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Forex Trade1 is an online-based platform that aims to generate investors with free signals. Investors are guaranteed the use of MyFXBook account as an attempt to seem legit, and you’re entitled to a 24/7 live YouTube trading channel.

However, do not be so quick to deposit money into the account simply because your funds may not end up generating a single coin in terms of profit. Once you click the links to view the links towards the MyFXBook and the various YouTube links provided, discover the daily due to telegram.

However, once you open the link, you discover that the screenshots are just made up, and they do not have any link towards the resulting trade. Customers can also see the past signal performance, yet you cannot verify the credibility of this information.

You’re entitled to live video conversations on the platform. Customers are also promised live and real account update on the MT4 plugins and indicators. They even try to prove their legitimacy by revealing screenshots of paid clients.

Investors that guaranteed that the signals were generated based on indicators. Furthermore, fails to provide a lot of information that you need before proving the legitimacy of this investment firm. You should always invest with tried and tested Forex trading firms in the market. Review

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Forextrade1 Review, Platform

They claim that their main aim is to enrich Forex trading among society , and also boast of having over ten years of experience in the trading world. They even brag of having a visionary management team through this alleged qualified personnel they provide best in breed post-sales service and financial advice to their customers.

However, scammers will always claim to deliver top-notch services and fail to provide evidence of the same. Similar traits are observed in Forex Trade1, and you risk dealing with people who might not even have any experience in the trading world.

Transparency is vital in every legit investment firm, and if they had the alleged team of personnel, they would easily boast the qualification they hold to earn the customer’s trust. They claim to be mainly focused on one mission, which is to generate greater returns for their customers.

They claim to be a research firm that is focused on providing recommendations to customers in Forex financial markets that are based on technical analysis. The analysis and recommendations are intraday in nature.

They aim to keep the investor always succeeding and aim at getting higher and higher profits. Forex Trade1. They even do not seem to have any confidence in the strategies, and they claim to guide you and not guarantee the complete process of identifying potential trade.

The platform also mainly targets new investors who have no experience in the trading world. Investors are urged through the techniques they will earn more profits and minimize losses.

They also do not seem to have any skills in mind towards generating profits for investors. Moreover, this depends on thinking intuitive gifts, and they claim these skills benefit newbies in generating profits.

Investors are urged that this advice will teach in Trading mathematical entry points will be at 80%. Planning will be boosted to 100%, Discipline will be 100% and Tenacity and Ethics 100%.

Investment Plans

Forex Trade1 uses massive investment plans as part of its strategy to try and lure you into depositing funds into their accounts. However, they confuse investors because you are introduced to the platform with an allegation of free signals.

Investors are given a trial period that is not limited, and once you’ve earned enough training, you can proceed to the paid services section. Investors can choose up to five different investment plans; Focal 500 investors can invest a minimum deposit of $500, and the maximum tradable amount is $1000.

This plan guarantees customers returns in between 20% and 50% weekly. Premium 1200 aims at generating up to 70% in weekly returns with the maximum deposit amount set to $5000.

Platinum 5000 aims at making in between 40% to 100% weekly returns, and you can invest up to $50000 in this plan. Oil Product investors can invest capital size of up to $100 000, and you can earn weekly returns of up to 500% based on the product you choose.

However, these investment plans are incredibly costly, and you do not know if you’re guaranteed returns or not. When you click to find out more regarding the Investment plans, they only explain the kind of returns you expect, but the type of investment is unknown.

Funds Safety

Forex Trade1 does not guarantee the safety of your funds; this is because they are not even clear on whether they offer free signals. The platform owners are unknown, and the kind of qualification they hold also is not mentioned to grant you can trust them with your money.

There is no evidence of any successful payments made to investors even despite the telegram screenshots which do not have any link towards the resulting trade. They also do not have any evidence of past trade transactions that the platform has been able to transact.

You should be able to see past trade evidence of at least three months before trusting any company with your funds. The returns you expect from this software are highly overestimated, and only scammers use this kind of trait.

Regulation and Customer Support

Various countries have come up with measures to protect citizens from scammers. Most countries have even come up with laws that require every platform that is allowed to generate funds from the public must provide regulated services.

For any company to be allowed to generate funds from the public, they need to provide you with legit verifiable regulatory data. The owners also risk facing criminal prosecutions and are probably the main reason they do not reveal any information about their whereabouts to their customers.

Unregulated platforms do not last for long, and the owners rarely reveal any information about their personal bio. However, regulated companies will showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily rely on and then to make profits for you.

Investors can reach the platform through various methods though most scammers usually reveal fake contact info to their customers. They claim to be based in 24a Grigori Afxentiou, Monika Lassol-3021 Cyprus.

This address during our research to discover that it was just made up, and the address does not have anything to do with this platform. Working contact support is very important while you trust a company with your funds and you should be able to verify this first before investing a single coin

Final Verdict

They are legit signal providers that you can rely on providing Forex signals that you can rely on and are very transparent in the method of operation, and you encounter very minimal risks and more profits on investments.

The company also fails to provide any regulatory information, and you’re may end up trading with an unregulated company. The algorithm used in coming up with the prophets is also unknown in the company is very shady in their method of operation.

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4 Replies to “ Review: Is forextrade1 Scam?”

  1. Forex trade1 is a scam. I was recently scammed on the 27th of Aug 2019, this people took my hard earned income $2500 paid for a copy trade service. They gave me a useless client ID FX3441, 19days after I paid I was literally begging them to refund my money sincere they never connected my account to their so called d**** master account. They have refused to reply my chat or any form of communication. I have reported them as fraud to the National Fraud & Cyber crime reporting center in the UK and I urge anyone who has been scammed by this people to do the same until they are apprehended by the law. I will take my actions further by reporting this people to the FBI as well. We all need to take action and make doing business online safe for all. Its painful that people look out to make a better living for themselves but fall into the hands of crooke like this one. I am available to share more of my experience with this people and all evidence against them exist.

    1. Yes, Exactly I am who was pay my hard earned money USD 500 for their copytrade service but after one or two weeks they zero my all money. it is important to report such people who scam.

  2. I have started as a client with Forex Trade one day for 15 days. I now make more than 10% profit by using copy trades. Which has a fee, open a $ 2500 demo to see trades and results Summary, make real profits Therefore pay an additional $ 2500 fee to use a real account. To contact, you must use patience. Because traders have to look at the trading system and draw conclusions It may be a bit slow to answer questions. But many questions, you should be able to see what they post for free, whether that works Then apply. Lastly, thanks to Forex Trade One. That is dedicated to trading and creating profits for clients. God Bless the Forex Trade One To be happy and healthy forever.

  3. Everything Work like it described.Trade copier is really real deal for every begginers who cannot handle trade by himself

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