ForexBit Review: Cunning and Scary Forex Broker Scam

ForexBit Review: Cunning and Scary Forex Broker Scam

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ForexBit ( is a Forex broker platform that is scamming millions by the day. We have received numerous email complaints from people who have lost all their deposits with Forex Bit. Being ardent Forex investors, we feel it’s our duty to defend the good Forex trading name. We also must protect any newbie or Forex investors from scams such as ForexBit. Read this honest review to find out the truth about them.

ForexBit Review

ForexBit Review:

When you visit their homepage, you will be greeted with a warm message. By joining this crappy trading platform, you will be joining millions of traders worldwide. What’s more, they claim that their leading platform offers private investors an easy and complete set of trading tools. What about Public investors? Can’t they be given a comfortable trading tool to help them make profits?

We have come to note that scammers are using the private investor name to entice newbie Forex investors. When they claim to offer easy and comfortable trading tools to investors, what do they mean? Folks, it’s simple, they want you to feel important and that you will be serviced better. This is an act to attract as many victims as possible. We will explain how and why in our review. Read on to find out the tricks Forex Bit is using to scam millions of Forex traders worldwide.

Best Forex brokers are regulated and have reputable profiles. They are experienced in the Forex trading world and come highly recommended by the Forex trading community. Experts and newbies use them daily to help them make money daily. If you want to make it in Forex trading, we suggest you use these brokers who are trusted and have been tested.

How does it Work?

They claim that they have a 24/7 support system. You should know that we tried to look for their support feature and couldn’t find it. We also tried to contact them to find out more about their trading platform. What we found out was shocking, to say the least. We have not received any feedback from their support email ticketing. This is odd since legit forex platforms reply emails typically within 24 hours.

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Claims of having over 150 assets cannot be verified. We just see a live chart floating through their website and cannot prove its worth. One thing we do know for sure is that these brokers claim to trade different products. Forex is not the only commodity they claim to have. Cryptocurrencies are also another fake trading commodity ForexBit claims to have.

Is Forex Bit Secure?

They claim that ForexBit is 100% secure. Since we could not get a hold of their support staff, it’s hard to believe this. We believe we are dealing with professional scammers who don’t want their identities to be known. Members who have lost all their money with Forex Bit also complain of the same issue. They have not been contacted by any member of team. Why would they not have the balls to contact even their own members?

ForexBit Scam

The only time you get an email from is when they want you to sign up. This is the time you will receive numerous emails urging you to deposit with their platform. The reason they do this is to make human contact with their victims.

This way, you will think that you are dealing with a real Forex platform which is far from the truth. Note that their website does not even pass the simplest of security measures. This means their website can easily be brought down by hackers. Making their Forex trading platform one of the riskiest we have seen so far.

Does ForexBit offer Professional Training?

One of the biggest lies you can spot on their website is that they offer clients multiple finances. Problem with this statement is that they don’t tell us what kind of finances they offer. If they are talking about bonuses, this is illegal. Financial Conduct Authority prohibits any bonuses, especially in EU countries.

ForexBit claims to be based in Bulgaria where it’s an EU member state. They should clearly state what they mean by offering multiple finances. What about the professional training their claim to offer? Is it true? None of it is true. There is no way of knowing what kind of professional training it offers. There are no eBooks to download, no webinar to sign up and no video tutorials. Don’t you think this is weird?

Best traders use only approved and tested Forex brokers when it comes to trading. It ensures that their money is safe and they can trade comfortably. With Forex brokers, you will always make some money. Legit brokers ensure you get all the answers you are looking for. You should try them today and get to make winning trades.

ForexBit’s Trading Platform.

You will never go wrong with a legitimate trading platform. With ForexBit, we noticed a lot of errors. One of them being that you cannot trade on the go. This means you cannot trade using your mobile or tablet. Also, we noticed that downloading their platform on our desktop device was futile. We could not download the platform as download stopped at 20%.

ForexBit Fake

Another thing worth mentioning is that they have a different Forex trading platform called ForexPro. One of the problems we have with this platform is that they don’t tell us what ForexPro does. Why would they have another trading platform inside their own platform? This raises more questions than answers.

Claims of improving your portfolio management is also a load of bull. They simply can’t expect us to believe that they can improve your portfolio. Only a trader can do this by making winning trades. All these are lies that we have noted straight from the blocks. This is why it’s hard for us to believe that this Forex platform is legit.

ForexBit’s Support Team.

As a trader, you always want to get a fast response to various questions. With ForexBit, this is a hard thing to do. You will never be able to do this due to lack of response. We tried sending an email to support staff but we couldn’t get a response. Other users are having the same problem and we believe there’s a reason behind all these.

Scammers who want anonymity will never reply to emails. They know that some of the emails might be used to track them. This is why they avoid responding to emails. They also don’t want the authorities to catch wind of their illegal activities. Why would they? This would lead to jail time if caught. They also know that victims might be claiming their money back. This is one reason why you will never get a response from ForexBit.

Is ForexBit a Scam?

Without no doubt, we are dealing with a fake Forex trading platform. Evidence produced makes it impossible to deny that this isn’t a scam. We are tired of people losing money with fake forex and cryptocurrency trading platforms. This is why we are shunning the use of ForexBit.

ForexBit Final Verdict.

ForexBit Scam Review

We have no other option but to blacklist this insane Forex platform. All forex investors, as well as newbies, are asked to ignore all promotional material regarding Forex Bit. We also call on the relevant authorities to bring the site down as it is destroying the good Forex trading world.

You can always choose to trade Forex using reputable and trusted Forex trading robots. These robots come highly recommended by experts and newbies as well. You will always be safe using products that have been tested and approved by the trading community. Stay safe and get the best out of Forex trading with Forex robots.

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13 Replies to “ForexBit Review: Cunning and Scary Forex Broker Scam”

  1. I was responding to KRYPTONEX GROUPS when I found myself registered to FOREXBIT with no kriptonex coins to offer. I demanded refund of my deposit and am still waiting for results. This is very unprofessional .

  2. Still waiting for my refund which they say my bank keeps declining to accept!
    How hasn’t this company been shut down and investigated by the fraud squad ?

    1. Hi,

      Ask them to withdraw your funds and, if they refuse or insist on depositing more funds, you must file a chargeback with your bank or open a dispute with PayPal according to the payment method, then report the case to the local police.

      However, always sign up with credible and transparent brokers who have been properly screened. The users who use the reliable Forex brokers are always safe and trade comfortably.

      I hope this helps.


  3. Meine Auszahlung wurde immer abgelehnt und sollte sogar noch mehr Einzahlen. Habe Strafanzeige wegen Betrug gestellt und werde von dem Geld wohl nichts mehr wiedersehen.

    1. hallo karl-heinz, ich habe exact die gleiche erfahrung gemacht. hast du einen herrn diekmann bei forexbit erlebt? grüsse klaus-dieter gerster

      1. Ich habe auch mit einem Herrn Diekmann zu tun gehabt. Ist es jetzt Betrug was die da abziehen oder habt ihr mittlerweile eine Auszahlung bekommen?

        1. Wir haben auch mit einem Herrn Dieckmann zu tun. Natürlich so blöd gewesen und 250€ eingezahlt (danach haben wir erst gecheckt da** das Betrug sein könnte) zuerst schien es wir machen “Gewinn” jetzt ist die Seite offline

  4. hi invested Grant wanted me to log on to my bank account remotley i refused sent him a link to a scam profile of FOREXBIT not heared nothing since i have withdrawn my 250 but we will se if i get it went on web chat they said 5 working days to receive my money we will have to see

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