Forex Entourage Review: Avoid Their SCAM Signals Please!

Forex Entourage Review: Avoid Their SCAM Signals Please!

Forex investors, this is a very important review which exposes what Forex Entourage ( really is.

You’ve worked so hard and your money does not deserve to be gambled away by people who claim to have the ultimate software solutions for trading the Forex markets profitably.

Let’s start off this review by highlighting what Forex Entourage is, what they do and the promises they make. Here we go:

Overview of Forex Entourage

The company was founded in 2016, meaning that it’s a relatively new company that hasn’t established itself yet.

The aim is to educate, train members and provide them with copy-paste Forex signals.

Forex Entourage is not a trading website, and neither do they operate like a broker.

Aside from the educational materials offered by Forex Entourage, the site also offers auto-traders or copy-paste signal services with various plans.

They claim that their signals have an outstanding win rate of 80%, and will always make you profits even in your sleep.

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These copy-paste signals are sold under various plans costing $170 the first month all the way to $301.

However, after clients pay the cost of obtaining a signal plan, they will be subject to recurring monthly payments which range from $175 per month to $241.

Therefore, you can see that Forex Entourage signal service is quite pricey.

The company recently launched another software product which they dubbed PAP.

PAP sends out regular, high-frequency signal alerts when trading opportunities become available.

But Please take note

Forex Entourage has an MLM program which allows members to share the business with others so that they can earn ”residual income”.

As of March 2017, a few gullible investors had joined this MLM company as a result of the aggressive marketing which promoters of Forex Entourage have engaged in.

The purpose of this review is actually to highlight certain facts about this company, and if possible, warn you against signing up because you will most likely incur heavy losses.

Forex Entourage: The truth that you will never know

These truths are only learned by people who are ready to conduct due diligence. Otherwise, the rest will always fall into traps laid by sweet-talking charlatans who work tirelessly to find gullible investors whom they can scam.

Forex Entourage unacceptable practices is the reason why many ex-clients are telling the same story again and again.


forexentourage scam client complaint
customer complaint on a recently uploaded YouTube video

Customer complaint on a recently uploaded YouTube video

Apparently, Forex Entourage is good at promoting their services. It’s easy to fall for their promotions when you land on their website.

Actually, those who lost money as a result of using their signals service were led to believe that Forex Entourage was the only company involved in providing high quality signal service with a win rate of 80%.

Profits look good on paper. However, those profits can never be replicated on a live account traded by any of their over-priced trading plans.

At some point, this company was claiming that they make 1500 pips every month.

Besides, they’ve employed a number of salespeople who go telling investors that making a 6-figure income with their products is very simple.

They encourage people to quit their daily jobs because, apparently, investing a small sum of money on their trading software would guarantee a million dollar income in just a few months.

For $110 a month, users are promised a good life — the kind of life where they make money even when they sleep, take shower, go to the gym etc.

This website claims that their robots are designed with algorithms which analyze potential trade setups for you, meaning that users no longer need to do the donkey’s work since their software is self-sufficient and able to win trades, 80% of the time, thus growing your account exponentially.

By the way, Forex Entourage charges an extra fee for the first month of your membership. This fee varies with the plan which you choose.

However, investors have also raised questions as to why an additional fee is being charged when other reliable EAs with a solid track record don’t charge any fees apart from the cost of the product or the monthly fee incurred by those who will opt to remain subscribed.

The experience of trading a live account with an EA from this provider

We were able to document complaints from dissatisfied users who claimed that this signal provider was playing games with their money.

In one part of the promotion video, one of their lead marketers claimed that users could make a million dollar out of a seed investment of $200 only.

However, the story suddenly changes when you sign up and purchase any one of their plans.

Users say that their copy-paste profit system opens 3 trades a day which end up losing anyway. And sometimes there is never any signals for weeks running.

Forex Entourage has been accused of sending out signals that have a win rate is 30% as opposed to 80%.

This is because users complained of their accounts getting damaged after they copied signals that only won 3 out of 10 trades.

And the more they exercised patience, the more their draw down increased, thanks to their bogus trading strategies which counter trends instead of riding on trends.

It’s like trades are opened randomly with no strategy to follow (since some users reported that Forex Entourage trading systems occasionally open up to 8 trades simultaneously).

Sadly, all the 8 positions end up losing, thus setting you back by a huge draw down.

Some users have been forced to manually cut short their losing positions to avoid blowing their accounts with this fake signal provider.

Word on their recently launched Pip Analyzer service

This is an over-hyped signal service that generates hundreds of ”accurate” buy and sell signals per day. Now, you must be saying — Wow! What a convenient product?

Well, after analyzing this product for a while, we came to the conclusion that Pip Analyzer is just another money-sucker created to enrich the owner and not the investor like you and me.

Analyzing trade setups every minute is not a realistic thing.

And the funniest thing is that when this service was introduced in one of their webinars, the host suggested that Pip Analyzer was not released for members of Forex Entourage to use because, apparently, all users have their own strategy of trading.

Now, let me ask you one thing. Do you realize that these statements are highly contradicting?

Secondly, if Pip Analyzer service is that profitable, why would members reject it? That’s food for thought.

Our Best Advice for you

Forex Entourage robots and signal service is a good example of hyped promotion that only leads to losses if investors put their money on any one of their products.

If anything, their robots have been accused of opening positions on a counter-trend basis (which is very dangerous because we are going against the dominant trend).

Yes, there are people who make money with this crap. But rest assured that you as a trader or investor won’t make any.

The owner of this website stands to benefit the most because you’re paying unnecessary monthly fees for a product whose owner didn’t put an effort to design. Avoid anything sold to you from Forex Entourage. If you must make money as an investor in Forex trading, use these recommended products instead


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