Forex 4 Less Review: Is a Rebate Scam?

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Forex 4 Less Review: Is a Rebate Scam?

A cashback provider seems to be a good incentive to sign up with an affiliate broker. It is the reason why we had to review Forex 4 Less (, a rebate promising traders to maximize profit. The group wants users to sign up with a broker using their services and offer an incentive to sign up. According to the information on their website, it seems the provider is located in Germany. Kindly read this entire review to find out more about this rebate provider.

Forex 4 Less Review

About Forex 4 Less

Once you open a trading account through the platform, the broker pays them part of the spreads. The platform will share most of the commissions and every single trade the member makes. By sharing the profits, the vendor claims to help reduce trading costs while increasing profits. It all sounds interesting, especially if the concept worked. There are no changes in your trading conditions as users benefit risk-free from cashback payments. In short, they claim that signing up with them gives you access to the best trading conditions.

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Forex 4 Less is a well-designed platform that goes to show the ever-changing features of trading. No one could imagine that such a platform exists were it not for the vigorous marketing tactics used. From what we have seen, the vendor has used various social media platforms to sell their idea. The response is not that great as most traders prefer to use industry-recommended brokers. It’s the right option as the other brokers listed don’t come highly recommended or have a proven track record.

Advantages associated with Forex4Less

The vendor claims to offer the highest cashback payments and full support. It is said that they want to allow you to increase your profit. Another advantage of using rebates is helping traders make the bold decision of finally starting trading. Most investors are afraid of losing money, and rebates give them the confidence to trade. After all, the vendor will make funds available for trading. It all sounds too be good to be true. What most don’t know is that there are some hidden costs.

All brokers listed on the platform

Forex 4 Less Rebate brokers Available

It seems that their most trusted broker is AMarkets, which is a formidable broker. When it comes to recommended brokers, this is a top-notch broker. Other brokers listed on the platform include Admiral Markets, Forex Brokers, FXCC, and GKFX. From the list, we could see a possible 15 recommended brokers that include IC Markets, JFD, InstaForex, ThinkMarkets, and more. The downside with this platform is that they don’t have a substantial amount of brokers on their side. When looking at their competitors, most have over 30 brokers linked to them.

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Business owner

Information on the real owner of the platform remains a mystery that adds salt to injury. When it comes to online investment platforms, transparency is of utmost importance. Without the face behind this platform, we believe this is another anonymous investment platform. The problem with anonymity is that the vendor might be hiding something behind their back. Such a vendor could be getting banking information from members when they sign up. It is the anonymity that leads to such thoughts as the vendor fails to be open.

Comments from their users

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows a few names backing the platform. We could not verify the comments as they all hail the rebate program as a success. It would be awesome if we could have proof of success instead of reading comments. The vendor has also listed the forex robot nation as their main review backing. It is not unheard of that a vendor will pay reviewers to post positive comments. Unless we see the fruits from verified sources, we remain uncertain of their services.

Domain details of the platform

We checked with the domain tools to check their online presence. According to a leading domain tool checker, the website went live on 7th June 2017. Their servers are located in Germany, but that’s not what got our attention. It seems that the website was operational before the above date. Details show that there have been over 22 unique IP changes over the past 15 years. It points to a vendor who is changing domain information, which points to uncertainty. Vendors should be careful with vendors who constantly change their IP details.

Features of Forex 4 Less

It is a rebate program where traders get free money for opening an account through their brokers. There is no risk in taking part in the F4L rebate program as the funds are from the brokers. Just like most rebate programs, the vendor promises more cash in your pocket. It all becomes shady as we don’t believe anyone is that good. Offering free money to investors means the broker is losing more money. The end game is to ensure the members deposit more funds with the brokers.

Forex 4 Less license and registration

Forex 4 Less is far from being a registered entity in Germany. We had to check with BaFIN to confirm their license status. Some of the brokers listed on their platform have been regulated, which is a positive outlook. The only problem is that the main website does not have the backing of regulators in Germany. Without the green light from authorities, a lot leaves to be desired. We are not watering down their program; we are just pointing out the risks involved. Ensure you use rebate programs with brokers who are licensed by authorities.

What the vendor has accomplished is bending the trading law. Most regulators ban the use of bonuses as an incentive to bring more users. And this is the reason why rebates come into play as they do more of the same. You get more money from commissions thanks to trading with these brokers. Remember that one has to open an account with the broker and deposit the required minimum deposit. Confirm that the broker has a valid license such as AMarkets who are licensed by the FSA.

Pros and cons of Forex 4 Less

Absolutely free

Forex 4 Less is a free rebate program that members use to make money. The only catch is that there is a minimum required deposit once you sign up with a broker. Considering that some of the brokers are top-notch and are regulated, it’s a win-win. Ensure you use brokers who have a strong online presence or those recommended by seasoned traders. Start the trading journey with rebate programs that help you make a profit via professional brokers. It’s too bad the platform does not quote the exact profit a user gets. There should be examples to help investors become more informed.

Contact and support staff

Forex4Less Contact

When it comes to making contact, this area is a bit disappointing. The vendor does not provide live chat or a phone number for direct access. What they have done is offer a message board where users leave their email address and message. Members will hear from the vendor soon, and the time is not indicated. The problem with such communication channels is time. Some queries need one-one-one communication. A phone number is crucial to help link users with the vendor during important decision-making processes.

Scam or Legit Forex 4 Less

Forex 4 Less is a rebate program that is absolutely free of charge. The only payment one makes is when opening an account with the broker. Users have to sit back and watch as the brokers make money for them.

Our verdict

We won’t rate them as highly as their popularity is not yet at par with our standards. It is another option that investors can use to make a profit with online trading.

The best alternative is to sign up with commendable brokers with years of trading experience. These brokers offer immense trading knowledge and a chance to win big. Try them out today.

We wish our readers a lucrative trading experience.

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