Investir dans la revue Bitcoin: Est-ce que est une arnaque?

Investir dans la revue Bitcoin: Est-ce que est une arnaque?


Jusqu'à présent, Bitcoin has been making some remarkable improvements involving sharp price moves in a consistent upward trend. This has contributed to lots of activities taking place in the Bitcoin market. Services like Invest Into Bitcoin and many more have come up to help investors make money from the trend.

Therefore, if you can’t trade Bitcoin and would like to make money nevertheless, there is a robot or service for that.

Invest into Bitcoin is just one of the most recognized service in the Bitcoin investment category. This commentaire is about Invest in to Bitcoin service.

If you have come across the website and are wondering whether or not it’s real, just take a minute and sign up here because we have already analyzed everything and even spoke to the operators regarding their experience, trading records and so on.

For those who want to spend a bit of time digging into this review, this is a good opportunity to do so.

invest into bitcoin review

Invest into Bitcoin review

The website Invest into Bitcoin is basically giving investors the chance to profit from Bitcoin trading even if they know nothing about trading.

Invest into Bitcoin seems to have been started by a team of experienced fund managers who have now come together to help the general public get a piece of the pie so long as they can invest $15000 and above.

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Exploitation minière IQ

While that initial investissement seems to be a huge amount of money, Invest Into Bitcoin claims that they will add profits to it in 3 months so you can receive $28,500.

This team is focusing on long term investment rather than short term investment like in Forex and Les options binaires. This is typical of fund managers. Most fund managers prefer to hand in the profits after 30 days or more. So nothing is strange about it.

Also, if you think that this amount is just too high, consider the fact that under-funding a trading account is always the first step to failure. Even if you know how to trade and have less capital to start with, it will seriously impede your results, which can be a bad thing altogether as you stand to lose your trading capital despite the skills you have in trading.

So yes, $15000 is a lot. But at the same time, that minimum investment was set for good reasons.

What Invest into Bitcoin promises

They say that Bitcoin is the new Gold. They also re-assure us that Bitcoin is now more stable that Gold as many notable banks in the world have already started backing it.

That’s good news because the more financial institutions back it, the more people put their trust on Bitcoin. The more it become a secure asset for trading and holding.

So the idea behind Invest Into Bitcoin is not strange at all. The promises which they are making are realistic because it is really possible to turn $15000 into $28500 in 90 days. That’s possible when you have enough experience and you are also trading with sufficient investment capital.

On the other hand, it is an impossible and just a pipe dream if you lack experience and are trading with a small investment capital which can sometimes get swallowed by just one small mistake.

What we can see throughout this website is that their promises are quite realistic. They have adapted a long term approach instead of a short term approach.

This is because long term approaches often lead to stable and consistent profits unlike short term approach.

You see, traders who aim for short term trading approaches usually look for quicker but smaller gains. It is extremely hard to trade and make money consistently and in the long run if you’re only relying on a short term trading approach.

On the other hand, those who adopt a long term approach have enough patience as they ride the market to maximum profit.

So yes, you can make a stable income for you and your family. You can secure your financial future when you make use of the service offered by Invest into Bitcoin website.

Comment ça fonctionne ?

It’s very simple. When you sign up to the Invest Into Bitcoin website through a simple form that only takes you seconds to fill in, you will receive a personal phone call from your personal manager.

invest into bitcoin

You see, they have already assigned you a personal manager because you are a special client. That means you should be getting special treatment.

That phone call is meant to create rapport between you and your new personal manager.

It also gives you the chance to discuss what investment options will suit your goals best.

And the good news is that you will be receiving free consultation from your personal manager. We suppose that the fee is already factored into your deposit. Or maybe they are offering free consultation as a bonus.

The next step would be to verify your identity which is good fro your own security. It’s in your interest to do so because this is your money, and it’s your right to secure it.

Also, unlike many other hedge fund managers that we have seen or heard about, Invest into Bitcoin is accepting deposits in USD, EUR and in Bitcoin.

If they were only accepting deposits in Bitcoin, we would have all the reasons to worry because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. One cannot claim charge back when the transaction was made in Bitcoin.

So the fact that these guys are also giving you the opportunity to make deposits in fiat devises means that they don’t have an evil intention.

Once you’re done with the steps, Invest Into Bitcoin will simply trade that money on your behalf and make profits for you every month.

This is supposed to total $28,500 after 3 months of receiving profits.

Invest Into Bitcoin has a team of experienced fund managers. Your job is to invest and forget. They will do the rest on your behalf.

The other thing worth mentioning here is that Invest Into Bitcoin uses conservative trading approaches. That means your money won’t be at risk.

The best way to trade and make money in the long run is to adapt a long term strategy where you collect small but consistent profits as a result of using a conservative trading approach.

Choses à noter

Although the 30% monthly return on investment is a figure that we think is too high, consider the fact that Bitcoin is quite volatile. That means there are many opportunities that can manifest in this market in any given month.

The more the opportunities to trade and make money, the higher the return on investment. This is not like the Forex market where high probability trade setups only form occasionally. That’s the beauty of investing on Bitcoin.

Last but not least. Invest into Bitcoin has clearly stated that your investment portfolio will be spread across various Cryptocurrencies.

Because Bitcoin is the main instrument of investment here, Invest into Bitcoin will allocate 65% of your capital to Bitcoin trading.

The other 20% will be allocated to Ethereum trading. Finally, the other 15% will go to other altcoins like Litecoin, Dash and so on. Any altcoin that shows remarkable signs of improvement will be used as an instrument of investment.

Nos meilleurs conseils pour vous

Invest into Bitcoin is definitely an opportunity to try. If you haven’t signed up yet, try it here.

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