Fplus Review: Rotten Forex Broker Review.

Fplus Review: Rotten Forex Broker Review.

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Fplus ( is a crypto and Forex scam broker to hit the financial world. Damning evidence has resurfaced thanks to our thorough investigation. A lot of investors had lost money with Fplus and we had received numerous email complaints. Working on these complaints, we decided to have a look at what was actually going on. Read through this entire review to find out the whole truth regarding fake broker Fplus.

Fplus Review

Fplus Review:

According to their website, they claim that Fplus is an award-winning trading platform. Claims such as offering the best services are plastered all over the website. We have to hand it to them; they really have a good and user-friendly website. Don’t let this fool you as it’s a trick meant to lure you into signing up. Yes, they want to make you believe that this platform actually works, which as we will clearly show, doesn’t.

Another disturbing claim that we must point out is the fact that they claim to have an 85% success rate. To be honest, this is rather too high in this day and time. Expert traders will assure that there’s no way you can get such a high amount. 85% is simply too big for one to assure profits. Scammers have used this number to ensure that members sign up and trust this platform completely.

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Fake Fplus Testimonials.

One of the very first red flags we spotted was the fake testimonials. Simon Blanca from Portugal claims to be using Fplus thanks to a personal accounts manager. Ashlee from the UK claims that her profits are growing all the time. You don’t need to be told that these are fake claims. Negative reviews can be seen floating the web over withdrawal failures. Never let this be a reason to trust these scammers.

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For all we know, these could be people paid to say all these. Worse still, we believe that this is a gimmick meant to lure more people into signing up. How can we verify that what these people are saying is the truth? Only thing we know for sure is that there are a lot of more negative feedback than positive ones. Here lies the big problem, we cannot even contact these people for verification, guess why this isn’t possible.

Fake Fplus Platform.

Fplus Scam

Another disturbing detail we learned about Fplus is their fake platform. No one can really claim which platform they are using. Problem with this is that platforms are at the core of Forex trading. Users need to know which type of platform they are using. No one should make you use a platform that you don’t know. How can we tell that this platform is stable? It’s possible that this platform is not fully secure.

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Who owns Fplus?

Anonymity is key when it comes to success of scammers. Fraudsters ensure that they remain anonymous so that no one can reach them. Have you noticed that no one claims to own Fplus? No one claims to have developed the platform used in Fplus. If you think that this is a coincidence, think again. No one can really make a legit platform and don’t want recognition for it. It simply does not make sense.

Problem we have with Fplus is that we cannot trust our money with people we don’t know. For all we know, we could be depositing money directly into the scammers accounts. What’s to stop them from withdrawing all the money? These are some of the scary facts we learned about this platform. Do not be afraid, now you know not to sign up with these fraudsters and also how to spot them.

Fake Customer Winning Claims.

According to their Forex homepage, Fplus claims to have over $45 000 in customer winnings. If this was the case, then we would be seeing more positive feedback. Never let these things fool you as they are just promotional material. Another fake claim is that you get more than 15 partners. Question is, who are these partners? Why are these partners not mentioned? As we earlier said, anonymity is what scammers use.

Another fake claim is that Fplus uses vast amount of trade data to create a strategy. According to the website, Fplus creates random digital traders. Claims of deep learning are also mentioned making us question what the motives are. One thing’s for sure, we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. All Fplus wants you to do is sign up with them and later steal all your money.

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Are your Funds Safe?

Fplus Fake Review

Hell No! Your money is not safe with Fplus since we know for sure that these guys are not regulated. It means that you can easily lose all your funds at once and no one can help you. We are also sure that Fplus does not segregate member accounts. It means that you could be depositing your money into someone’s personal account. Now you have a clue as to what kind of broker you are dealing with.

No matter the circumstance, we hugely ask that you stay away from this broker. Disturbing details also include the fact that the broker is not registered. We did a thorough investigation with the FCA and CySEC and found that Fplus is not registered. It means that this broker does not follow strict guidelines and rules. Members face huge risks because authorities cannot really help them when they lose money.

Fake Customer Signings.

According to the website, it looks like they have been raking in new members each year. However, we have learned that this is a ploy to make them appear legit. You can see that members have increased from 25% in 2013 to 86% in 2017. All these are numbers meant to make you believe that we are dealing with the real thing. Truth is, these scammers are just creating a smoke screen for you to sign up.

Is Fplus a Scam?

Fplus is without a doubt a scam in the making. We have no doubt that this is a professional scam outfit that must be stopped immediately. Authorities concerned should look into this platform and shoot it down immediately.

Fplus Final Verdict.

Fplus Scam Review

As Forex traders ourselves, we have no other option but to blacklist Fplus as a pure scam. You should stay away from it and avoid all incoming promotional material. No one has to lose money with this platform anymore.

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  1. have already been caught,their site has now disappeared cant get them via email or phone ,feel like a complete f*** , dont go near them ,not that you can now anyway

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