Forex Cyborg Review: Brand New Scam Forex Robot Revealed

Forex Cyborg Review: Brand New Scam Forex Robot Revealed

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Before you jump into the alleged gravy train that Forex cyborg is, you need to ask yourself if that software really has what it takes to make you money.

With all the exposure that Forex Cyborg is enjoying, it’s only sensible enough to rise to the occasion and examine this robot carefully — which we have already done.

The 30-day money back guarantee is the first bait that traders may fall for.

Even scams claim to operate with some sort of money-back guarantee policy. They never honor them in the end. So don’t base your decision on this. You will still lose money.

Legitimate money-making opportunities never use fake testimonials or baiting tactics to make their systems look real at face value.

The problem with Forex Cyborg website is that it is making certain claims which we can never agree with.

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We also caught them cheating pants down. They make a lot of false claims in a subtle but seemingly authentic way, thus making anyone who stumbles on that website to drop their guard.

If you fall for this robot, you will have yourself to blame because Forex Cyborg opens trades randomly.

Thankfully, my research on the Forex Cyborg has finally produced unequivocal proof as well as evidence that this opportunity is not real.

Overview of the Forex Cyborg software

This robot is described as a champ in trading the markets with an amazing win rate while containing risks within acceptable parameters.

And then the owner claims that it was designed with deep machine learning capability so as to dynamically adapt to various market conditions.

forex cyborg hype

The algorithm of the Forex Cyborg is supposedly long and complex, which makes it a leading MT4 expert advisor.

Last but not least, the website claims that Forex Cyborg has been officially endorsed by reputable sources on the internet.

While this robot may have appeared on some review sites, it does not mean that these sites have your best interest at heart.

You will soon discover that this robot is only promoted by hoards of greedy affiliate marketers who don’t care what happens to your account as long as they earn commissions.

For us, we care about our reputation and our readers as well. We will always go a long way to prove that Forex Cyborg and similar robots don’t have the capacity to make money on a consistent basis.

It’s also one of the most expensive robots out there as the cheapest license costs £299 while the high-end license goes for £599. So, are you going to break the bank just to buy a scam?

Proof that Forex Cyborg is hyped for no reason

If this expert advisor had a real capacity to trade and make money consistently, the world would have bought all licenses by now.

Apparently, this is a situation where the author has to use fabricated testimonials to prove a false point.

The first time we checked it out with the intent of establishing whether or not these testimonials were real, we noticed a stock photo named “Vladimir”. That photo has since been removed for the obvious reasons.

forex cyborg scam

forex cyborg false testimonial

A simple Google search reveals that this person has never traded Forex or used any Expert Advisors before.

So why is this sales page using his image to create an impression that he is one of their customers?

Also, why are they writing false testimonials alongside that stock photo to pretend as if this person wrote those words?

You don’t need to go this far to suspect that this software doesn’t even have subscribers yet.

It would have been helpful to include a clause which warns that all images used in the testimonial section are for illustrative purposes only.

They never included this clause anywhere in their privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Therefore, this amounts to pure deception and fraud because Forex Cyborg website is simply misleading investors with words that don’t accurately describe what this software really is.

The hype that will eventually cost gullible investors

Forex Cyborg is promoted as a 100% automated EA that can turn your MT4 account into a cash ATM.

You hook it up with a Forex broker, sit back and relax while hoping that it will win 77% of all trades.

Well, think of this, if trading and making money with this robot was that easy, we would all be millionaires by now, thanks to Forex Cyborg.

Moreover, the cost of those licenses would mean nothing if indeed this software works round the clock to mint money off the Forex market.

There’s simply a lot of hype here. In my opinion, if trading with an EA like Forex Cyborg was that profitable, it wouldn’t be necessary to have an entire industry of people who educate and mentor others on how to trade and earn a living from it.

The Forex Cyborg sales page is very appealing and inviting.

The homepage starts off by convincing you that you’ve seen the rest, and that it’s time to see the best. That’s nothing more than a slogan for marketing a product.

It’s the language of skilled internet salesmen and women. This shady software author does not introduce themselves in the first place.

Their backgrounds is not known. But their claims are big — which is quite a problem and also a separate issue.

From the look of things, it appears that this expert advisor is a scalper because the website states that it takes 5 pips on average for every position opened.

The author says that Forex Cyborg can trade multiple currency pairs on any trading account size with any kind of leverage.

You should understand that using any kind of leverage to trade Forex is a dangerous thing. At least make an effort to understand what you’re getting into. And by no means should you use this EA among other robots that are over-hyped to trade any Forex market.

Other promises that we don’t agree with

It apparently grows a small account into a sizeable account in no time. Is this some kind of gambling where you can make a fortune in a short period of time?

Definitely yes.Your wallet is about to be fleeced by people who make too-good to be true promises. Any opportunity that promises quick wealth should be considered suspicious. This rogue sales page makes such claims. Avoid.

We also came across something called tick testing where the sales page claimed that they used real tick data for testing, thus giving the most accurate results.

If you know what that sentence means, please don’t hesitate to message us.

Also, Forex Cyborg is said to have factored in commissions during the testing period in order to give the most accurate results of profit projection.

In other words, the author claims that Forex Cyborg was tested on a live account.It’s a classic way of saying that they put their money where their mouths are.

This is quite ridiculous. And for heaven sake, do not fall for the Myfxbook results on this website. These guys know how to manipulate things.

forex cyborg results

They have mastered the art of deceiving using broker statements and myfxbook results that don’t accurately describe what this software can do on a live MT4 account.

Our best advice for you

The Forex Cyborg is an extremely dangerous EA despite its seemingly harmless nature. Pure malice and deception is at the heart of this system. That’s why it is aggressively promoted since the owner wants as many investors as possible to use it. Don’t fall for it because we have the best robots for you here.

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