Swift Coin Trading Review: Scam

Swift Coin Trading Review: Scam


Swift Coin Trading ( is a brutal CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex broker causing havoc in the trading world. SwiftCoinTrading is professing to offer unmatched trading advantages over other brokers. SwiftCoin Trading is relying on empty claims and promises to lure users into signing up. Most members are crying foul over lack of withdrawal with this broker. An investigation was underway. Read this detailed SWIFT COIN TRADING review for more.

Swift Coin Trading Review

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Swift Coin Trading Review

After being contacted by members who were going through a hard time, we had to investigate. Why did members sign up with this platform in the first place? After landing on their homepage, we knew what was enticing most investors. Scam artists will create a visually compelling website to simply entice members to sign up. Knowing how to spot scam platforms will help protect you from professional scam artists. Stay away from this platform due to their fraudulent ways.

Professional scam artists will use over the moon claims and promises to allure investors to sign up. Dealing with fake brokers is what every investor should avoid at all times. How can one spot a rogue broker? Thanks to our years of trading experience, we can spot scam products from a mile away. Dealing with a rogue broker is one way of expecting to be scammed. Reading reviews helps investors get to know what to expect with a certain broker. Stay clear of this platform.

About Swift Coin Trading

Swift Coin Trading claims to be based in the United States. Note scammers will always try and post fake details to try and feign legitimacy. In regards to being located in the U.S, this is another well painted lie. After we tried to contact them, it seems our calls bounced to an unknown address. Scam artists are now using virtual phone numbers to try and prove legitimacy. Dealing with Swift Coin Trading will lead to more harm than good. Stay away from this rogue Crypto broker.

Why have they failed to mention the names of founding members? Did you know we are dealing with a broker who has no real name? Who are the actual people running this website? Dealing with an anonymous broker is uncalled for. Where are they located in the United States? This is another scandalous platform with no proven physical address. Stay away from such platforms as they are mainly based offshore. Scam artists have been cloning websites to try and feign legitimacy.

Is Swift Coin Trading Licensed or Registered?

If indeed this platform is based in the United States, the NFA has to have their credentials, right? After contacting NFA, no results popped up in regards to this broker. A thorough research was done on other leading regulatory bodies. Some of the regulatory bodies we used include ASIC, CySEC, and FCA. None of these regulatory bodies has ever heard of this platform. Dealing with such brokers is a risky affair.

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Another shocking fact we realized with this broker was lack of proper documentation. A broker with no proper documents should not be trusted. Why have they failed to post any copies of their certification? It’s simply because they have no certificates to begin with. Dealing with such brokers is risky and most member end up crying foul. Stay away from any broker who shares similar characteristics. Make sure to go for brokers who show their trading credentials at all times.

To stay protected when trading, go for experienced and skilled Forex brokers. Make sure to sign up with Forex brokers who have been vetted by the trading community. Go for brokers who will guarantee your safety when trading. Start making realistic profit margins with Forex brokers who have the credence to conduct Forex trading. Open up to Forex brokers who are reliable and reputable at all times. Stay ahead of the pack by dealing with brokers with a proven reputation.

Swift Coin Trading Broker Review

Types de comptes

Swift Coin Trading is offering users three different account types to choose from. Investors can choose to trade with Silver, Gold, or Platinum account types. Make sure to stay away from brokers who have been listed as scam by regulatory bodies. What we found odd with their accounts is how similar they are to each other. Have you noticed these scam artists are guaranteeing a certain profit margin? With any form of trading, this is highly unlikely.

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Silver account members are guaranteed 8% profits immediately they sign up. Gold account members are promised 12% and Platinum 13% guaranteed profit margins. Why would a broker make such senseless information? With any market, prices change and happen abruptly. Making such guarantees is next to impossible. And this is where we draw the line with Swift Coin Trading. Stay away from this platform and ignore all pleas to sign up with their platform.

Pas de chat en direct

How can a broker who professes to be technologically advanced lack live chat? Does this mean users have to send emails to contact the broker? A main concern with emails is response time. It means this broker has the capability to ignore any email they choose. Most members who have been sending emails regarding withdrawals have been blacklisted. No member has received any response. It seems Swift Coin Trading is ignoring all members who send withdrawal claims.

Another shocking issue is why they break communication link. They simply don’t want authorities to track them. And this is why they are using virtual phone numbers for communicating. Dealing with a broker who is not available is highly inappropriate. Make sure to go for brokers who are available at all times. Swift Coin Trading is making sure no member is able to contact them. Stay clear of this broker and sign up with leading Forex brokers at all times.

Are funds safe with Swift Coin Trading?

How can funds be kept safe by a broker who lacks SSL Encryption? Such brokers should be ignored as they are opening up members to third party attacks. One main problem with this broker is how they handle funds. Which bank do they use to deposit funds from members? Is it possible members are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account?

Another perturbing detail is in regards to segregation of accounts. Accounts are not being segregated which means Swift Coin Trading is pooling funds in one account. Merging assets in one account is a dangerous play this broker is partaking. Stay away from any broker who puts all assets at risk. Compensating members is out of the question as Swift Coin Trading is not insuring funds. And this is where we draw the line in regards to dealing with safety of funds. Stay away!

Is Swift Coin Trading a Scam?

Evidence clearly shows we are dealing with a certified professional scam. Swift Coin Trading is a scam and must be avoided at all costs.

Bottom Line

Swift Coin Trading Crypto and Forex Broker review

By adding this platform to our scam blacklist, we are protecting our readers from signing up with rogue platforms. Stay away from this broker at once.

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