Forex Alpha EA Review: Is it a Scam?

Forex Alpha EA Review: Is it a Scam?

Forex Alpha EA is an automated trading robot that aims to provide customers with 24-hours profits. The sales pitch of the platform investors is urged the trading tool is adapted to all market conditions, and you’ll receive tremendous returns.

The software supports the MT4 platform; an this may seem convincing to use as a trade partner. However, do not be so quick to fall for this allegation simply because scammers use mt4 to know are you into depositing funds and seem legit.

Advantages of using reliable trading robots

These are the advantages of using tested and reputable crypto robots that automate trade and hit the profit target.

Why using Trading robots is the best move

There are reliable crypto robots that have been tested and seen to produce desired results. Go for these robots as they do offer much in terms of success.

  • Accuracy of trades

Unlike humans who don’t always have the best accuracy, these robots try to furnish traders with the best accuracy.

High profit returns is what these robots are after and tests indicate most of these recommended forex robots hit over 80 percent successful ROI.

  • Conduct Real Time Market Analysis

By processing immense amount of market information, users get a more accurate setting of the market prices and product status. The bots identity market conditions such as volatility and help traders make informed decisions.

  • Time Efficient

One of the key benefits of using automated bots is time. The trading process is completely automated thus making it hands-free. You can also set your preferred parameters before moving on. Traders don’t have to constantly conduct market analysis.

  • Portfolio diversification

Traders can run multiple accounts using robots and thus, increase the trader’s portfolio diversification. You get to run multiple accounts and strategies and benefiting from robots that do all the heavy lifting.

  • Great customer support

You obviously want a platform that’s available to help you when needed. Most of our recommended trading robots offer reliable 24/7 support.

Conventional crypto methods of trading such as brokers may not be there to help you with any issues faced.

  • Great for newbies

For those who want to start crypto trading, you don’t need any experience in the field. The platform is one of the best when it comes to ease of use.

These robots offer traders a memorable user-interface.

Forex alpha EA showcases multiple red flags that should prevent you from trusting this company with your funds. In this unbiased review, we are going to highlight and some of the traits that prevent you from trusting this investment firm with your funds.

However, they are legit trading robots that you can rely on to make a reasonable profit, and you encounter minimal risks while trading. The trading world, just like any other business, may encounter losses, hence guaranteeing constant returns is not entirely true.

Customers are promised that while using this trading robot, you will earn returns even in the worst market conditions. However, do not be so quick to deposit funds into the platform; this is because the mortgaged is never stable due to the high volatility.

There is also an increase in competition in Forex trading, and unlike the past, you need more patience and skills to make profits. If at all, this trading robot was capable of making constant returns, then they will easily reveal how and the kind of algorithm used is also not known.

Therefore transparency is key while looking for the best trading robot to invest with and earn reasonable returns on your investment funds. Forex Alpha EA fails to provide any information regarding the founder.

Information about the founder is very important because you have to know more about the person before trusting them to make funds for you. This information is not available, and you risk dealing with anonymous people expecting returns that may never come. Review exposes multiple scam characteristics that only lower the customer’s trust and raise more doubts about their services. The sales pitch is also poorly presented and failing to reveal enough information regarding the operation of the trading robot.

Forex Alpha EA Review, Platform

When you click the about us page, you directed an empty page that was no information whatsoever regarding Forex Alpha EA. Furthermore, the trading robot has a bad reputation all over the internet.

Customers can receive multiple advantages while investing in Forex Alpha EA. The bot is capable of Adaptive Trading, and it can predict the movement of the market before, and the prediction is from the most up to date logic.

You are also entitled to a money management feature, and the software works with all trading platforms. When you purchase the package, you get 24/7 lifetime support.

The software can trade with eight different currency pairs EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURGBP, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURCHF, and EURJPY. The robot’s easy to use, and it was specifically created for Meta Trader 4.

How it Operates

Forex Alpha EA boasts of having a top-notch team of personnel behind the trading strategies. However, no information on the same has been provided to earn your trust with the Investment firm and expect returns in terms of profit.

The trading tool can predict the movement in the market even before it happens, and this may seem tempting to trust. However, the kind of algorithm the bot uses in determining the market movements is not well known.

The bot can automatically set the leverage levels depending on the market and the outcome of the trades. Hence investors at guaranteed profits, if the trade is winning the leverage, will grow and vice-versa for losing trades.

Moreover, apart from this information, there is no information regarding the operations of the bot. You should be able to see some transparency in the strategies. The signal is generated on the H1 time frame, and the package costs $199.

Funds Safety

Forex Alpha EA does not reveal information regarding the owners, and you did not know who is controlling your money. You should also be able to the past trade transactions that the robot has been able to complete successfully.

You’re not given a trial period to set a winning strategy or test the credibility of the bot. The method of operation used is also not transparent, and there is not enough data to earn your trust with the software.

Furthermore, if any profits are being made, then the trading tool would have been recognized all over the globe. There is also no evidence of any successful withdrawal that any investor has made to earn your trust.


Scammers will always use fake testimonies as part of the marketing strategy to swindle all your investment funds. Similar traits are observed in this investment firm, and they should only see them as red flags.

Some customers allegedly boast of having made massive returns, and once you fall for their catch, all your money will get lost. Some customers have lost money in this company, and the result is not likely to change when you deposit your money.

Ponzi scheme will use fake happy investors whom they pay to say positive things regarding the platform. However, without a verifiable link, you should not fall for any of these traits while expecting to make any returns.

Regulation and Customer Support

For any legit investment firm to be allowed to generate funds from the public, you should be able to see regulatory data. Legit investment firms will provide you with regulatory information that you can easily verify.

Meanwhile, unregulated companies showcase low levels of transparency, and you can easily see the red flags they showcase. The platform owners risk facing criminal prosecution, and it’s probably the main reason they do not provide information about their location whereabouts.

There is also no customer support that you can use to reach them, yet they promise 24/7 lifetime support. The company may also get shut buy the law enforcers for illegal operations with all your Investment funds.

Final Verdict

Forex Alpha EA is not transparent in the method of operation and also fails to provide relevant information. You also risk dealing with an unregulated platform and make massive losses while doing so.

The information regarding the platform owners is also not known, and it is providing personal information to anonymous people who might even turn out to be criminals. There is no evidence of any past trade transactions that the software can complete. This is a major red flag that no trade activities may be taking place.

The founder’s risk facing criminal prosecutions is probably the main reason no information regarding the whereabouts is available. However, if you’re looking to make profits is requested a tried-and-tested automated robot to generate reasonable returns.

The testimonies that are provided have no link towards the winning trade, and you’re not certain any profits were made. Scammers will always claim association withMT4 platform and backtesting while this technique is common among scammers.

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