Forex Zeon-X Pro Review: Inconsistent Bot

Forex Zeon-X Pro Review: Inconsistent Bot

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Forex Zeon-X Pro ( is a robot that is clearly targeting naïve forex investors. The website went live a few months ago and has started receiving backlash from a few clients. After visiting the website, we can see that the design is professional. The only problem is that it is full of industry jargon. And this is why we must expose the platform for the rude awakening it gives investors. Before jumping into their bandwagon, read this detailed forex zeon-x review.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Review

About Forex Zeon-X Pro

Not much is known about this robot apart from the inconsistencies on the website. They claim to give traders the chance to skip the struggle of trading. Before signing up, they claim that the robot is a game-changer and will enable traders to work smarter. They clearly don’t want anyone to work hard; they want you to download their years of trading experience. The download process takes less than five minutes which is no cause to go for it. This robot is full of inconsistencies that we must expose to our esteemed readers.

When searching for the right trading bot, go for those backed and recommended by experts. The best Forex trading robots give traders the chance to win realistic profit margins. They offer a safe platform for your investment at all times. Try them out today and start making a profit with online trading tools.

Forex Zeon-X Pro is another platform that we must highlight as a huge scam to avoid. The robot is making sure no one is trading safely. Most of the clients who signed up are ruing signing up after getting their hopes dashed. The robot is incapable of delivering on its promise of making money. And this is why everyone should stay away from the robot. They make empty promises and ensure none of the members get to enjoy trading. In summary, the robot is giving forex trading tools a bad name.

Assets Covered by the robot

The robot is sold to investors as fully automated trading software. What they fail to mention is the number of currency pairs available. It would be ideal to know if the robot dealt with major or minor currency pairs. Some investors also prefer to trade with exotic pairs that the robot fails to mention. Another problem is they don’t give users information on the trading classes available. These classes include Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Indices, or Metals. Failure to inform investors leads them to sign up blindly to an unproven platform.

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Business Owner

Developers of such a platform that claims to work wonders fail to reveal themselves. And this is a huge problem as we expected the robot developers to at least let us know them. A successful robot developer would want recognition for a product that works. Only scam developers will want to hide behind their empty claims and promises. And this is what makes us stay away from this ridiculous trading platform. They are what is termed as a ‘redundant workforce’ in the trading industry.

Comments and Feedback from Clients

As far as the feedback we have seen, none is showing any positive returns. The platform is having negative comments plastered all over the web. In their defense, they have hired freelancers to act as their line of attack. These freelancers will post positive comments haling the robot. When you ask them to show any valid results, these freelancers shy away. And this is why we must expose the robot for what it really is. It is another scam robot that is planning to pounce on unsuspecting online investors.

Domain records

A search conducted through one of the leading domain tools reveals the truth. Records from reveal that the website went live on 7th April 2020. It means they are barely a year old as of writing this post and have numerous complaints. Over the last couple of months, they have made three changes to their IP address. It means they are planning to offer other scam products under this website. Ensure you stay away from this platform as it is clearly in the running to ruin the trader’s dream.

Features of Forex Zeon-X Pro

This is an automated forex trading robot with no concrete background history of success. The prices of some of their packages go for $199 to $499. They claim to use high-frequency trading as their strategy in the business. Another feature that is missing is the timeframe under this robot. They also claim to offer a lifetime of support which is not the case. Victims have tried their best to communicate with the support staff to no avail. It seems they can’t gain access to their accounts and support team.

License of Forex Zeon-X Pro

Forex Zeon-X Pro is NOT A LICENSED ROBOT and should be brought down from the internet. Any unlicensed and unregulated product will at the end of the day cause harm. And this is evident as the money-back guarantee feature is not available. Numerous complaints have been lodged in regard to the robot’s failure to offer a money-back guarantee. These robots are in the making to become the year’s biggest fraud case. Stay away from unregulated platforms as they are not safe.

A closer look at the entire website reveals that there is no information regarding compliance. These scam brokers are far from complying with industry regulations regarding protecting investors. The amount or funds deposited do not get any insurance cover as dictated by trading laws. These are the worst kind of online products as they tend to go down as fast as they appeared. And this is why no one should feel safe using an unregulated online trading robot. They will not insure the clients from unforeseen problems such as insolvency.

Limitations of Forex Zeon-X Pro

Account Types

Forex Zeon-X Pro Accounts/ Packages

Forex Zeon-X Pro is furnishing members with three packages to choose from. The packages listed include Starter, Professional, and Ultimate. Starter users get one real account with a promise of unlimited demo accounts. The 60-day money-back guarantee is not the case as some clients still haven’t received their funds back. They claim that the professional package is the most popular of the three. The ultimate account is the last account on the offer and has no clear advantage over others. The features of these accounts are all the same, except the price.

Contact and Support

The platform fails terribly in offering sufficient communication channels to investors. They lack a chat service which means users have to send emails for any queries. The contact page does not have any phone number listed. Despite the broker claiming to have top tier technology, they seem to control the communication process. This is the type of platform where the developers contact you when they want t. They might decide to ignore all of your emails as some users have seen over the last few weeks.

Results and Strategy

What the developers planned to do is merge the FX blue accounts with myfxbook. It clearly did not work as the results seem to be ‘fixed’ by the developer. The reason why we state that this is a robot scam is the lack of any updates regarding the profit charts. A real platform will update its profit results weekly for all to see. The robot has gone for over three months without changing the results. And this we believe is a plot to keep investors thinking that the robot is profitable.

Safety of funds with Forex Zeon-Pro

The safety of funds will not be guaranteed by a platform that fails to offer any credible license. Clients are starting to realize that the robot is not as hyped as they were led to believe. Reading reviews from trusted sources will help investors know more about a product before committing. The website lacks any security software to protect uses from third party attacks. And this is where we draw the line as they could install a backdoor on the robot to spy.

Scam or Legit Forex Zeon-X Pro

Forex Zeon-X Pro Features

Forex Zeon-X Pro is a scam that must be exposed by all industry experts to protect naïve investors. Stay away from it and warn your investor friends from joining the affiliate programs.


We have to add the robot to our scam blacklist and hope authorities will bring down the website.

For a profitable trading experience, ensure you have trading tools backed by experts. Go for formidable forex trading robots that guarantee safety. These robots will protect your investment at all times. Give them a try today.

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