FinFine Review: Is Scamming People with Fake Trading Services

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FinFine Review: Is Scamming People with Fake Trading Services

FinFine is a new startup that is offering a variety of crypto trading services. Its domain,, claims that the company is operating in both Forex and crypto industries. It is trying to attract massive investment by making a lot of claims about providing modern crypto trading services.

In this article, we will thoroughly review the features and income structure of FinFine before concluding whether you should invest in this platform. Let’s start with some basics.

Overview of FinFine states that the company is located in the UK and incorporated in Singapore as well. A team of young and qualified individuals is running the platform. However, the website does not provide any information about the owner or anyone behind this company.

The company is claiming that the ‘FinFineBot’ was developed after a thorough analysis of the Forex and crypto industries to bring a modern and efficient solution to the market. According to, this bot was created in 2019.

The domain registration shows that was registered in June 2020. The marketing of a company is quite confusing. Despite the initial claims of the company being found in the UK and Singapore, the analysis of the website shows that Vietnam is contributing the highest amount of online traffic. Similarly, the Facebook page of FinFine seems to be running from Vietnam.

Registration Process of FinFine

It is quite surprising to see that a new company like FinFine is asking for a massive amount of initial investment. The basic affiliate membership of costs $100. However, you cannot earn any profits by investing only $100.

Instead, you will have to make an investment of an amount between $500 to $500,000 to get any kind of income opportunities from the company. It encourages users to invest as much money as they can to get more profits. Moreover, to attract all kinds of investment, FinFine is allowing people to invest in the company using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and FinFine tokens.

You should remember the fact that FinFine tokens do not have any real value in the crypto market. Instead, only this platform is using this currency. It is highly possible that the company is only using these tokens to attract investment. 

Features of FinFine is claiming to have a number of reliable features and functionalities that can help the affiliates in generating a good amount of profits. However, the company is making most of such claims without providing any solid evidence. Following are some of the major features of FinFine:

Modern Structure

The company is claiming to have a highly modern structure that revolves around a high-frequency trading system. The website states that it is using state-of-the-art AI tools and technologies to help the affiliates in earning money. Moreover, the company promises that reliable machine learning algorithms are implemented for efficient trading.

However, there is no proof that the company has access to such modern technologies. In fact, it is highly likely that FinFine is only mentioning the name of such sophisticated technology to seem like a legitimate platform and attract investment.  


The company is encouraging users to invest in the company because high-frequency trading has become highly popular in the crypto industry. FinFine claims to be one of the leading crypto trading bots. However, such claims are completely untrue. 

It is a newly-established platform. At this point in time, it has not achieved the level of success and popularity that it is claiming to. In other words, it is not a reliable platform for a large amount of investment. 

Therefore, you should avoid investing in FinFine. Instead, there is a wide range of trustable crypto trading bots that you can use for efficient crypto trading and making profits. 

Conin Exchange

FinFine is claiming to be an integral part of Conin Exchange. The website describes the Exchange as an all-in-one platform for crypto trading and social networking. However, this Conin Exchange does not have any real advantage in terms of crypto trading. In fact, it is just another common feature that the company is marketing to attract investment. 


Cybersecurity has become one of the core issues of online financial processes and crypto trading and mining. Very few companies are actually able to provide a 100% guarantee of maximum protection of the crypto assets. is claiming to have a modern and efficient security system that is capable of providing reliable services to people all over the world.


Another unfounded claim of is that it is a fully transparent company that provides all of the important information to the users. In reality, the company is not only providing a lot of unnecessary information but also clearly hiding the identities of the people behind this platform. 

Generally, it is difficult to trust a company like FinFine that does not mention the name of its owner or any background information. Therefore, this company is actually not transparent and even hiding essential information. 

Payment System mentions having an extensive payment gateway so that people from all over the world can earn from this platform. The company is allowing users to invest in the company in bitcoins, Ethereum, FinFine tokens, and other crypto coins. 

The primary focus of the company is on convincing users to invest in the FinFine tokens to earn more income. Such kind of payment system mainly benefits the company as you will have to invest extra money in trading. Moreover, if you get compensation in FinFine tokens, they will be insignificant because these tokens do not have any value in the global crypto market. 


Income Structure

It is quite surprising to see that despite presenting itself as a crypto trading platform, the income structure of FinFine is extremely similar to any other Ponzi scheme. The company is promising daily ROI of up to 0.5% at the investment of an amount between $500 to $50000

The company has a multifaceted income structure. It includes various types of commissions and bonuses like referral commissions, matching bonus, leadership bonus, and many others. However, all of these commissions are linked with the investment of the affiliates and not crypto trading. 

Final Verdict About FinFine

The above discussion makes it quite evident that FinFine is not a suitable investment opportunity. It is making a number of false claims. Moreover, the income structure of the company shows that it is a Ponzi scheme at its core. is only trying to present itself as a leading crypto trading platform to seem like a legitimate company and attract investment. You should also remember that it is a new company that is asking you to invest at least $600 to start getting daily ROI. You should not invest such kind of a large amount of money on this platform.

The company is also marketing FinFine tokens as some sort of profitable crypto coins. In reality, they do not have any value in the crypto market. In fact, the company is claiming that you can trade these tokens on Conin Exchange.

However, has exclusive access to Conin Exchange, so all of the various aspects of the company are interlinked. There is no external or independent source that provides any real value to the business processes of FinFine. 

The bottom line is that FinFine is a Ponzi scheme that will ultimately collapse due to the lack of funds. Therefore, you should not waste your money on this platform. Instead, you should use the crypto trading bots that provide legal, efficient, and reliable crypto trading services. You can rely on such bots to earn considerable profits from the crypto industry. 

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