iban a transferir el dinero, lo cual no lo hicieron, llame a mi banco para hacer las consultas y me informan que la tarjeta la bloquearon por un intento de retiro de dinero casi 1000 dolares.
    Llamo para reclamar eso, y me responden que es un proceso para poder devolver el dinero.
    No crean es esta empresa es una estafa

  11. Mi ritengo fortunato ho investito 500 euro a maggio e quando ho visto che ad agosto erano raddoppiati ho prelevato 500 dopo 20 giorni c’è l’ho fatta

  12. buon giorno sono ezio e anche io ho versato la somma di 500 euro a finaxis adesso vorrei avere dei contatti per riuscire a prelevarki ma non riesco vorrei sapere se voi potevate fornirmeli al più presto grazie

  13. Mi nombre es José. Estoy en mi 65 año de profesión. Llegando a la jubilación i enfermo de cáncer. Pasó muchas horas delante del ordenador. Encontré la publicidad de Finaxis i me hice una cuenta. El asesor Financiero “Marco Hidalgo” estuvo un mes llamándome diariamente con una amabilidad convincente empatizando conmigo. Me fue generando confianza y guiando mis inversiones de 250 … 2000… 10.000. 50.000… Cuando quise retirar los fondos me exigieron 40.000 euros para desbloquear el tramite … Los pagué. En total 112 mil. Todos mis ahorros. No me queda nada y continúan reclamándome 25 Mil euros más para desbloquear la salida del dinero bajo la amenaza de perderlo todo.
    Han bloqueado la cuenta, usado el dinero sin mi consentimiento e infringido todas las reglas que aparecen en el contrato inherente a la condición de usuario que se adquiere al ser aceptado:
    Han destrozado mi vida. Moral i económicamente. Son unos ladrones, estafadores i criminales.
    He hecho la denuncia a la policía por estafa.
    Hay que ser muy muy cabrón para abusar de una persona mayor y enferma un día detrás de otro sin que te corroa la conciencia.
    Si alguien duda si FInaxis es una estafa aquí tiene una muestra que le ayudará a decidir.

  14. Anche io sono stato truffato iscritto ad agosto 2019 ad oggi provato più volte di prelevare ma niente eppure il mio conto è sempre lì. Cosa posso fare ho mandato più mail a compilance finaxis io ma non hanno manco gli attributi di rispondere spariti stia infami.

  15. A mi también me han estafado. Me llamaron para abrir una cuenta. Empecé a sospechar al ver los beneficios tan grandes en pocos segundos. Ahora han despedido a los empleados, están los directivos que me llaman insistiendo que recupere mi dinero. Solo tengo que enviar 40.000e. Yo no los tengos

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