Forex Uni Scalper Review – Scam or Meant for Profit?

Forex Uni Scalper Review – Scam or Meant for Profit?

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Forex Uni Scalper is a trading indicator that was released back in June 2017. The owner claims that this Forex indicator always makes 250 pips in a day. The product is touted by Rita Lasker who is also the owner.

The problem with Rita Lasker is that she has never provided her in-depth trading results for us to endorse any of her products. This is something that she has been ignoring, despite some industry blogs and forums raising the issue.

Rita Lasker and her team, the Green Forex Group have an address on their site which suggests that they are located on 1521 Concord Wilmington, USA.

The reason why Forex Uni Scalper caught our attention is because the sales page makes some marketing declarations that don’t sound realistic.

In as much as we know that the Forex market is unpredictable, this developer says that Uni Scalper makes 250 pips every day without fail.

They are also hinting that Forex Uni Scalper earns traders up to $1000 in pure profits each day.

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We cannot just take their word for it. There has to be some proof that what Rita’s team is saying concerning this Forex indicator is the absolute truth.

So here’s what you need to know:

Forex Uni Scalper Review

According to the words of Rita Lasker, Forex Uni Scalper is based on modern trading technologies and is currently one of the finest scalping systems in the industry.

The sales page also tells us that Forex Uni Scalper is built with the current market conditions in mind, and that traders should take advantage of this opportunity immediately before it gets too late.

This is rather a warning that the Forex Uni Scalper is not built to work indefinitely, and that it can only profit from the current market conditions and not future market conditions.

That’s a scary statement because you wouldn’t want to invest money on a Forex trading system that is not consistent with results. You also don’t want to invest your hard-earned money on a system that works today and suffers losses tomorrow.

Also, you should be buying a trading system that has a long shelf life since you do not know when you shall find time to set it up and trade with it. This is because most seasoned traders (including you if you’re one of them) have up to 10 strategies which they want to test for a significant length of time to filter out those that work with the system from those that don’t.

Breaking down details of the Forex Uni Scalper

First of all, it’s an indicator that is highly praised to be extremely efficient because of the so-called modern Forex trading technologies.

We must admit that this statement is kind of vague if it is not elaborated accordingly.

We do not want to believe vendors who say that their systems are powerful yet they are not able to give the exact details of what makes their systems powerful.

The Forex Uni Scalper goes for the price of $129. It’s a scalper according to its name. It trades on the short term frames ranging from M1, M5 and M15 charts.

It also trades all currency pairs …. according to this developer.

Although the sales page mentions quite frequently that the Forex Uni Scalper is built with the current market conditions in mind, it is hard to believe this statement especially when the developer says that it can trade all currency pairs in 3 different time frames.

First of all, the market conditions for every time frame is different. The same thing applies to market conditions for various currency pairs. If you’re trading GBPUSD for instance, you will face different challenges compared to if you were trading a pair like the EURUSD.

Therefore, even though Rita and her team are promising that this system is universal and that it works well with current market conditions, we are of the opposite opinion. It just doesn’t sound realistic.

Analyzing Rita Lasker’s style of presentation

In the past, we have analyzed various trading system developers on the internet. A few of them include Anna Forex Monti, Alex Tanuka, Maria Maxxus and now Rita Lasker.

From what we can see on their various sales page, there is a specific pattern or trend that all these developers follow.

For example, their respective sales pages are done in exactly the same way. Their trading results are also presented in the same way.

Thankfully, our suspicion was confirmed by one user who purchased a trading system from Alex Tanuka. The purchase receipt was written Rita Lasker, Intoris, LLC and not Alex Tanuka.

She is the same Rita Lasker from this website In this website, Rita offers all manner of Forex trading products. She offers a number of magical trading indicators, robots and e-books. She claims to be an expert in the area of Forex strategies development… at least according to her words.

rita lasker of forex uni scalper

However, what Rita Lasker will not produce is her success track record.

What we do not know is whether Maria Maxxus or Anna Forex Mont are affiliated with the Forex Uni Scalper team. We do not have evidence that this affiliation exists yet. However, we are fairly confident that these guys are part of Rita Lasker’s team.

We don’t care whether these individuals are all one person masquerading under different alias names. What we care about is their trading results. And secondly, we think these developers are just churning way too many Forex trading products on the internet. This makes us wonder if quality is on their agenda.

You see, a trading system developer can never have the time to commit towards researching and coming up with so many trading products that will work.

The point is, Rita and her team can never maintain the same level of success and consistency as other developers who prefer to release one trading system after a while.

So we definitely know that quality is suffering. This might also suggest that Forex Uni Scalper is not that good in terms of performance.

Let’s see the results for the Forex Uni Scalper

The above findings about Rita did not catch us by surprise. In fact, even if you look at the supposed trading results, you realize that these results are exactly the same as those provided for other trading systems within Rita’s circles.

What shocks us most is that between 10th of May and June 10th of 2017, the Forex Uni Scalper was able to make $27,000 in pure profits.

results forex uni scalper review

results forex uni scalper review2

Where is proof that this money was made? Well, Rita’s team offers a bunch of screenshots showing the supposed individual trades that generated that profit.

The problem is that this developer chose to ignore the fact that a myfxbook or a trading statement would have sufficed in proving these results. And if these details are lacking, we can never go ahead to recommend this product.

Our Best advice for you

The Forex Uni Scalper may not be the best system out there, now that Rita is only cherry-picking the best trades that caught this indicator by chance. The danger of getting convinced is that you will never anticipate how the indicator works and whether or not it can make money in real life. As always, we are advising readers to stick to our list of recommended products.

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