Examen LibraCoin: Même Facebook a interdit cette arnaque

Examen LibraCoin: Même Facebook a interdit cette arnaque


Libra Coin has generated a substantial interest among members of the Crypto currency investment opportunity. That is why we have decided to review it and give you the facts so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you’d like to get involved with Libra Coin.

The first thing we want to make clear from now onward is that Libra Coin is a Crypto currency scam. Their Facebook page was recently removed by the social media giant because of the very same reason. However, Libra Coin, the scam continues to lure in internet users with money by claiming on their site that Facebook removed their page due to ”copyright violation” where another user registered a page using their name. If this was the case, Facebook would have banned the offending user and not the authentic Libra Coin web page. So this is obviously a lie that the scam operators of Libra Coin devised to cover up the ”misfortune” that befell them.

Whereas Libra Coin might appear like a lucrative investment project for those who like investing in digital coins, there is more than meets the eye because the underhand tactics that the site has employed will ensure that the naive investor gets duped a few dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The scamming begins when presents an ICO based with an unverified coin known as Libra Coin. This is definitely a scam operation because if no coin is in existence, it simply means that the scammers are collecting funds from members of the public with the intention of stealing them.To know more about this platform and why it is run by thieves, continue reading this review. In the meantime, if you want to invest in altcoins, we advice that you mine them through these online platforms.

Libra Coin Review

According to the website, Libra Coin is a peer to peer digital coin that is not controlled by any central institution like governments. However, the platform is having an ICO where investors are being lured to purchase Libra Coin using real Bitcoin. This is how you participate in this ICO. Notice how the site is only accepting Crypto currency as a mode of payment. They know that accepting payment in Crypto currencies is the safest way to scam people without getting detected or risking charge backs. They also claim that there are currently 30 million coins in supply.

Libra Coin

The other evidence that suggests that Libra Coin is a scam is the fact that they don’t disclose ownership information anywhere on their site. Their about us page is a total joke as well. It does not provide any meaningful information about the site’s operation and the people who manage it. When we go through their Terms and Conditions page, we discover a clause there which states that Libra Coin will not accept any liability for the loss that is incurred through their platform.

This is an unfair thing to say because already we know that Libra Coin is a scam, and for that reason, losing funds through the platform is something that is sure. It is guaranteed. So this clause is actually working towards the advantage of the scammers who run this operation. That is why they are faceless.

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They went ahead to create a privately registered domain in November 2017. That means only date can be visible on but ownership is masked. This further gives the scammers an advantage and leeway for doing their business since nobody can find out what the site’s owners.

How does Libra Coin work?

The reason why investors would find themselves buying a fake coin like Libra Coin is because the faceless scammers claim that they are offering specific returns to investors and also to their affiliates. We doubt if scammers can even pay affiliates. They won’t. It is just a ploy to get more people sharing this fake investment opportunity. This would see them gaining more publicity and therefore more victims to dupe.

The site has 4 different investment plans. The first plan is accepting $100-$1000 and claiming that it will offer up to 45% a month. This contract runs for 240 days. The second investment plan accepts anywhere between $1,040 and $5000. This plan offers 45% monthly ROI in addition to 0.15% daily returns. The contract runs for 200 days.

The third investment plan is soliciting anywhere between $5,010 and $10,000. This plan 45% a month plus daily return of 0.25%. It should expire in 150 days. The fourth plan asks for $1,010 to $100,000. Monthly returns are 45% plus daily 0.35% returns. On top of this, Libra Coin has a referral program where those who recruit others into the scheme would earn 7%.

When you look at this compensation model, you notice that the site is not telling us what they are doing to generate these returns, plus the ROIs are just too good to be true. Even if the site was engaging in legit economic activities, it would never pay this amount. It would simply collapse. Also, if these guys knew how to make a lot of money in a short period of time, they would never share it with you.

The truth about Libra Coin

It fails the ponzi logic test. All régimes de Ponzi will fail this test anyway, so it is not a surprise at all. The community also say that this is a ponzi scheme as confirmed by many other sources on the web. The platform does not have any credibility because the coin in question is not legitimate. You can visit the forums to confirm what kind of talk is going on in the threads. You will realize that this is a well known scam.

Nos meilleurs conseils pour vous

Don’t send your money to the crooks who man the operations of Libra Coin because they are neither trading nor mining coins for revenue. There is no statement that convinces us that the value of this fake coin will rise. In fact, there is zero evidence that a coin exists here. Therefore, avoid this at all cost. If you want to make money, mine Crypto currencies here.

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