Five Essential Tips for Investing In a Falling Stock Market


Five Essential Tips for Investing In a Falling Stock Market

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Investing in a falling Stock Market

When stock prices collapse, investors may decide to sell off their assets. Such behavior is unreasonable from the strategic point of view. Here is why investing in a falling stock market matters.

Tips for Investing in a Falling Stock Market

No matter what happens on the stock exchange, these rules will help to invest wisely. Learn how to use available money to create financial security even when the market moves against you. Emotional decisions are irrational. While gut feeling may help in some spheres of life, finance strategies need to be laser-focused.

In times of market turbulence, it is easy to get frustrated and start selling off on the spur of the moment. Remember that any trends are only temporary. Selling assets in a falling market should be avoided at all costs. Why? Because you will be making a loss by definition.

What to Do Instead

Consider waiting or buying more of the same asset. Since it now costs less, you can purchase more lots for less money.  By the time the price resumes growing, you will have accumulated a sizable volume. This is reasonable as long as you avoid investing all of the money in one place.

Study this chart for Microsoft stock price dynamics. The shares gained value over the depicted period. Despite fluctuations and drops, the overall trend was upward. Shareholders who sold their assets following the dip in 2012 gave up an opportunity for hefty returns.

Investing When the Stock Market is Falling

Main Guidelines for Safe Investment

Dramatic collapses may cause feelings of regret and uncertainty. Have you invested your hard-earned cash the right way? How will the situation unfold later on? Here are the main rules for stock trading in Thailand you should follow.

1. Be Clear About the Purpose

What is the end goal of investing? Would it justify the high risk? Risk is an inherent element of any instrument, be it currencies or shares. Leveraged tools, such as CFDs, allow you to trade larger volumes than you can afford. This may ramp up your profits or losses immensely. Hence, weigh up the pros and cons.

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Thus, make your risk calculated. If your returns are lower than the inflation rate, you are essentially losing money. But taking the risk to extremes is hardly ever justified.

2. Start Early and Small

Ensure a reasonable growth rate for your capital. Rushing into trading headlong with large sums is a doomed approach. It is vital to keep the reward-risk ratio within reasonable limits.

A broker may allow trading with as little as $100. In Forex trading, there are even cent accounts. On the one hand, starting small allows beginning early. On the other hand, you will avoid considerable losses if your decisions are flawed.

3. Do Not Hope to Outsmart the Market

Average returns may sound unexciting, but it is actually the best strategy an investor can pursue. Overemphasis on short-term volatility is exactly what causes emotionally motivated behavior. You should also not rely on media hype for quick gains.

In the midst of panic, you may think everyone is selling. Think twice before joining. If the media instructs you to buy, you may end up buying high. This is the opposite of what should be done. Remember that in the long-term scenario, the market reverts to the average.

Tips on Investing in a Falling Stock Market

Consider this chart with Google stock price dynamics between 2004 and 2009. The overall movement is upward. Occasional drops varied from slight to moderate and even substantial. However, those who purchased the stock in 2004-2005 enjoyed a hefty return on investment.

4. Hedge Risks Through Diversifying

The more different assets you trade – the lower the overall risk. This may sound counter-intuitive. After all, each instrument carries its own inherent risks. Although diversifying will not boost returns in each individual case, its value lies elsewhere.

The key, however, is that different assets are unlikely to experience correlated drops at the same time. Hence, losses made on stocks may be compensated with returns on derivatives, etc. This translates into safer investment less susceptible to market drama.

5. Control the Controllable When Investing

You will never sway market prices. Your only focus should be factors within your personal control. Do not lose sight of your long-term goals.

Remember that short-term drops would matter only if your objective was short-selling. Investment, on the other hand, spans at least 5 years. Hence, keep calm and turn off the dramatic news.

Investors need to stick to their buy-and-hold strategy regardless of temporary falls. In the biggest picture, these drops will look negligible a few years from now. The marketplace has a wonderful ability to correct itself.

6. Risks That Really Matter when Investing

Naturally, there are risks that can damage even long-term investment potential. These include impending bankruptcy or undervaluation of the business. In situations like these, another corporation may take over, paying much less for the shares than you did.

In the event of a so-called hostile takeover, the stock is obtained by the majority owner (this may be a party or individual). Naturally, such dramatic management changes may also affect stock value. In such unfavorable circumstances, the market may lack liquidity. This means it will be difficult to find a buyer if you intend to sell your stock.

When prices are declining, and the business is being swallowed, prospects look bleak. Hence, it is vital to examine the health of the company you pick. Otherwise, you may end up making huge losses. This is why it is never advisable to invest over 10 percent of income at once.

The Most Important Takeaway

Whatever asset you hold, remember that temporary dips are unavoidable. At times, your investment may lose or gain value due to market volatility. However, even dramatic decreases are no reason for emotional sell-off. Do rush into trading your instrument once its price declines. It may bottom out and climb even higher.

As investment is a long-term strategy, it is vital to consider the big picture, rather than momentary trends. Learn to distinguish between negligible and important falls.  It is also vital to pick the right stock from the very beginning. Invest in companies whose products in services will stay in demand even years from now.

For more on the stock markets, get expert help from reliable and reputable brokers. With an expert by your side, you will never go wrong when investing in a falling stock market.





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