Examen opérationnel de Phoenix: une arnaque évidente

Examen opérationnel de Phoenix: une arnaque évidente

Share! is a platform that offers cloud mining services to investors. However, the company is another pyramid scheme that you should be cautious about.

According to their website, their clients can mine the most profitable digital assets whenever they want. Moreover, states that they have developed their mining farm for seven years.

Operational Phoenix allegedly adds new digital currency at every week. The income of their investors does not go through their system. The company claims that it is directly paid from the mining pools. supports the following assets; Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Beam, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcash, Zcoin, Nimiq, Ravencoin, Haven Protocol, and Metaverse.

The shady investment company claims that they update their algorithm, assets, and software to ensure their cloud mining contract runs smoothly.

By doing this Operational Phoenix increase their hash rate of clients’ computation units, while they also support new digital currencies in the market. You can deposit funds via PayPal or BTCpay.

The company sells the heat they recover from their C-Units to firms that are searching for an ecological alternative. Hence, they offer an affordable mining venture.

They guarantee investors that they can monitor their payment in real-time. The platform has no evidence that there is mining activity taking place on its website.

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Exploitation minière IQ

The company is operating in a shady manner, and we would not recommend them to investors. You should be very cautious and avoid falling for the tricks that these fraudsters are using. Review

The platform attracts new investors with claims of having a mining strategy that will assist them in yielding more returns in the market.

The company urges its clients to select the cryptocurrency that will help them earn substantial daily profits. Ethereum is not the only crypto that can make you an income; they ask their investors to pick the digital currency of their choice. allegedly follows the network hash rate, and the real-time price of cryptos to select the best mining opportunity.

They do not limit their clients into using their automatic system; they can mine manually at a convenient time. Scam Review, Platform

According to, they have a professional facility, ad their infrastructure has several layers, which include; mining software and hardware, Internet/Ethernet network, and electrical network. The dashboard of Operational Phoenix enables its clients to track their income, hash rate as well as activate their mining strategy.

The pyramid scheme asks investors to join their cause and mine cryptos before they are available on exchanges and ahead of every other investor. The company emphasizes they are offering their clients a unique opportunity. They state on their website that when a new coin is launched, you cannot get it on exchanges, you can only access it through mining.

They have an Instagram page, and all you need to do to get started is to register and select your mining contract to start earning. However, this being a Ponzi scheme, you will not attain anything positive out of their venture. The company will only leave you high and dry. Invest with reputable mining platform sur le marché.

Réglementation et assistance client states that they are a mining server farm operator that focuses on cloud computing colocation catering to investors across the globe.

For this company to collect money from citizens of all nationalities, they need to have the proper documentation from relevant authorities.

Unfortunately, the Operational Phoenix company is operating illegally. The various governments in the world have come up with methods to protect their citizens from fraudulent companies that are extorting money from investors.

The platform does not disclose the location of their office. They have various social media platform, and the only method you can contact them is via email; [email protected]

The company is maintaining a high level of anonymity with its investors without having relevant information about who is running the platform. It will be difficult to track once they exit the market.

As an investor, you should not trust the unregulated, anonymous platform with your cash when they do not even believe you with any of their info.

The legit platform will display their location and offer even a phone number for their customers to reach them instantly. Additionally, they will brag of their founder, and showcase their team. Investment Plan and Returns

The platform has four investment plans, and they are not linked; they support only one digital currency. promises users’ a daily return of $0.59 for 1 C-Unit.

After you purchase a plan, you will automatically receive C-units that you can allocate to the digital currency, the pool, and the address of your choice at any available duration.

The contract runs for various durations. They do not charge any maintenance fees. The least amount of funds that you can deposit is $12 for 1 C-Units, and the maximum amount that you can cash in is $475.

Operational Phoenix Review, Operational Phoenix Plan

The more you deposit, the higher your profit will be. However, it is essential to note that the mining venture is not as profitable as it used to be in the past.

Unlike other shady platforms, admits that it is difficult to predict the future price of digital currency. The company claims that they use a unique strategy to identify the best mining opportunity in the industry.

The pyramid scheme is making a huge amount of money by scamming investors who lack adequate knowledge of how the industry works.

Avoid becoming a victim by always doing thorough research on an investment company before you deposit funds with them. Additionally, get relevant skills of how the market works.

Through acquiring skills, you will not fall for the empty promises of the pyramid scheme whenever a deal sounds too good to be true choose to walk away.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a notorious mining scam in the industry. Taking your investment a bit seriously is required to prosper in this niche. Becoming a great investor goes hand in hand with doing your personal research and taking your time.

If you rush, you will end up doing it wrong, and scammers have grown smarter; they know exactly what you are looking for. We want to make it clear that cryptocurrency venture be it mining or trading it is not a get rich quick scheme.

The platform does not undertake any mining activities, and they will only wait for new members to deposit cash so that they can process your withdrawal. Once there is no more revenue coming their way, they call the shots and close their system.  The unregulated platform is very dangerous, and you should be on the lookout.

Le domaine Insight is a platform that was registered in March 2020 and is expected to expire in March 2021. There is no information on who is behind the operation of this fraudulent company.

According to, Operational Phoenix has a global Alexa rank of 1,144,860. It is currently unknown the area that they are targeting their victims from. Final Verdict claims that they create a mining opportunity for investors around the world. The Ponzi scheme only wants its members to pick the crypto they desire to mine and the mining pool to use.

Il y a trustworthy mining venture in the industry that have helped investors gain real time returns. Keep off companies that are not transparent.

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