Revue AdvisorWealth: Bane Forex Scam

Revue AdvisorWealth: Bane Forex Scam


AdvisorWealth ( is another anonymous online trading platform with a lousy website. Advisor Wealth is claiming to offer users Apple shares as well as being an award winning platform. Other trading assets this platform is claiming to have include Crypto Currency and indices. Members who signed up a while ago are complaining of being blocked from accessing their accounts. Read this honest and transparent ADVISORWEALTH Review and know the truth.

AdvisorWealth Review

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AdvisorWealth Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members who had invested, we decided to take a look. Trouble started brewing when members sent withdrawal request and later get their accounts cancelled. What looks like a legit Forex and Shares trading platform is turning out to be a fraud. Members who had signed up a while ago have gone for months without getting any response from the broker. Looking at the website, we can see why investors would sign up with this platform.

AdvisorWealth is another well-crafted online scam platform which is targeting unsuspecting online investors. Once you sign up with them, you will be contacted by their so-called call agents into depositing funds. What these account managers demand is more deposit with each call. We simply have to warn investors to stay away from platforms which share similar characteristics.

About AdvisorWealth

Looking at their website, alarming details emerge like the platform not having any relevant information. A closer look at this website suggests this is a platform which was created in a hurry. The website does not have any information regarding the actual owners of this platform. No one knows where the platform is located or their base of operation. Do they have offices all over the world or just in one area? These are some of the questions we need to get answers to.

Anonymity is another red flag we have to raise with this platform. Nobody knows the actual owners of this platform. Who are the founding members and people tasked with running the website? Such relevant information is missing which makes us question the intent of this platform. A closer look reveals that the platform leaves no contact detail which is sketchy to say the least. These are professional scam artists who prey on unsuspecting online traders and steal from them.

Is AdvisorWealth licensed or registered?

From what we can gather, this platform is not licensed by any regulatory body that we know of. How can the platform be licensed and not post any details regarding their license number? Another problem with AdvisorWealth is the fact that they post fake details about regulation without proof. Who has given this platform the green light to conduct trading services? To find out, we had to contact various regulatory bodies.

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Exploitation minière IQ

The Forex industry is regulated by official bodies which check whether a platform is worthy of set standards. Some of the regulatory bodies we contacted include ASIC, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, FSC, NFA, and SEC. None of these bodies has ever heard of this platform. To add salt to injury, the platform fails to post any documents to prove their case. What we have here is an unlicensed and unregulated online investment platform. Just to be on the safe side of things, sign up with licensed entities only.

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Advantages of AdvisorWealth

No advantage can come out of trading with a platform which is anonymous and lacks proper license details. What investors need to know is AdvisorWealth is another lame platform which is planning to shut down soon. Why invest in a platform which will steal your money and shut down the website? These are scam artists whose intention is to steal from newbie online investors.

Disadvantages of AdvisorWealth

Types de comptes

AdvisorWealth Account Types

AdvisorWealth is offering users with a single account which is not mentioned. These are lunatics who are enticing newbie investors to open fake accounts. You can see that their website has no account page meaning users are in a limb. No one knows the features associated with the single account in question. What seems to be a legit trading platform is turning out to be a scam stealing from investors.

compte démo

Another red flag with AdvisorWealth is lack of a demo account. Without a demo account, users are signing up to an unknown platform with no information on the results. Clearly, the scam artists have planned this in order to steal funds from users. Why open an account without testing how well a platform works? Is the platform stable enough to trade smoothly? A demo account gives traders a chance to answer some of the important questions. Best you test how a platform works before committing yourself.

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Dépôt et retrait

Account funding is another problem with this platform which does not indicate on their homepage. You would expect different deposit and withdrawal channels posted on their homepage. What these scam artists have done is create a step where they call you and give you an account to deposit funds to. Does this sound safe to you? Recovering funds from such an account is next to impossible considering this is an anonymous website.

Support client qui ne répond pas

If you haven’t noticed, there is no contact information on this entire website. What does that tell you? These are scam artists who are planning to leave the members on their own. Without a proper communication channel, how do they expect users to talk with them? Some of these call agents will call an odd hours and they never pick your calls. Users who are demanding to withdraw funds are getting themselves in a fickle as scam artists are never available. Stay away from this illicit platform.

Are funds safe with AdvisorWealth?

Security of funds is a huge issue with any anonymous and unlicensed online investment platform. How can this platform be safe when they don’t even secure their website? Lack of proper security features on their website is proof we are dealing with an unsecured platform. Hackers can easily take over the depositing process and empty your bank accounts. Furthermore, users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. Make sure to stay safe and avoid such investment scams.

Is AdvisorWealth a scam?

AdvisorWealth Trading Platform

Evidence clearly shows we are dealing with a rotten scam platform with no moral bearing. Smart investors already know that dealing with AdvisorWealth is opening you up to liability. Best stay away from this illicit platform and start making the right decisions. Mark all their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs. This is another rotten platform to avoid at all costs.

Résultat financier

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist to ensure that no one falls for their tricks.

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Je vous souhaite tout le meilleur dans votre expérience de trading Forex.

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  1. Real Forex Scam!!! Their brokers took my money and left me with almost nothing. A good thing is that I didn’t give them the rest. Do not trust this company!!!

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