Forever in Profit Review: A Big Scam by 3 Liars

Forever in Profit Review: A Big Scam by 3 Liars

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Today we are reviewing a very interesting Forex training program, Forever In Profit. With no trading record to showcase their ability to teach students what works, the owner of the site has the audacity to market his magical training products to the naive masses.

This website utilizes what we call ”Trader porn approach”. This is a scenario where an investment hustler will try to invoke the impression of wealth by utilizing images/pictures of luxurious cars, property, and wads of dollar bills to convince that a trader lives life on the first lane, and that you can join the elite group of traders if you’re willing.

Inside the Forever In Profit pitch video, you will see elements that look akin to those which are found in a Hip Hop music video.

Majority of the things they post on their Facebook page are all about merchandises that have been ”acquired by Forex money”.

Instead of talking about trading, they use this airtime to show us pictures of their gold-plated phone covers, expensive BMW cars and T-shirts. This nigga-like attitude makes them miss out on a very important element. That would be Forex Trading. What exactly does Forever in Profit sell? The dream life? Probably. But do they realize that this is not the bottom line or the purpose for running this website?

We definitely have nasty things to say about this ”Forex training program’. Read this review to find out.

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Forever in Profit Review

Forever in Profit is supposed to talk about trading and show us evidence that their money is generated purely from Forex trading.

They are not supposed to talk about wealth in a bid to hypnotize visitors, thereby making them spend several hundreds of dollars on their corny trading products.

We certainly see an effort to impress the naive so that people can warm up to what they are selling. This will certainly influence this review because experience has taught us that people who utilize ”trader porn approach” to fantasize a supposed trader lifestyle are often charlatans.

Forever in Profit owners

Forever in Profit is run and managed by 3 gentlemen named Ryan Gilip, Quillian Black and Rico Villarreal. Do they have a track record of trading success? Not at all. What they know best is to hypnotize visitors to their website using pictures of luxurious cars.

They look like car enthusiasts than ‘trading gurus’. In fact, you might mistake for a car racing website. It took us a while to figure out that it was indeed a Forex training website as opposed to a website that announces car racing news.

This is indeed not a good thing at all. We are used to pictures of candlesticks and Forex trademarks here and there. But since these guys are so big on ‘trader porn’, we can only say that these are not real Forex mentors, but entertainers.

Outside this website, these three don’t have any reputation of trading success. This makes us doubt their alleged trading prowess. If indeed these people teach how to trade Forex to make money, they should have built themselves a reputation of doing so. Sadly, they are total strangers in the trading community.

On top of that, the whereabouts of this business is not disclosed. But we have established that this business is located in Miami.

How did we find out that Forever in Profit is located in Miami?

Well, the location of the video says it all. On top of that, we managed to spot a Miami license plate on one of the cars. So this is full proof that Forever in Profit is a Miami business. No doubt about this.

What they claim to teach

We have already mentioned that our initial impression about the Forever in Profit website was not very positive.

foreverinprofit what you get

First of all, the program comes across as a sales gimmick than a Forex trading program. It’s more of a merchandise branding than a trading program. For now, let us put this aside and focus on what the website claims to provide.

So when you first come to the website, they will tell you that they are first looking to teaching you how the markets function so that you can know how to approach it when trading.

The second step involves teaching students the numerous methods of trading. Forever in Profit website claims that their methods are ”known” to be very effective. This course apparently teaches newbies the foundations of trading as well as the advanced techniques that are often employed by Forever in Profit owners to extract Forex profits.

Forever in Profit products

Once you complete the so-called Forex training courses, you will have the ability to work with technical tools to predict the future movement of the market. Besides, they will also teach you price action so that you can know how to attack the market, just like a market maker.

As a beginner, you will get 3 courses which consist of both beginner and advanced training. You will be added to their Facebook and Telegram groups. You will also access Forever in Profit secret membership group.

Besides, Forever in Profit claims that they do have a 24/7 support staff that will help you become successful. Their training videos are also available in addition to webinars, one-on-one lessons on how to become a successful independent trader and many more.

As you scroll down to the bottom of the Forever in Profit website, you will come across an enticing notice asking you to ‘change your life’ by purchasing your membership.

And then there is a special announcement in fine print which warns that once you send them your money, you should not expect a refund because this is intellectual property.

In our opinion, this is a stupid excuse aimed at justifying their corny business on the internet. A refund policy is a standard procedure of operation in most legitimate Forex training websites. So this no-refund policy doesn’t make sense at all. It’s only aimed at grabbing our money and leaving you in losses.

Another risk disclaimer

Is there any justification for not providing trading records? Can a ”trading guru” extort money from naive individuals on the internet in the name of teaching them the secret of trading Forex, yet they do not even have a live account where their ‘trading techniques’ are tested?

We requested for a redacted broker statement for any month of their trading.

Instead, someone got back to us with a message telling us that they could not reveal these details to the public. When we insisted, the owner of Forever in Profit claimed that the content of his website was meant for educational purposes only. And that Forex trading was risky and not suitable for everyone.

That is a scapegoat, a silly excuse… in our opinion. These ”trading gurus” don’t trade yet they claim to teach. So how can they teach you what works if they cannot prove that their methods work?

Our best advice for you

This site is a scam. There is enough evidence to suggest that you will ultimately lose money here. If you don’t want to waste your money and time, please look for these trading products instead. Forget hype that is clearly meant to rip you off. Forever in Profit is a trap.

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6 Replies to “Forever in Profit Review: A Big Scam by 3 Liars”

    1. B/c people are f***ed by his cars, house he recently bought, and etc.
      Quillian Black is not an active trader but greater marketer.

    2. This is very funny. Cue is actually legit. Don’t mind these people. Am a WSA student by Cue. You never throw your money away purchasing his course. Cue trains people to make money independently even without him that’s why he doesn’t even give signals. Also check this account on Instagram ‘currencygeek‘ by Roberto Quillan Black (Cue). He went through with us how he made that 106k in a Webi he organized thereafter. Just be focused. I have personally benefited from his training.

  1. These guys look legit though… Quillion posted some profits on Instagram video which is also hard to fake (though it is possible to do so).

  2. Hey man! Thanks for reviewing. I almost got enticed into buying their course because of how heavily Cue promotes and because of his claims that he has helped THOUSANDS of students. There’s another trader on Instagram, @imperialfxacademy, run by a guy named Brandon. Has 300k followers and he’s claiming his signals earn 2000-3000 pips per month. In the new year, he claimed that he made over 33,000 pips in 2019. He’s grown pretty popular among FX people on instagram and his page looks pretty convincing. He also teamed up with this guy, Austin Dal recently. But he’s friends with Cue and Ryan. So i’m kinda wondering about his credibility now. He’s one of the more bigger accounts on instagram and he says he has around 1000 people already on his discord trading group where he charges $130 per month to join. I cant find any reviews of his program or signals, and it would be great to see if he’s legit or just another fake forex ig guru. Thanks man, love your site.

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