Forex Robotron Review: Watch Out!

Forex Robotron Review: Watch Out!

Forex Robotron is an automated forex trading robot and also an expert advisor for all your trade needs. Customers are provided with backtesting results, real tick information, spillage, variable spreads, and commission on every lot.

However, do not be quick to deposit funds into the system simply because you will only be making the platform owners rich. The Company showcases much murkiness in the method of operation, and you will end up making losses rather than gains.

Therefore it is only wise for you to invest with legit robots to make reasonable returns on your funds. Transparency should always be the top consideration before choosing any tool suitable for you.

Forex Robotron fails to provide any data behind the founders and the kind of experience they hold. You risk purchasing the package expecting forex trading services that may not end up making a single profit on your investment.

Furthermore, if they were making any profits, news spreads fast on the internet, and they would be recognized across the world. The use of unregulated brokers has never profited from any customer, and you will only make losses in such companies. Review

The website features a section showcasing historical data though it seems made up because there is no verifiable link. Moreover, they even warn customers that the results may vary depending on the broker.

Forex Robotron Review, Platform

They do not have any trust in the tool, and you may even incur losses while trading with The software is not suitable for newbie investors due to the lack of; training materials and past reliable data.

Nevertheless, experts in forex trading will notice the red flags exposed by this Investment firm at first glance. The Company even tries to seem legit by using MyFXBook trade results, but you should not be so quick to fall for their catch.

Scammers use similar techniques like those in Forex Robotron, and you should see this as warning signs not to trust the platform with your funds. The sales pitch is poorly presented, and they fail to reveal much information you need before investing your money.

The owner’s information is very important, and you may end up trusting criminals with your money. Not only do you risk losing your funds, but also personal data may fall into the wrong hands.

Suitable time for trading is 9 to 11 p.m. GMT, and they provide backtesting results. However, scammers also makeup backtest results in the shield only rely on information that you can trust.

How Does Forex Robotron Work?

The bot trades on five currency pairs: EURAUD, EURCAD, EURGBP, EURUSD, and EURCHF. The pairs are tradable on 5 minutes a five minute time frame. The big was anonymously released in May 2020 and is capable of completing up to 500 trades yearly.

Forex Robotron clients can use the tool on MetaTrader 4, and you can use varying brokers. However, you risk dealing with unregulated brokers who might not have any experience whatsoever in Forex Trading.

They do not provide a demo account to test the signals generated by the credibility of the tool. Legit trading robots will provide you with at least 30 days, which is still not enough time to test the software.

The past trade data shown by this Company does not have any verifiable link that you can rely on and trust the information. Forex Robotron does not provide any information on the algorithm they use in coming up with the profit.

Furthermore, you do not know the kind of returns expected. Investors do not know the kind of experience the team behind The bot uses scalping is their method of trading and is capable of executing 102 trades daily.


Scammers will always use fake testimonies as an attempt to lure you into depositing funds in their accounts. Similar traits are observed in Forex Robotron, and they claim multiple investors have made massive returns through the bot.

However, they do not provide any verifiable link toward the winning trade. The use of fake testimony is this common and should be watchful of such techniques.

Furthermore, they do not have any images of the customers who have made a profit, and the names might just have been made up. The people whose names are mentioned do not exist anywhere in social media, and their names of just made-up to lure you into depositing money.

Legit testimonials will always feature a verifiable link to assert this allegation. The testimonies are not legit, and you should not fall for this catch.

Funds Safety

Forex Robotron does not guarantee the safety of your funds. This is because you do not know any information regarding the founders. The kind of experience the people behind this investment firm hold is not known, and who is controlling your funds is also not mentioned.

The kind of algorithm used by the robot to make profits for investors is unknown, raising doubts on the platform. The evidence provided of past trade transactions is enough to earn your trust, but they fail to provide verifiable links.

The Company exposes so many red flags, and transparency is key for choosing the best investment firm to trust your funds and earn a reasonable income. The returns you expect from this investment firm is also not known.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company owners risk facing criminal prosecutions, and it’s probably the main reason they do not reveal their information. Different countries have set up laws to protect the citizens from scammers, and you should only invest with companies that provide regulated services.

Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market, and they may end up getting shut at any given with all your investment funds. The Company is not recognized by any regulatory body, and you should not invest your money.

Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily verify the details they provide. Unregulated platforms, on the other hand, never reveal the owner’s information or their location whereabouts.

Domain Insights

Forex Robotron was registered in 2013 February, and the registration expires in 2021 the same month. However, they showcase some shadiness in their registration; this is because they use GO Daddy LLC as their registrar, which is also used by scammers.

The domain name for this Investment firm is The website was last updated in January 2020.

Final Verdict

Forex Robotron does not provide any contact support that you can use to reach them just in case you have any query, or you require assistance. Therefore if you are looking to make profits, you should invest with a triedandtested trading robot to make sensible returns on your investment funds.

The algorithm used by this trading bot is unknown, and you do not know the kind of returns to expect. The past trade evidence provided by this investment firm does not have any verifiable link.

The Company also has no positive feedback, and they do not reveal banking information, and your money is not safe. Until there is any positive feedback regarding Forex Robotron, it is wise to hold the thought of doing any business with them.

They do not feature a demo account that you can use to set up a winning strategy. Investors do not know the founder’s information and the kind of experience they hold, and this is a major red flag.

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