Forex Hulk Review – Scam? Probably

Forex Hulk Review – Scam? Probably

Thanks for taking time to read this review. We are focusing on Forex Hulk, a signal service that claims to help traders find success in the market the easy way. Forex Hulk currently offers 3 different products to their consumers. These include signals, insurance signals, and a training course (for those who would want to learn how to trade).

Therefore, in this review, we will make it a priority to discuss each one of the 3 services/products and make it clear as to whether or not this service is worth paying for.

So far, Forex Hulk website has introduced their members as ”some of the world’s most profitable traders”. There is no elaboration on what this means. The website doesn’t even introduce these people in a way that we can believe that they are who they say they are.

forex hulk creators

You see, this is a big problem because most signal providers simply claim that they are the best traders in the world yet no proof is ever given to help with the verification of those claims. In this case, we are seeing the same thing. Therefore, we will be keeping this in mind even as we write the rest of this review.

On the other hand, traders who want to contact Forex Hulk can do so using a contact form on their website. Alternatively, they can use a phone number on the site.

The phone number that we are provided with suggests that Forex Hulk is based out of Kuwait. So let’s get to the meat and bone of this matter.

forex hulk review

Forex Hulk Review

When you scroll further down the sales page, you will see that this website attempted to introduce their members a second time. This time, they are using pictures to introduce their marketing expert, senior market analyst, and project development manager.

These people are known as Suhail, Waseem and Jasy respectively. Whereas this is an attempt to introduce the brains behind this service, we still doubt if this is the best way to introduce people who handle financial matters. You see, we were not able to find their details anywhere else on the internet. It makes us doubt if these people are really experts in the field.

We have always said that working with strangers or people whose track records cannot be verified is an uphill task for us. This is Forex trading, and money is lost most of the time. In fact, you will be raising your chances of losing money if you deal with people whose track records of trading isn’t known. This is a fair warning to all.

Now, let’s get to discuss their services. Their signal service is delivered through phone SMS and email too. The website claims that these signals have a win rate of 78%. On top of that, traders are supposed to enjoy up to 1500 signals per month.

The second service, which is a very suspicious product is known as the insured signals. The description of this product is that when you pay for it, your trades will be insured, and thus you will never lose any money. They literally pay back the money which you lost in the market. That sounds too good to be true. Honestly, we wonder if traders do believe these lies. What if you keep losing trades in a row, will they pay you back? Even if they stick to their word, chances are that they will never compensate all your trades. This is not the way business is done.

In short, this claim is outrageous. We find it difficult to believe. In fact, we are yet to see proof of people who were compensated by Forex Hulk as a result of losing money while trading with their signals.

Besides this, Forex Hulk also offers Forex training courses to those who would like to be trained. The basic plan for this course will set you back some $149. Intermediate plan costs $219. And finally, the advanced plan costs $299.

forex hulk training prices

The one thing which is common with all the plans here is that they are designed to help traders learn how to execute trades with super accuracy. This is according to Forex Hulk, not our opinion.

Inside Forex Hulk website

Once we were inside this website, we attempted to purchase one of their products just to see how the process would go. We were taken to a PayPal page warning us that this signal provider no longer accepts payments. Now, this is a big concern. What does it mean if PayPal is no longer processing payments for this signal provider? Is there a possibility that PayPal banned them from using their service? And if this is the case, what was the mistake?

This also raises the question of how active this service is. If they have not resolved these payment issues up to now, then it could only mean that this service has not been updated in a long time. Anyway, let’s see whether or not Forex Hulk has trading results. Maybe we can judge them based on their performance.

Trading performance

Trading performance is usually the basis for judging whether a signal provider is good or bad. So, is this website only sucking traders’ money? Let’s find out.

First, they claim that their signals have a win rate of 78%. They also claim that their analysts often deliver up to 1500 signals per month. We wish the win rate part of it was true. We wish that out of the 1500 signals, we could win 1100 trades. That would make us millionaires in just a few months from now.

We also wonder where these numbers are coming from anyway. Are they cooking up numbers out of thin air? Has this signal vendor analyzed the trades which they usually send out in order to come up with these stats?

Well, the greatest problem here is that Forex Hulk doesn’t provide any form of trading results on their website. It’s therefore hard to believe these statistics because numbers can be cooked. Numbers mean nothing if they can’t be proved.

If indeed this signal provider delivers up to 1500 signals every month, then it should be very easy for them to mark to mark down those signals and come up with a detailed report of their trading activities.

Simply put. Any signal service that does not provide trading results is a fraudulent service. It’s a huge red flag which we will not ignore in this review. Ignoring such things have always costed traders a lot of money in the process.

Summary of points talked about above

The point is that this signal service looks and sounds suspicious. Their so-called signal analysts cannot be identified. We were unable to establish whether or not they are really professional traders.

Secondly, because no trading performance or results were posted on the website, we could comfortably say that these people don’t track their signals. This is an indication that signals are probably generated on a random basis, and no one cares to keep records.

Our best advice for you

The best advice we can give to anyone intending to use Forex Hulk is this: stop for a moment and think twice if you can. There are enough red flags on that website. Just stick to our recommended Forex trading products instead.

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  1. this site find out problems in every forex signal provider but never tells in theire website which signal companies are best not listed any one.

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