Trade Time Review: 250 Scam hebdomadaire des signaux Forex

Trade Time Review: 250 Scam hebdomadaire des signaux Forex


When it comes to searching for investment platforms that purport to sell signals, one has to be really careful because these guys know how to make grand claims that fool many people.

Trade Time is one such investissement platform. They are very new in the market. Apart from providing a personal commerce platform, they also run a signal service alongside their main product.

Trade Time is the property of a corporation called Capital Process LTD. When many people hear this, they’ll immediately think that this can’t be a scam since it’s backed by a corporation.

And that’s where the problems starts at. If you trust just about anyone because they have a company on the internet, you will lose de l'argent.

In this review, we will consider Trade Time a big time scam. This is because people have already started complaining about them.

On top of this, there are several red flags that we have already spotted on the Trade Time website. These cannot be ignored because they are so obvious.

trade time review

Trade Time review

When a purported signal provider has a dubious background, it creates problems later on for the trader who will choose to trust them.

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Trade Time has a very convincing website. You might just fall for their trick when you see it.

But you are supposed to be very careful not to make rush decisions because this can be really dangerous.

On the other hand, scammers would want you to be be convinced of the fact that they can customize your trading experience and give you winning signals and nothing else.

In our opinion, anyone who ends up depositing funds with Trade Time will most likely lose it.

Another thing to take note of is that there is no guarantee that Trade Time will ever generate accurate signals for your trades. We have not come across any investor saying that they are using Trade Time and that it is really profitable.

You see, if such testimonials will ever appear on the internet, it will be purely fake testimonials from actors or people who have been paid to tell lies.

Because most people are interested in crypto-monnaie investments, we are recommending Verified Robot d'ailleurs.

Otherwise, we strongly believe that Trade Time is a waste of your precise time.

Proof that Trade Time is a scam

We mentioned earlier that Trade Time was backed by a corporation called Capital Process LTD. We had to verify this information to figure out whether it was true or false.

So when we embarked on this research, we discovered some really serious problems down the road. For example, we discovered that Capital Process LTD was dissolved in July 2017.

It was dissolved due to a number of problems which we don’t want to mention here (as they are beyond the scope of this review).

But you see, Trade Time is still operating its business under the name of a dissolved entity. What does this mean?

It means that if you put your money here and it ends up disappearing, you will not have any guarantee of ever recovering it because it does not have any legal backing to make recovering any lost money a guarantee.

It’s a big problem when a website still clings to the name of a non-existent entity, trying to fool individuals that they are legitimate when that may not be the case.

Later on, we realized that the domain Trade Time was later registered to Silver Group LTD. This company’s background is not available anywhere on the internet.

So far, there are only two entities with the name Silver Group LTD. One is registered with a London physical address. But when you investigate further, you find that this company was also dissolved.

We do not know at what point Capital Process LTD changed to Silver Group LTD and vice versa. It is a little bit confusing and unacceptable for any website to continue providing the services of a company that was dissolved long ago. But since they are illegally operating the website, we have the right to question their motive.

The second Silver Group Ltd is a Hong Kong company whose background is also missing. The company doesn’t even have key Executives mentioned anywhere in its profile.

In other words, there is no company with the name Silver Group Ltd that is actively and legally providing trading services on the internet.

So, where does this leave Trade Time?

There is no point in guessing anything here. The people behind Trade Time are anonymous. But they are playing a game that is dangerous to be involved in especially if you’re the person who is sending them money in the name of investing in their platform or subscribing to their signal service.

Other complaints that we have been receiving lately

User feedback has been extremely negative. These investors complained that their withdrawals were blocked due to a bonus that was enforced on all of them when they joined Trade Time.

The question is, why would you enforce a bonus on someone when they don’t even need it? Or better still, why would you do that if you have not explained to the investor all the implications of accepting a bonus?

Trade Time fails to answer these questions. So we have no other option other than to think that they are a scam.

Another thing that we’ve noticed is that when you visit the website of Trade Time, you will never know whether they are a broker, a software company or a trade signal provider.

There is no clear objective whatsoever. As a visitor of this site, you will be left to figure it out on your own because the website does not bother to say what they aim to achieve.

Now, since the aim is not crystal clear, something else is quite clear. Trade Time is a scam, which is why they don’t have a clear objective. Which is why they are still operating in the name of a corporation that was dissolved long time ago.

It’s an enterprise that is run by criminals. We do believe this 100%.

trade time promises

Because it’s quite clear that your money is at risk, just avoid them to save yourself from disappointments later on.

Why we can’t trust Trade Time: more reasons

While it’s a fancy website, it has limited capabilities. We know nothing about this platform.

They still give their visitors very silly promises like extremely high win rate and a customized trading experience. However, there is no proof or guarantee that this will ever be achieved.

They claim that when you sign up, you will receive 250 signals on a weekly basis. Where exactly does a whooping 250 signals come from? Isn’t the market trending everyday to form good trading opportunities? That is not a realistic promises, which makes us believe that Trade Time is in fact a stubborn scam.

Nos meilleurs conseils pour vous

You should never expect any good results with this website. Their signals are suspicious, despite having a presentable website. They lost the opportunity because of how they presented things that are far from being factual.

If you’re looking to enter the Forex industry as a retail trader, sign up for these products. Avoid Trade Time.

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