NB Revue internationale: Brutal Forex Broker Scam.

NB Revue internationale: Brutal Forex Broker Scam.


NB International ( is a cruel Crypto Currency broker that has hit the lucrative Forex world. NBInternational is claiming to produce a one of a kind Crypto trading platform that is unmatched. These claims have made us conduct a thorough investigation regarding this broker. This review is meant to open your eyes as to the backstabbing brokerage firm NB-International is doing. Read this detailed review to find out the truth.

NB International Review

NB International Review:

It should be noted that scammers know how to take advantage of online investors. What scammers do is come up with products and services that at first glance appear true. NB International is no different as they have created a website that easily entices the eye. Folks, don’t be easily fooled by what their homepage states. These scammers are simply playing with your mind.

Scammers know for a fraud to work, they have to throw in some strong claims and wonder promises. What these scammers are promising anyone that signs up is that they will help them make easy and fast profits. Mostly these high end return schemes are simply pyramid schemes that will never help anyone but owners. All these claims are simply meant to entice Forex investors into signing up.

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Who Owns NB International?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, NB INTERNATIONAL is owned by Options Tech Limited. They claim to be located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. What they actually reveal to us is that we are dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting set regulations and rules. Plus, we believe these scammers are planning to defraud more online investors with their fake claims.

Who is the real person behind Options Tech Limited? Why have they failed to give us a name of CEO or CFO of this company? Reason that NB International has failed to provide real names is because they are a fraud. Scammers are known to try as much as possible to remain anonymous. This is one of the many red flags that we spotted with NBINTERNATIONAL. They are afraid of the backlash from authorities and victims, hence the need to remain anonymous.

Is NB International Licensed or Regulated?

NB International Scam

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What these scammers have done is post a false registration number at the footer of their homepage. Registration number IBC/00091/2017 is nothing but a random number. Offshore brokers have never wanted to be registered by real securities authorities. Furthermore, this broker has used fake registry details. As far as we are concerned, no registry organization uses this algorithm to register brokers.

Where have they posted their registration certificates and documents? They don’t have any of these certificates or documents. This is another red flag that we spotted with this broker.

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Pas de support client.

Another big red flag that we spotted with this broker is lack of online chat support. How do they expect users to contact them? Why have they failed to at least offer bot support for users? It’s clear that this broker is hiding and doesn’t want to be contacted. How do they expect users to ask questions? With this day and age, one would expect every broker to be available 24/7 and help their members.

This broker expects users to send emails when asking questions. Problem with emails is that they may never get any response. A good casing point is when we asked them about depository channels. NB International has left users on their own because they are a scam brokerage firm.

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Faux témoignages.

Another fake claim that this broker has clearly used is the testimonials. One such claim that is suspicious is Simon S who claims to have used this firm for 5 years. Note that this brokerage firm claims to have started Crypto currency trading 2018. Where did the five years of trading come from? This is one lie that’s easily recognizable.

Brian Fairchild is another person who claims that they have been wining for two months. What Brian claims is not possible since he claims never to have lost in the two months he has been trading. Why have they failed to post their pictures or contact information for verification? It’s because these testimonials are made up.

Are Funds Safe with NB International?

NB International Fake Review

NB International has failed to disclose their depository bank. Where do they bank the money that investors are using?

Another red flag that we noticed is that they don’t segregate accounts. What this means is that NB International is pooling funds in one account which is quiet dangerous. They also fail to participate in a compensatory scheme. Folks, signing up with NBInternational is signing a death wish as funds are never secure.

Types de compte.

NB International is offering users five different account types to choose from. These accounts include Standard, Premium, Advanced, Corporate, and Institutional account. Minimum required deposit is 2500 pounds for a standard account holder. Considering the acceptable industry minimum deposit of 250 pounds, they are charging a high price. Other account holders must make a higher deposit.

Problem with these accounts is that they claim to have advanced and quantum fueled algorithms. They are using industry jargon to try and legitimize their brokerage firm.

Pas de compte démo.

Imagine our discontent when we found out that NB International does not offer a demo account. How do they expect newbie traders to familiarize themselves with their platform? It looks like they simply want investors to sign up blindly without testing this platform. Folks, it always pays to test a platform before signing up. These scammers are hiding something from us.

Is NB International a Scam?

With evidence that is clear for all to see, it’s safe to say that NB International is nothing but a brutal scam. Make sure to stay out of this brokerage firm and warn your friends and relatives from signing up. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Some of the links sent contain malware that’s harmful to your device and personal data information.

NB International Final Verdict.

NB International Scam Review

It’s a shame that there are scams in the lucrative Crypto Currency trading world. Only option left is for us to put this platform on our blacklist.

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We wish you all the best in your Forex trading, stay safe all the time.

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5 Replies to “NB International Review: Brutal Forex Broker Scam.”

    1. Yes they are properly registered in Dublin. is there an online forum where NB-I customers can meet and exchange information? Who could set one up?

      1. Charles you do know they have gone into liquidation! Have been since March 19. You cant take your money out unless you have the specific amount in your account to access your account for withdrawals. You are also suppose to have an international trading licence to trade as the company is foreign based (Ireland). Also if you were offered a £45k bonus to up your account you wont get that back as it is deemed unofficial funds and don’t believe the balance you see on your account ! Definitely bull**** rogues Beware! I cant get onto their site anymore but hear they are not trading anyway.

  1. H***o all NB_I Investors – is there a website or Facebpook group that we could all join & communicate on? Has anyone Has anyone managed to recover their funds via Maxwell A**et Management Ltd – an a**et recovery firm or are they a scam also?

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