Examen WinFX: Une autre escroquerie de trading de copie

Examen WinFX: Une autre escroquerie de trading de copie


WinFX ( is another automated robot that claims to use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. After going through their website, we noticed that they failed to update their page for over a year. They have deleted most of their social media pages, such as Facebook, which speaks volumes. From experience, the only developers who do such work are those who plan to shut down. They created this robot to be used by just a few investors and shut it down later on.

WinFX Review

About WinFX

Their about us page claims that they are 100 percent aligned with the client’s interest. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows they are located in London. From using another platform’s license details, this robot is clearly up to no good. They have created a compelling website that looks easy on the eye. The site looks professional to the naked eye. There are hidden traps on the platform that naïve investors fail to see. It is why reading this WinFX review will help enlighten your understanding.

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The review is meant to expose the rough treatment members are facing with this robot. For most of them, the fact that they can’t get their funds back is a problem. The site comes off as a professional robot trading option. For the most part, the site seems to even respond to emails in regards to signing up. The problems start to arise when members begin using the robot for their day to day trading. It is when all hell breaks loose as the robot is unable to match their talk. The robot will most likely make traders lose their funds.

Assets covered by WinFX

From our findings, we could see that the robot only deals with one currency pair. They deal with EUR/USD and offer no other primary currency. It is a shot on foot as most robots will provide clients with different assets. They claim to use AI and machine learning, why not start trading with Crypto assets? The digital currency world is taking the financial market by storm. It is the next frontier to trading, and this is what investors should use. These are scam robots that want to target a specific trading class.

Propriétaire de l'entreprise

The robot claims to be located in London but fails to name the people behind it. They fail to give members any specific information about who they are. In regards to the developers, this information is missing from the site. And this is one of the many reasons why we have to flag this robot down. Without the names of the founding members, this platform remains to be anonymous. The problem with the anonymous website is that there is no one to take responsibility. Faceless robots are a haven for scam developers who want to steal from investors.

Commentaires et commentaires

From reading other reviews, it is clear that this robot is far from delivering its promise. Most of the members are bashing the robot for failing to achieve the targeted profit margin. It seems the homepage is a sales page that is used to lure investors into buying the robot. The members are having issues with the robot, as most claim there is no support. After purchasing the robot, users are left on their own in terms of technical support. And this is another reason to stay away from this platform.

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Détails du domaine

After looking at their domain information, one thing stands clear, and the robot is barely three years old. The domain records show that the site went live on 13th January 2018. They should have by now managed to engage several investors. Thanks to domain records, one knows the history of a website. Shockingly, the website has made six IP changes over the last four years. This means that the site was used to sell other products. Investors should be wary of such sites as this could be a recycled robot.

Features of WinFX

WinFX About the robot

The robot is a copy trader whose price remains undisclosed, which is weird. They should be upfront with the rate at which they sell the robot. The strategy they claim to use is AI and fails to give information on their timeframe. There is not much to say about the robot since they fail to give readers full information. Ensure you sign up with robots that are willing to share their knowledge. Investors are signing up blindly to an unknown website with this robot. It is high time they knew that the robot is a fraud.

License and Registration of WinFX

WinFX is not licensed or registered to offer any trading products or services. They have, used another broker’s license details as their own. The robot claims that the platform is licensed under the platform RFXT. They also claim that their mother company has a license from CySEC, which is not the case. The truth of the matter is that this robot does not have any trading license. They are using other platform’s detail, which is against trading rules. It is one of the most significant fraud cases of the year.

The reason why we found out that this was a fraud is we talked to their so-called mother company. It does not have any robot under their wing with this name Win FX. Another problem is that the robot does not provide copies of their license documents. If they were indeed licensed under RFXT, their name would be on the license. These are professional scam artists who want to take advantage of naïve investors. Any deposits made to buy the robot will not be insured as stipulated by trading regulations.

Limitations of WinFX

Forfaits disponibles

WinFX is selling the robot as a whole package; the only problem is they fail to disclose the price. And this creates a chance for them to ask for any price depending on the client. One member was asked to pay $2500 for the copy trader. Another member paid $1,000 for the same robot, which makes no sense. The robot is out to ask for a hefty amount for a robot that has no proof of concept. And this is the reason why no one is going to take a look at this robot. It is best to use the recommended robots trusted by experts.

Contact et support

Their contact and support team is no better as they fail to give users credible feedback. After purchasing the robot, the support team blocks your contact information. There is no support team to help with the installation. Even when you send as email as a current member, they respond by claiming to get back. The few members we contacted have had a problem with the robot as it does not offer much support.

Résultats et stratégie de trading

They have posted a track record chart with no proof of the robot’s capabilities. And this is another reason why we mark the robot as a fraud. They should have posted their results on FX Blue or myfxbook. A vendor should try their program on a live account before selling it to traders. And this is one of the reasons why we have to blacklist this robot. They also fail to inform users of the strategy used. The approach found on the robot is undisclosed, which sums up the whole platform, a disgrace.

Safety of funds with WinFX

WinFX Staff Members/ Team

Investors are up in arms with what they term as a rogue trading platform. They must be angry with the fact that it does not produce the results they claim. These fraudsters have used over the moon claims and promises just to entice investors. Their homepage is also a problem as it does not offer any security against third party attacks.

Scam or Legit WinFX

WinFX is a scam that must be stopped by all means necessary. The only way to do so is to hope that authorities investigate and shut the website down.

Résultat financier

We have to add the robot to our blacklist and ensure our readers get informed on the risks involved.

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