My First Online Payday Scam Review: The Trading Robot That Will Never Pay You

My First Online Payday Scam Review: The Trading Robot That Will Never Pay You

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Have you feared the fact of indulging in binary option trading just because of losses? Do you want to figure out why this is happening? Are you looking for solutions? You need to find out what is wrong. Do you remember signing up with a trading bot?

Note: A good alternative to this My First Online Payday scam is the Super Simple Bot.

If yes then let me tell you that this is the root cause of your problem. Do you remember the name of My First Online Payday? Well this scam trading robot has been ruining your life. If you need to know why it is a bad choice then read the complete review for details.

My First Online Payday sales video a real torture

Well the sales video tries to create hype about My First Online Payday by showcasing news about this trading system. They just want to generate the impression that this trading bot is greatly in demand. Now the point is to divert the attention of the trader and to take him into a make believe world that My First Online Payday can truly make a difference. This is called playing with the psyche of the trader and making him believe that this trading bot can change his future for the better. However, the reality is a different story altogether.

My First Online Payday

Note: Make it a point to choose reliable trading bot and avoid trading scams.

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This entire theme makes the video dull and boring and the investor does not really feel like watching the video till the end because it is not shedding any insight on the trading system.

Ideally this approach is wrong and a perfect sales video should leave a perfect impression. For example, My First Online Payday video should have started with an introduction about this trading system and the person who has created it.

The introduction should obviously be sweet and short. Next the video of My First Online Payday should have focused on the key features of this system. This way the investor will get the real insight about this system. The next essential aspect is discussing the algorithm that is used by My First Online Payday. This approach is good enough, but tragically most traders do not follow this approach and give into these false claims.

If My First Online Payday was a credible system then there should have been a demo about this system. The demo needs to show the real working of this system, but in real the video is just dragging the news concept.

The video of My First Online Payday is clearly indicating that this system is a scam. They are promoting the concept that the investor can earn sitting back at home. However, the hilarious part is that the question how has not been answered.

Can an auto trading bot truly bring profitable results? The answer is no and the truth is that there are few trading robots that offer real help to the investor. However, My First Online Payday fails to offer relevant help.

Next the video moves on to the testimonials and the results of beta testers. This is another marketing strategy by all the scam systems in the market. Now first of all it is important to remember the fact that beta testers are paid for the job or to give these reviews.

The best way to analyse a trading bot is to try it. A real investor should not live by the opinion of others and he has to develop his own perception by trying out the system on his own. This is the way to judge the system.

My First Online Payday Scam

Now one of the beta testers says that she was able to make money just in a matter of a week. Well it is quite hard to fool the traders who understand binary option trading because a real trader will not believe in this lie. He will like to see real proofs so that he can understand the actual worth of a trading system. The prime objective of My First Online Payday is just to divert the trader’s attention to less important facts.

 My First Online Payday website an utter disaster

The website of My First Online Payday fails to give a professional look. The website is full of useless tabs that fail to offer real help to the trader.  Interestingly they are giving out $50 to a trader to start off with this system. Well if My First Online Payday is truly useful then the makers do not have to opt for these stunts at all. If the system has real worth people will opt for it regardless of the price. Thus there is a reason that they are throwing away this system and this is because it is a scam.

My First Online Payday Scam Review

The website of MY First Online Payday trading bot has this comments section. Well it is advisable not to believe in these comments because nowadays people are paid to give positive comments. The best way to judge a system is to sign up for a demo and see how the system performs. However, the demo facility is not offered on the My First Online Payday website for the simple reason that it is a scam and the makers do not want the trader to figure out the truth. It is just another perfectly laid out trap.

There is a sign up page on the website. Well people this is just another technique to compel the trader to sign up immediately. Now when the trader signs up his inbox will be flooded with unsolicited emails. Thus the investor has to be careful prior to signing up with this system.

These trading systems can truly destroy the career of a trader. Thus the investor should not give into these gimmicks at all. He has to make smart choices if he wants to be successful in his career. My First Online Payday is truly not a smart choice.

My First Online Payday Scam Review

Note: Sign up for reliable trading bots and shun the scams.

Now there are social media icons on the website as well, but when the investor clicks on these icons he will just figure out that they are not clickable. The simple reason is that My First Online Payday is not an authentic option. It has no credibility.

My First Online Payday Scam Review

Interestingly when the investor visits the website most of widgets present on My First Online Payday are not clickable. This shows that the website has not been designed by someone who truly understands the important of binary option trading.

My First Online Payday does not have a good customer support

Now My First Online Payday does not offer live chat support. This means that if the trader has any urgent queries for the system, he will be stuck. He will not get the answers to his questions at all. This is one of the major drawbacks of this system because the trader will not be able to get the help he needs.

The final conclusion is that the investor should never sign up with My First Online Payday and this system is enough to ruin the trader’s future. He should choose credible trading bots that can offer him genuine help in the long-run. The investor should make sure that he polishes his trading concepts first because then it will become easier for him to identify the trading scams. The investor needs to openly shun My First Online Payday if he values his future. It is always better to opt for credible trading bots.

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  1. Beginners like I am are more likely to get scammed by trading bots and loose money, on the other hand experts know much more about binary option trading, and they will avoid being scammed… moral of the story, we need articles like this one to show us the right way in our trading/investing future.

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