BTC Wait Review: Une fausse entreprise est une arnaque

BTC Wait Review: Une fausse entreprise est une arnaque


BTC Wait is a financial service with an obvious penchant for hyping interest rates with the aim of ripping off investors.

BTC Wait has failed all the tests which we normally conduct to ascertain the legitimacy of a financial service. If you ask us whether or not BTC Wait is a suitable investment scheme, we will give you an answer that has a big resounding No.

This website is clearly prepared to collect any deposit that you will throw their way, even if it’s just $10.

Their presentation makes it crystal clear that BTC wait is a ponzi scheme. In this early stage, they are making promises to see whether investors will come in. Those who are lucky will receive a small percentage of the profit as they work to gain the trust of their depositors. When you increase your deposit next time, they will take it and never will you hear from them again.

Stealing depositor money is the order of the day in the world of Ponzi schemes like BTC Wait.

We have never heard that a legitimate business is giving a 1000% return on investment after 12 days. Furthermore, we have never heard that a small deposit of $100 can be multiplied into thousands of dollars in less than 2 weeks.

Apparently, this pathetic scam is promising the unheard of. Their promises would definitely baffle any financial expert in the world.

We have decided to investigate further and won investors not to take chances. You might say that $10 is such a small amount to lose. But remember that in the world of investing, every coin counts. You don’t go throwing your coins away even when it’s obvious that you will lose them.

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BTC Wait Review: Don’t believe them

These folks say that BTC Wait is not just a website, but a corporation with employees who have years of experience as traders and analysts.

They also claim that they’ve been able to work with cutting-edge technology to deliver results. BTC Wait allegedly came about as a result of a team of experienced traders coming together to form a company that would trade on behalf of investors with the intention of helping them make money easily.

btc wait review

They are also guarantying return on investments after the stated number of days.

The question is, who licensed this financial service provider to work in this area of operation?

This is clearly an illegal operation. The FCA is not aware of the fact that the scam website, BTC Wait is actually collecting deposits with the pretense that it will trade for its members when the truth is that they are running a Ponzi scheme.

An illegal business is something that will always put your investments at risk. In fact, the moment you send your Bitcoin or any form of monnaie to them, you should be prepared to kiss it goodbye because these guys don’t trade.

There is no evidence that they are traders, analysts or anything. But unfortunately, there is evidence that they are scammers who after collecting enough, will tack their tail and go under.

We promise you that the so-called BTC Wait website won’t exist 6 months from now. That’s a guarantee we can bet on.

Besides this, we have looked for the faceless traders and analysts and found nothing in return. These guys don’t have names. These guys have no experience in the trading industry. They don’t even have LinkedIn profiles where they can showcase what they have done as well as what they are currently working on.

Generally, you should never trust anonymous people on the internet no matter the amount they are asking you to send them.

How about the company BTC Wait?

We wonder whether the corporation status of this website can be verified. Yes, there is a ”certificate of incorporation” on this website. But no one can actually verify the registration number and the physical address under which this ”company” is registered with.

In fact, when you take a look at this physical address ”85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, United Kingdom, W1W 7LT”, you will discover that it’s just a generic physical address. We are 100% sure that BTC Wait does not exist in the said address. You can take this to the bank.

The corporation status for this website is therefore fake as no functioning authority in the UK can register a company whose intentions is to run a ponzi scheme of this nature.

The faceless criminals cannot prove their skills, knowledge, qualifications or anything. But they obviously want you to believe that they possess the necessary skills to trade and multiply your BTC on your behalf.

Why on earth would you want to trade with as little as $10?

The minimum amount of money that this scam is asking for is $10. Surprisingly, they are accepting deposits from PayPal, Neteller, and in Bitcoin (which is the most obvious form of payment for this scam.

btc wait plans

PayPal cannot mix with Cryptocurrency les escroqueries. So it is obvious that their PayPal account is not functioning. Ask them this question and they will tell you that they are currently accepting deposits in Bitcoins only.

Il y a beaucoup de plans d'investissement here. The minimum daily return on investment is 3%. The maximum is an unbelievable 1000%. This is quite ridiculous.

What is more, these guys are asking you to deposit any amount starting $10, and they are promising to multiply that deposit in no time.

BTC Wait is clearly making promises that are too good to be true.

The question is, if they were good at trading such that they could even multiply a small amount of $10, why can’t they just trade for themselves instead of involving investors?

This is something you should ask yourself before you can send any amount of money to these scammers.

It’s very interesting to see that a non-existent corporation is promising financial freedom or what we call quick riches. You should be very careful when an anonymous company with mysterious employees are claiming that they will return interest together with your capital.

The most obvious thing here is that these scammers are being ignorant. They don’t even mention any fees that are associated with their activities. This is suspicious. You don’t expect someone to make money for you for free.

But scammers don’t understand this fact. They are only hoping that you’ll get convinced with their weird promises. they are hoping that you will desperately send them an email begging them whether you can join.

A ponzi scheme like BTC Wait has nothing to offer. Get it right. No scam website like BTC Wait has ever made any money for its members. Instead, members always cry foul after losing a significant amount of money.

It seems shady to us. We the experts know how to spot a scam. And if BTC Wait seems shady to us, you should definitely back off.

Nos meilleurs conseils pour vous

A shady operation with abnormal return on investment is a rich ingredient for scamming anyone with money to waste. A 1000% return on investment after 12 days is unreasonable. This cannot happen anywhere. It has never happened with any legitimate business. BTC Wait is definitely making statements that can only be questioned. Avoid this scam at all cost and you will save money.

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