Forex Signals Review: Is Scam?

Forex Signals Review: Is Scam?

In this review, we will be introducing you to a community of Forex traders who have proved that they can make consistent profits in the long run. This statement is quite weird, and we know that many of you just don’t believe it. But the fact is that this group of people have done it. It’s the reason we are focusing on them today just to bring this to your attention.

We are talking of a website called Forex Signals. This can be found here They are also active on a YouTube page which is found here. That’s where Nick spends his time talking about his trades. You should make a point of following that channel because Nick says that he is a real trader and that his trading performance is often uploaded on that page at the end of every month. In other words, Nick is willing to prove to his followers that he is a professional trader and not someone who makes 100% of his money from selling trading courses.

So, what is Forex Signals? Can they be trusted?

forex signals review

Forex Signals Review

First of all, Forex Signal is a community of professional traders who have come together to help newbies succeed in trading Forex. They offer a chat room where access is given for FREE. Yes, that’s the good news here. Most trading rooms come for a price, a subscription price which you and me may not be able to afford sometimes.

That being said, we’d also want to talk about the fact that Forex Signals is basically where people learn, watch and implement lessons which they have learned from the trading room.

There are up to 5 times daily live streams in this chat room. On top of that, Forex Signals also delivers signals to members on a daily basis. If you’re solely concerned with trading Forex signals, then this website offers you the best avenue to start picking your signals from.

There are lots of training resources here. These range from educational videos, to trade-able signals which can be implemented with the supervision of a professional trader. You can also ask questions about the market where you’re not sure.

And the best thing is that you won’t be in this alone. When you’re signed up, it means that you are entitled to receiving coaching, 24/5 days a week or as long as the market is open. Someone will always hold your hands so as to avoid making costly mistakes.

In our opinion, this trading room is the best you can have at the moment. First of all, it’s free to participate in, and secondly, it’s highly organized, which suggests that these people really understand the game.

Background of Forex Signals website

It’s a long story, so we will try to shorten it where possible. Let’s start by introducing the owner of this website. His name is Nick McDonald. He started in May 2012 because he was looking for a good trading room and found that none of the websites at that time was offering such.

Prior to starting this site, Nick McDonald had traded, made money and also made losses along the way. But since he was dedicated to learning the art, he was not going to give up yet.

In this background story, Nick is portrayed as someone who committed his time and money to learning about how to become a successful trader. He read books, attended seminars, and even spent money hiring one mentor after the other.

However, in the next phase of his quest to make money as a Forex trader, Nick took a different approach. He built a trading room that would bring traders from different parts of the world together. This trading room currently has over 50k members, and this figure keeps growing by the day.

Nick has a background in IT development, same as his co-partner Will Thomas who is from the UK. They did a good job in creating a chat room that would really help struggling traders have an edge in the market.

Nick inside forex signals trading room
Nick inside forex signals trading room

Forex Signals Staff members

This website is manned by real people who have a knack in trading. We managed to pull out their profiles from the vastness of the internet. So for the sake of time, we shall mention 3 staff members. These are the 3 most important team members at Forex Signals.

Tony Darvall is an accomplished trader and fundamental analysts. Has worked at a popular brokerage firm, and is now working full time with Nick. If you want to know how news will affect the market, look up to him.

Need to know which currency pairs to focus on in any particular day? Talk to Andrew Lockwood. He’s got massive trading experience on his back. He specializes in identifying emerging strengths in currencies. On top of this, he has traded from the pits of London and currently handles MT4 platform.

Then of course we have this technical analyst known as Jason Gospodarek. Jason  knows where to enter and exit trades. He watches support and resistance zones before forecasting where to place his stops. You can have a one-on-one interaction with this great guy inside the Forex Signals trading room.

What you will get when you join Forex Signals website

By the way, we are already encouraging you to sign up because this website is very serious with their operations. If you’re concerning about getting quality education, then signing up here is a must for you.

First of all, there are a number of benefits that members are currently enjoying. Apart from gaining access to daily trade ideas which can grow your bank account without any significant investment, Forex signals also has an exclusive partnership with a Forex broker called BlueBerry Markets. This Forex broker is giving free $50 to all new members who sign up through ForexSignals. Profits can be cashed out as soon as you trade 1 standard lot. That’s the good news.

Secondly, this website is also dedicated towards boosting the morale of their traders. Each month, they award a total of $1500 to 3 best traders who have demonstrated their ability to keep draw down to the minimal.

Rest assured that each month, the best traders will be identified, and this means free money which they can use to kick-start their trading careers without any significant investment from their part.

Also, apart from running daily chat room activities where instructions and trade ideas are issued, ForexSignals hosts occasional podcasts where they get to introduce top traders who are currently managing client portfolio. The purpose is to learn who they are, their background, their risk attitude and how they started. This should boost your morale just in case you’re not confident that this website can give you what is needed to succeed as a trader.

forex signals podcast

Our best advice for you


Visit Forex Signals Here

Since we started reviewing trading rooms on this website, we have never come across a highly organized trading room like the one offered by Forex Signals website. The quality of education is great. We love the experience because everything is paced accordingly. The trade signals are called out in a manner that’s easy to follow. Basically, they are honest and transparent. If there is any amount of money to spend here, we can assure you that you won’t regret it. It’s a great product.

3 Replies to “Forex Signals Review: Is Scam?”

  1. Scammers
    I wanted to learn simple trading strategies. I watched a few videos on YouTube. I came across one of the videos by Andrew Lockwood. I asked a question on the YouTube channel that I would like to learn more about this simple trading strategy. Someone from responded and asked me to visit their website.

    After checking their website, I checked information about Naked trading strategy. I found it interesting and wanted to learn more.

    On the website it says
    10 videos on “How to find Levels”
    14 videos on “Strategy Rules”
    26 videos on “Strategy Walk-through”

    I subscribed to their website. After watching the videos about “Naked Trading Strategy” (only 7 videos). I also wanted to learn more from Andrew, however after joining I was told that Andrew is no longer their team member. I asked them if I can contact Scott Greer. I was told that Scott was also not part of their team.

    There are only 7 videos available, nowhere near as what they say on their website. Similar contents of 7 videos could be found on YouTube for free.

    Their website is totally misleading. You are better off saving your money ($624USD) and finding more information on YouTube for free.

    You will not learn more from their website, in fact, you will learn more from YouTube videos ( I found a few videos by Andrew Lockwood).

    I have checked their website thoroughly, and there are no other videos for “Naked Trading Strategy”.

    They tell me, “The Naked Trading Strategy is taught daily inside our trading room in our 6 daily live streams by our team of analysts, all know how to trade the NTS.”

    I have checked their trading room and there is NO “Naked Trading Strategy” taught daily. In fact, I haven’t seen any “Naked Trading Strategy” on a live account on their website.

  2. Been with them a few years. The problem is the traders don’t take trades (demo or otherwise) so it’s hard to know if they are profitable. I suspect the current teachers are, but I seriously doubt if Lockwood was, or Max (they both left and have their own company now). You rarely if ever meet anyone who is consistently profitable in their platform (if they’re there, they aren’t advertising it). The current three teachers do have a lot of good material though. I don’t know if anyone can get profitable from them, but maybe so, with a lot of work and backtesting as with any other strategy. Not sure it’s worth the money though.

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