Fintech Profits Review – Stop Thinking to Join It’s a Scam

Fintech Profits Review – Stop Thinking to Join It’s a Scam

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Fintech Profits, being a part of binary options trading industry, has been reviewed independently here in this article. Basically Fintech Profits is an auto trading software that claims to make people able to earn a handsome amount in their bed rooms. They have made an enormous number of claims that really look like unreal statements. According to the website of Fintech Profits, they move on with a combination force composed of technology and live experts. They further claim that while working with them, one can enjoy minimum chances of losses.

Note: A good alternative to this Fintech Profits Scam is the Super Simple Bot.

The bulk of unrealistic statements have made me to investigate about this system. The claims about higher earnings or lack of losing money, anonymous officials, fake identities and complicated system of trade has made me to conclude that Fintech Profits is nothing but a scam. Such imaginary claims are not a new happening in the field of online business. Actually the modern world is moving in era of technology.

In this age, online business has occupied a major portion of overall trades. Being a side effect of such trends, certain mishaps have been reported in this field. Several people have lost their savings. Looters and scams are trying their level best to make people lose their precious earnings in their hands. They not only try to convince innocent people with decorated claims but also assure them not to worry about any possible loss. But this is a fact that no business exists without the risk of loss. According to the business experts and economists if it has no chances of loss, it is not a business.

So in this article, a review about Fintech Profits software is presented that will really boost the knowledge level of the readers and they will be in a good position to decide which binary options trading software can be proved as a right option for online earning. Presenting of certain ridiculous claims has made the status of this app very much doubtful. Showing pictures of people standing with a Mercedes or Ferrari and claiming that he or she has got it due his or her income from Fintech Profits. It is something too much beyond the boundaries of standards and natural phenomenon. All these awful efforts show Fintech Profits to be something that has some hidden plans in its theme planning.

Fintech Profits, a Worse Choice for Online Earning!

After an independent investigation, certain features of Fintech Profits have been revealed that really go towards the negative status of this software. Fintech Profits has been presented with certain awful advertisements and promotional strategies that clearly reveal the standard and status of it in the market. In the lines below, I shall present certain proved points that will clear your minds about this scam.

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Claim about Extra-ordinary higher Income

In the official promotional video of Fintech Profits, they have presented certain people with the claim that these particular individuals belonging to various countries of the world have earned a lot with Fintech Profits. A person that is claimed to be their client and belongs to Pakistan has been revealed with an unreal boosted amount of earning.

According to them he uses to earn 550$ daily, which nothing but a joke. 550$ may not a huge amount of earning for an experienced and old entrepreneur, but for a fresher, so much earning is just impossible. Such claims are a usual practice of modern scams to capture more and more people and make them lose their money. Such kind of abstract statements make it clear that this is not a safe corner for your money to be invested in. moreover they claim that their initial clients have made too much in their very start with Fintech Profits, which is nothing but a joke.

Fintech Profits Scam

Note: Choose reliable trading systems and avoid the scammers.

Fake Officials and Clients

According to the website as well as the promotional video of Fintech Profits confirms a person named George to be the creator of this online earning app. It seems to be very strange to see a person having no last name. Yes! It’s what they showed on their official documents about their head person. George introduces a person named Brian Zain, who is claimed to be a teachers of grade 3 and has been an earner with Fintech Profits. Upon investigation and inquiry, I have found that there is not a single person resides on this planet worth such characteristics that they have discovered about these two individuals. Rather these are just imaginary characters that are created as cartoons to deceive people. How deep they have thought to spread a net to trap innocent people. Such platforms are run by certain trained groups of looters who know each and every complication and technicality of this field.

Fake History

According to George, he started this app, allowing just 100 people to join assuring them 200,000 $ as an average initial annual earnings. According to him, he closed that year with an average income of 2017,000 $, which was higher than the expected range. It is important that they have not mentioned any verifying protocol for their claim. After a hard searching on the internet we could not find any verification behind this statement. He further said that He started this app in this app in January, 2015.

Fintech Profits Scam Review

Note: Avoid the scam systems and choose the best and most reliable options.

Upon verification we found that this website was initiated just few months ago on November 12, 2016. It means that they are going to deceive people by fake claims of exaggerated earnings and unreal success stories. Such false claims and fake promises are going to disclose the real face of Fintech Profits. They have adopted very technical strategies to make people trapped in their nets. They have nothing to give in return to their clients except the disappointment and a loss of money.

Lack of Recognition

Any organization or firm has to present certain points on the basis of which people may develop a trust on it. Usually such firms use recognition certificates from well-known national as well international organizations in which it is verified by the responsible persons of that well-known firm that this progressive app or software is a trustworthy and is able to be trusted.

But in case of Fintech Profits, no such recognition has presented that may aid it in gaining people’s trusts and interests. Not a single firm is presented as their guarantee or recognition. This clear cut means that this app is scam and its most basic theme is looting of common public by making them to invest their money with this scam. It is propaganda of a group of pick pockets to snatch the precious savings of people that are planning to broaden their earning range with online earning via binary options trading.


Fintech Profits, being one of those online earning apps that offer binary options trading, is going to be proved as a scam in this review. Fintech Profits has nothing to prove its identity and sincerity. Instead it offers just false claims and along with certain ridiculous convincing strategies. Sometime it presents some people who have bought luxurious cars or other facilities of life all just because of their linkage with Fintech Profits.

It’s a funny statement to hear! In fact they even tried with certain incredible efforts and techniques to capture more and more preys in their trap. All those people who are eager to join some binary options trading tool should make it sure that the tool they are planning to engaged with is of a sound character and proved status.

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One Reply to “Fintech Profits Review – Stop Thinking to Join It’s a Scam”

  1. I am sad to say that I fell hook line and sinker for the fintech scam. I was told I would have high earning with little effort but all that actually happened is that I lost money invested!!!

    I wish I had seen this article before I get involved with the Fintech scamers. AVOID!!!

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