Forest Park FX Review: Dubious Forex Broker Revealed

Forest Park FX Review: Dubious Forex Broker Revealed

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Forest Park FX ( is a Forex fake scam that has hit the Forex trading world. Claims of being the best Forex broker are rampant on their homepage. As ardent Forex investors, we decided to take a look at Forest Park FX. What we uncovered will definitely shock you as it’s not what you would expect. Read this whole review and find out the shocking truth about ForestParkFX.

Forest Park FX Review

Forest Park FX Review:

Homepage starts with asking visitors to choose their location. Apparently, Forest Park FX isn’t global. Members have to choose which location their reside in. It’s one of the first red flags we spotted since it means they are afraid of regulations. According to the homepage, ForestPark FX claims to be an experienced broker in the industry. How they have achieved this is still a mystery as no one knows them.

What we found disturbing is the level of promotional materials they use. One of the inflaming promotional materials they claim is value adding services. These services are not limited to access across all financial markets and cash. Another flaw we first noticed with Forest Park FX is offering of Cash rebates. Follow and read this review to find out the shocking truth about this fake broker.

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Who Owns Forest Park FX?

Another red flag that we thought you should know is that no one really knows who owns this platform. It may come as a shock to you but we must know who we are investing with prior to depositing money. For all we know, we could be depositing money into a terrorist account. Level of anonymity involved with ForestPark FX is just too high for us to ignore. Scammers are known to hide behind curtains such as ForestParkFX.

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Problem with Forest Park FX is that they don’t know give details as to who developed their platform. Least thing they would have done is give us the name of the company or person who developed this platform. It would be easier for us to contact them and verify such details. Scammers for one too many reasons don’t want to be contacted. It’s because they are afraid of the authorities as well as victims.

Platform Used.

As a matter of fact, we don’t know which kind of platform Forest Park FX uses. No one in their right mind can deposit money with a brokerage that doesn’t have a platform. Users should know prior to signing up which platform best suits them. A platform that does not disclose which platform it’s using is a huge risk to take. It means that if a user wants to trade on the go, you can’t do it with Forest Park FX.

Another thing we noticed with ForestPark FX is whether they have a platform at all. Nowhere do they mention anything about a platform. It’s sad that scammers have gone to this extent to have a brokerage firm with no platform. What kind of a brokerage firm does this? Folks, only a fraudster would come up with this kind of money-making scheme. It’s best to steer clear from Forest Park FX.

Fake Live Support Chat.

Forest Park FX Scam

Another disturbing feature we have noticed with ForestParkFX is their Live support chat. Sadly, they use a bot instead of real humans. Human to human interaction is best suited for Forex or any other financial service delivery. No one should be able to take this crap from any Forex platform. Also, it took time before this bot answered our queries. A normal person to person chat would be immediate.

Bots are not financial experts and that’s why a user needs a real person. In case of an emergency such as a quick transaction, bots are of no use. It’s best that you avoid Forest Park FX altogether. Also, we tried contacting them through the email listed on their page. It took days before we got a response. It means that this platform only wants to take away your hard-earned cash after you sign up.

Are Funds Safe with Forest Park FX?

As we said earlier, there’s no telling where your deposit your money to. Members could be depositing their money straight into the owner’s personal account. It also means that Forest Park FX does not participate into a compensatory scheme. In case this platform goes under, members will not be compensated. No one will be able to recover the money lost for you. Go for platforms that are safe and genuine.

Another disturbing detail we noticed is that there’s no segregation of funds. All members could be depositing money into a single account, which is quite dangerous. How can we know for sure that ForestPark FX has segregated accounts? Worse still, how can we know which account we are depositing money into? All these are questions that would have been answered by a real live support team.

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Fake News Claims.

Forest Park FX Fake Review

What we also found alarming is the fake news claim they have posted on their website. According to this website, they have added certain Alejandra Diaz as their head of technology. No one in the tech community knows such a person. We could also not get into contact with such a person meaning they do not exist. What these scammers have done is put up a name to make it appear legit.

Odd facts about their news claims is that they post negative news regarding a fake platform on their website. One can easily see that Forest Park FX is against Retail FX Traders which is a sister scam to ForestParkFX. It means that they are using news claims to bring traffic to their site. It’s not a good idea since we have exposed their dirty tricks in the open. Simply put, stay away from this platform.

Is Forest Park FX a Scam?

Forest Park FX is a scam that has scammed thousands of Forex investors worldwide. Using different signing up pages, they have managed to scam millions. Best thing to do is ignore all incoming messages regarding this fake broker. Mark all their emails as spam and never click on their links. Malware has also been detected with Forest Park FX since they are not SSL encrypted.

Forest Park FX final Verdict.

Forest Park FX Scam Review

Evidence produced gives us no option but to blacklist this platform as a scam. It’s best that we stay away from it as it will only bring more misery. Never go for platforms that have not been registered or regulated by the financial regulatory bodies. Avoid such risks such as ForestParkFX.

Always trade Forex with honest and transparent Forex brokers who thrive to make money legitimately. Forex brokers who are trusted and tested have the best and most reliable services. Members trade safely and with ease. Sign up with recommended and trusted Forex brokers and see your fortunes change.

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