Neo Mine Tech Review: Pathetic Attempt to Scam You

Neo Mine Tech Review: Pathetic Attempt to Scam You


Rappelles toi USI-Tech scam? If yes, then you should already know what this is all about. is a corny website whose assertions cannot persuade a wise investor to part with his money. Neo Mine Tech is making some big claims on their site which definitely raises eyebrows. This boasting and bragging is all for nothing because at the end of the day, Neo Mine Tech is just a arnaque.

”Straight From the Mecca of entrepreneurialism”. We just extracted a piece of their tag line statement just to make you see how boastful these guys really are.

They claim that Neo Mine Tech is the ”capital of technologies” and that their success and reputation neighbors that of Oracle, Google, Apple, PayPal & Facebook.

This is quite ridiculous because until now, nobody has ever heard of Neo Mine Tech or its activities in the innovation space. These empty assertions make them look bad in the eyes of serious investors.

However, Neo Mine Tech is a deceptive website that doesn’t plan to give up its goal which is to defraud gullible investors who may be having disposable income to throw away.

It is not even clear what Neo Mine Tech is all about. Their website doesn’t immediately tell their audience the business activities that NeoMineTech engages in. Instead, visitors will first learn that this website is all about innovating and creating high tech computers and software that are easy to use.

On top of this, there are also claims that NeoMineTech is more than just a ”Silicon valley company” and that investors should expect more from them.

So, now that the goal of this website isn’t clear yet and they are not even making an attempt to hassle you any money upfront, why exactly should you exercise caution? There are very good reasons. Here are some of them:

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NeoMineTech commentaire

A look at this site will reveal something that is not inspiring at all. At first glance, it looks like a website that is still in the making and pitching some big project to investors who have money. However, when you read the text to the end, you will come to a part that encourages visitors to sign up and share their ”mining services” which Neo Mine Tech claims to offer. By doing so, investors will allegedly create a sustainable customer baseline which will enable them earn a steady stream of income.

neo mine tech review

This statement might suggest that Neo Mine Tech is a Cryptocurrency cloud mining company that heavily relies on a referral program to run its activities. They claim to handle innovation and development on behalf of their customers. So this might suggest that they own mining farms and the technology needed to generate Cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, we don’t find any evidence to suggest that these people really mine Cryptocurrencies as touted on their website. This lack of evidence and transparency is worrying.

A ”Silicon Valley company” whose details cannot be found online is definitely suspicious. If you want to be certain that this website is shady, all you have to do is look it up on the internet. Try verifying their physical address and you will discover that this is a false virtual address and that it does not lead to anywhere.

The said address, XNUMX Twin Dolphin Drive Redwood City Ca XNUMX was actually made up to give the impression that Neo Mine Tech is a professional company with a physical location. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The website admin enjoys telling these lies to achieve a goal that will most likely result in investors losing money.

Could this be a clever ponzi scheme? Definitely. We are XNUMX% certain because Neo Mine Tech is subtly insinuating that they are a cloud mining farm with high tech facilities yet at the same time encouraging random visitors on the site to refer their friends and build some sort of a pyramid which they call ”steady stream of income”.

The point is, Neo Mine Tech does not convince us of their real income generating activities. Their revenue is purely generated from ponzi scheme activities where new members sustain older members and profits are paid for some time before the system can eventually collapse.

The owner of Neo Mine Tech and background of company

We are told a make-believe story of someone called ”Jesus Osuna’ who is allegedly the owner of this company/website. His story is quite ridiculous as we are told that he embarked on business when he was just XNUMX years old. This guy was apparently broke and so he had to find out how to make more money in a short time. The typical rags to riches story ends up with a fabricated tale of a XNUMX year old young man who is making XNUMX figure income annually. This young man has apparently replicated his success, and now owns Neo Mine Tech.

Now, of course ”Jesus Osuna’ is not the CEO of this website or project. If he was the CEO of this website and the entity was incorporated, his biography would have been made available on search engines like Google. We wouldn’t be spending more time trying to dig up his information.

Another fact is that if NeoMineTech was a company, its corporate details would have been made available as well. Unfortunately, this company does not exist. So the entire story of this man is pure fabrication.

To confirm that this website is run by scammers, we went out on a mission to search the name that is registered as the owner of this domain. It wasn’t shocking to discover that this domain was privately registered in December XNUMX. So it is not even XNUMX months old yet.

Nos meilleurs conseils pour vous

It is just a matter of time before the Neo Mine Tech will start scamming members of the public. The owner of this site has nothing to lose. But of course those who buy his fake ideas will lose a lot of money in the end. If you are a serious investor, you’d better embark on professional Cryptocurrency mining here. 

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  1. Efectivamente, invertí en esta empresa y solo al principio parecia q todo estaba bien…mi contrato dejó de minar y soporte técnico contesta con ambigüedades,gracias!!!

  2. Compañía fuera de negocio. Su acceso al backoffice se cayo desde hace ya una semana y no hay ningun comunicado de soporte. Pésima comunicación de la empresa.

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