Revue de Bitcoin Growth Bot: arnaque ou investissement cool?

Revue de Bitcoin Growth Bot: arnaque ou investissement cool?


Bitcoin Growth Bot at is something that should raise your eyebrows if you’re considering to put some investissements là.

After going through the site and learning about the owner and his product, the Bitcoin Growth Bot, we have decided to put together this review in a detailed analysis. This will help you make an informed decision as far as investing in this website is concerned.

As you can see, the site is offering a Bitcoin trading robot which they claim has verified performance. In addition to that, they are also intending to offer a lending program in order to multiply income potential for their investors.

Before we forget, this site is also claiming that they are looking forward to implementing a staking program as well.

In other words, Bitcoin Growth Bot website is sort of claiming that investment avenues have been diversified, and that if this doesn’t work, then you still have the guarantee of making de l'argent through another means on their website.

We definitely think that Bitcoin Growth Bot website is offering something that is too good to be true. We have decided to investigate further.

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Bitcoin Growth Bot Review

Let’s start with the lending program. This lending program is alleged to be the first investment with a volatility trading bot whose job is to make money on autopilot.

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Bitcoin Growth Bot has a verified compte myfxbook that was registered in December 2017. This account is telling us that the robot has recorded a net gain of 7%. Daily profit is at a modest percentage of 0.17% while draw down is already at 8%.

bitcoingrowthbot review

We love the fact that this myfxbook account is completely transparent as the owner has not restricted any of the features that allows us to do an in-depth scrutiny.

But there is still a problem with this account. First off, it is still too early to make judgement based on the performance we are seeing on this myfxbook account.

At the time of writing this review, the performance record had been collected for 3 weeks only. This is a very small data size to use when making a decision as to whether or not a robot is profitable.

We only work with 6 months of data on myfxbook platform. So if this robot can maintain the current results in the next 6 months or so, we can confidently say that it’s a high-performance trading bot.

Also, as you watch the equity curve on the chart, you will see that the curve was rising before it started forming a plateau shape later on. That kind of curve is not confidence inspiring. We expected to see a strong curve instead, and not a week one.

Definitely this is a small sample of data. We will continue to monitor this curve and see if it will regain its momentum and maintain the current gains.

Details of Bitcoin Growth Bot

Bitcoin Growth Bot was created by someone called Jordan Lindsey. In fact, the website is registered under his name. So at least we know that this guy is the real owner of the site and robot, not a fake.

This guy says that he has 12 years of experience computer engineering, consulting in the financial sector, business and economics.

In 2013, he become the CEO of Prive Information Services Inc, a position which he allegedly holds up to now.

In 2005, he joined JCL Capital as the President. He allegedly holds this position to this day.

We got this information on the site and not elsewhere. He has also provided us with a link to his LinkedIn profile. Surprising, when we click that link to visit his profile, we find that this information is not published there. Instead, we can only see a photo and an incomplete professional profile.

Now, we do not know whether or not to treat this as a red flag. But we honestly believe that this finding is a hint that something is wrong with the product he is selling. We mostly believe that he does not have the experience which he is claiming to have.

Also, we are not sure whether this guy has some blockchain background. This is not listed on his supposed profile on the Bitcoin Growth Bot website.

Back to his program, the Bitcoin Growth Bot, Mr. Lindsey claims that he has been spending several months building the trading algorithm. He used the popular programming language known as MQL4. So this robot is supposed to be trading on the MT4 platform.

He claims that Bitcoin Growth Bot is the closest you can get to the holy grail of trading. That can’t be true because this robot is already producing modest results on the myfxbook account. We did not see explosive figures for profits in that account.

Actually, using the word ”holy grail” is an over-statement. Maybe the software is producing modest results due to its low-risk settings. Lindsey claims that this software uses a conservative approach to trading.

But that is all the description which this website gave concerning the robot.

Why is Mr. Lindsey offering such a robot if it is the holy grail of trading?

He claims that he loves to make as much money as possible and that he wants to help as many people as possible live a comfortable life.

That vibe is too common on the internet. In fact, nearly every scam on the internet will tell you that they have made enough money and now they want to give people the chance to make that money too.

You should not fall for such an explanation because it is vague. It doesn’t make any sense.

The lending program

The lending programs is supposed to give investors the benefit of making money with Bitcoin Growth Bot. The daily return is based on the investment option chosen by the investor.


You can allegedly get your capital back when the contract has expired. At that point, you still have the option of re-investing into Bitcoin Growth Bot to continue making daily return on investments.

Nucleus coin

This is where Lindsey is hoping that you’ll be dumb enough to throw your money into a valueless coin with no real potential for growth.

These ICO les escroqueries are too familiar. You invest a certain amount by actually purchasing the coins and trading them for profit.

This is the same case with the so-called Nucleus. Lindsey wants you to buy his coins and then hold them until his exchange has been set up.

You can also lend that coin to the Bitcoin Growth Bot for you to earn daily returns.

The problem with buying such a coin is that it isn’t backed by anything. You are actually buying something that does not have any value attached to it. That will be the beginning of your downfall as far as Bitcoin Growth Bot is concerned. Avoid any ICO that doesn’t have a clear whitepaper and roadmap.

Nos meilleurs conseils pour vous

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