Forex Manager9 Review – Scam Asset Manager?

Forex Manager9 Review – Scam Asset Manager?

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Forex Manager9 proclaims to be an asset management firm that was founded in 2011. They want you to trust them with your hard-earned investment dollar. In fact, they want you to act with blind faith towards their seemingly lucrative offer.

We’d like to remind you that your wallet is so precious. Before you take it out, you need to understand that the faces behind Forex Manager9 don’t have a track record. Ask them to produce their up-to-date statement of their master account and you will get a shocking answer…  that is, if you are lucky to get an answer from them.

These carnival hucksters dislike interrogating questions. They don’t want you to be defensive either. What they want is your total submission and blind faith that Forex Manager9 turns a seed capital of $10,000 into $16,000 in less than 6 months.

In other words, these anonymous folks at Forex Manager9 are inviting you to part with $10k so they can trade and make profits for you.

Forex Manager9 is nothing more than a shoddy promotional scheme where they fleece investors, pocket the profits and use the rest of the revenue generated to advertise their business using Google ads.

First of all, Forex Manager9 does not have any history of solid trading. What they are giving you as ”myfxbook verification” is total nonsense. They have two myfxbook accounts which stopped tracking their trading results anyway.

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Despite this fact, these investment charlatans still work so hard to trick investors using keyword-rich Google ads.

If you were about to fund a managed account with them, you’d definitely lose all or some of your money. Here’s more evidence.

Forex Manager9

Forex Manager9 review and evidence that this is a scam

These asset managers say on their website that they established this business in 2011. But a quick check shows that this website was registered in February 2017. What a contradiction?

We’ve also learned that Forex Manager9 website is non-informative. They talk of things that an investor would not want to learn about.

For instance, there is a link on this website that teaches about managed accounts

and why investors should opt for them.

We believe that this information is not relevant. A customer who comes across this website definitely knows what they want. But this customer would most likely be interested in track record or proof of performance. This is the only way to assure them that their investment will not go down the drains.

And by the way, marketing proclamations are not evidence that an asset manager is experienced in what they do. Forex Manager9 website claims that they currently manage over $200k in client portfolio.

They also claim that this business has been managing client assets for the last 10 years, yet we have proved that these charlatans have only been operating for a couple of months now.

They also claim that once you leave your investment matters into their hands, they will make your work easier by letting you monitor your account in real time. Withdrawing profits at will is also a possibility with these guys. But wait, they haven’t made some things clear.

How does Forex Manager9 manage Forex accounts?

It’s in your best interest to know how the process will be conducted and weather or not an LPOA will be involved.

From the look of things, this site cares less about those details.

These are the things they should have tackled instead of dwelling on things that investors are already aware of.

Until now, we are not sure whether this asset manager works with an LPOA document. In other words, we don’t know whether or not this asset manager will have the rights to withdraw money from your trading account… now that there is no mention of an LPOA.

Secondly, Forex Manager9 does not say anything concerning how profits are to be paid out. They didn’t mention anything to do with high water mark  — a principle that ensures that the asset manager will never touch your account until it increases beyond a specific value.

Therefore, by not talking about these critical issues, it can be assumed that these asset managers charge fees as long as a trade yields a profit. But that is also a disadvantage for the investor because it does not leave a provision to recoup previous losses, in the event that the last profitable trade never covered the loss.

Let’s not even go there because it’s clear that Forex Manager9 does not consider this a viable business model. But of course a serious asset manager should take this very seriously.

Trading performance

You can bet that these guys have nothing to show for their trading performance, yet they are big on claims that their clients have trusted them with a whooping $200,000. How is that possible?

You see, most investors are cautious these days. Unless there is proof of trading performance, it’s really difficult to fall for an internet scammer who says they have what it takes to make you rich.

Speaking of trading performance, we realized that these guys didn’t have a live trading record, although they claimed that they were active traders. Again, is it possible to trade on a daily basis and still fail to keep records of your trading activities?

Well, there is only one answer to this question. These asset managers simply scam investors who are oblivious of the fact that one must be certain of an asset manager’s track record before doing business with them.

Also, it is quite worrying that at one point, the equity curve of their myfxbook account recorded a serious dip.

We are talking of their latest myfxbook which indicates that tracking of results was stopped on 25th August 2017.

myfxbook account for Forex Manager9

This dip in the equity curve is somehow hidden with a thick red line, meaning that someone must have tempered with these results.

Surprisingly, this myfxbook account is not verified. This explains why these folks had so much leeway to tamper with the results shown on their myfxbook account.

Now, the bottom line is this. Forex Manager9 website is just a gateway to donating your money to scammers. Their claims cannot be justified with any proof of performance, yet they want your $10k. These people must be very bold and shameless.

Who’s behind Forex Manager9 website?

Legitimate account managers will introduce themselves and let you know that their business is legitimate.

Most of the time, they will identify themselves and give their track records of trading success. This is mostly given in form of a verified, up to date myfxbook account.

But in the case of Forex Manager9 website, things are quite different. The first myfxbook account recorded a big loss, hence it was discontinued.

Seeing that they had ruined it, they signed up for a second one. No one bothered to verify this account, although it continued to record their trading activities until live tracking of results stopped on 25th August 2017. Why are there so many discrepancies? The answer is quite obvious. These guys have been cobbling things together to appear legit when the fact of the matter is that they don’t have a proven track record of performance.

Our Best advice for you

Forex Manager9 has a very low trust rating by all standards. If you don’t have experience with Forex trading and would like to make money anyways, these products are your ultimate solution to getting started. Don’t fall for scams like Forex Manager9.

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