Fous Alerts is Scam: Spot-on Review

Fous Alerts is Scam: Spot-on Review

In today’s review, we’d like to introduce someone by the name Cameron Fous of Fous Alerts. He is not a good person to start with. Up until now, we had never found time to reveal this charlatan to the trading community as a whole. Thankfully, today is the day. We got the opportunity to expose him.

The first thing we have to mention here is that Fous Alerts is successful simply because Fous, the owner, is a good liar and marketer. This must be an in-born talent because he does it very skillfully.

And guess what, the charlatan who drives the wheels of Fous Alerts is not selling you how to become a successful trader. Instead, he is selling the dream of making fast money as a Forex/Stock trader. He is selling a fantasy that clearly does not exist.

Here’s the ultimate review that we have been yearning to write about his business — the Fous Alerts.

Fous Alerts Review

Rest assured that we are talking of what we know. We got an opportunity to enter his trading room. We just wanted to confirm if the moderator was making trades or just holding conversations about trading in the trading room.

Fous is a magnificent carnival barker who has no care for the broke humanity. In fact, the naive and the inexperienced are his target. This category of people is easy to appeal to when you begin talking of fantasy life and how trading Forex has afforded you that kind of life.

A website called is the marketing machine for Fous Alerts. And then there’s another one called where Fous has managed to garner over ”40 positive reviews”.

How did he manage to trick investimonials? Simple, he just registered multiple accounts using different IP addresses.

This is the truth with all other positive or fake reviews that you may have come across on Google reviews and Yelp concerning this business.

So this guy has essentially generated hundreds of fake reviews all over the internet in an attempt to promote Fous Alerts. And we can say that he has succeeded to some extent in fooling naive investors, thanks to the fake reviews.

Cameron Fous is quite experienced in selling the dream life that is associated with trading. Actually, writing and submitting fake reviews on authority sites isn’t his greatest marketing prowess. His greatest skill of marketing is in convincing people to buy his trading products through the dream life which he is selling on Fous Alert and on other websites.

This man is always willing to create expensive marketing videos portraying himself driving along the Pacific beach in an expensive sports car. Of course he is always boasting of how trading has afforded him this lifestyle.

Fous Alerts lifestyle

In fact, he creates videos of a bevy of cute bikini girls on a boat partying all day long. He displays bundles of dollar bills while inviting everyone to join his life through the Fous Alert website.

In reality, we do admire his marketing prowess. It’s not easy to create a fantasy world that will appeal to traders in the age bracket of 18-33. But since he has done (and has been doing it all this time) using sports cars, nude women, sports cars, you name it, we can say that this is pure marketing brilliance.

Fous Alerts lifestyle

If by any chance he went through business school, he must have scored A’s with his creativity. Such people go far even if they are selling scams.

This guy even created a very powerful yet deceptive marketing video portraying himself flying down to Costa Rica and renting a house.But of course the renting part was never shown to viewers. Only the flying part was shown.

Fous Alerts near nude girls partying on a boat

Then at some point, we were shown how Fous was able to make $10k in a few minutes, laying by the poolside. This is what we call a poolside trader. They love to create the illusion that trading is easy. That trading can be done even when laying by the poolside or when sipping Martini.

Now, what surprises us is that Fous of Fous Alerts worships the ”Wolf of Wall Street” known as Jordan Belfort.

If you read wildly on matters pertaining to trading, you should know that this was a con man in the 90s, even today he is still a con man.

This guy, as a matter of fact, admitted that he was never a good trader. So how did he make his money in the realm of trading?

Well, he swindled retirees by selling them penny stocks. How did he manage to convince these retirees to folk out their life savings in the name of trading stocks? Quite simple. This man used to operate high-pressure boiler room sales operation in which a victim would be identified and then pressured into making a worse investment decision. These investment decisions suck because at the end of the day, people get to lose their lifetime savings. Then they start running around, lamenting how they lost a great sum of money, or how their new project cannot take off because they were conned.

Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about Fous Alerts and what it offers.

Fous Alerts products

Now, when you want to join Cameron Fous in his trading school, you have to purchase the original Fous4 training video which will teach you how to trade in a matter of 7 and a 1/2 hours. This training video costs a whooping $597.

Next, you should get up-close with his magical trading recipe called Epic Sequel Fous4X2. This one too costs $597 and is supposed to teach you for another 7 and a 1/2 hours. Once you’re done, Fous claims that you will gain the keys to trading, the secret to making over 10K per day by just trading for a few minutes a day.

But of course this is not enough. You still have to subscribe to his monthly trading room in order to see him in action. This subscription will cost you $74 every month.

And once you pay the cost of accessing the trading room and learning, you will qualify to become a hedge fund manager where you will be required to trade the firm’s capital. Yes, Fous Alerts is a firm that is supposedly giving out money to those who will complete these steps.

Why Fous Alerts sucks!

No trading activity has been verified. Instead, we are using hypothetical nonsense and telling the inquisitive ones that Fous Alerts is meant for educational purposes only.

When we requested for his personal broker statement to be able to verify claims of massive profits, this was denied.

The plan is to create a massive fraudulent sales mechanism that would steal money from naive men and women who want success overnight. This is something that Fous has mastered very well. It’s his bread and butter.

Our best advice for you

Fous Alerts is clearly a scam project. If you have read this review, make sure that you are safe by forming your own opinion. Do your research and get to know what trading systems work and which ones don’t. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your success. You can use these trading systems if you don’t know where to start.

4 Replies to “Fous Alerts is Scam: Spot-on Review”

  1. I used to work with Cameron Fous. Let me tell you something, he LOSES more money than he makes. His entire goal is to market himself as a big shot. Do you know he hires people to call hotels and tell them a star is staying at the hotel so he gets preferential treatment? I was in charge of paying his contractors and if I had a dime for every person he didn’t pay, even if they did good work. That is just the kind of guy he is. He is a complete and total phony and l**s more times a day than most people do in a lifetime.

  2. November 2022: SCAM ALERT!! CAMERON FOUS WOLF PACK VIP SUBSCRIPTION SERIVES. I contacted this guy via his Telegram Link. He contacted me & I paid for this guys subscription service. Once my money had transferred he said that he’d “lost” my money due to his Bots crashing. I showed him On Chain proof that my funds had left my account & had been successfully deposited into his account. I then went to the Police in Thailand & informed them of this. Within one hour of this, this coward is now running from Thailand & headed for South Africa to scam more unsuspecting victims. I sent him a direct Tweet and his response was: “I’ll be back, to scam the f**k out of you some more”. The Thailand Cyber Crime Unit have now been informed. BEWARE!!!

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