Revue de ZebCoins: Arnaque douteuse sur le Forex

Revue de ZebCoins: Arnaque douteuse sur le Forex


ZebCoins ( is another bane Crypto Currency trading scam platform targeting Crypto trading enthusiasts. Zeb Coins is purporting to guarantee profits of 10% and 15% every day. With such a guarantee, investors are signing up not knowing the truth regarding this illicit platform. Members who had signed up earlier are now crying foul after having their withdrawal requests cancelled. Read this detailed ZEBCOINS Review and find out the whole truth.

ZebCoins Review

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ZebCoins Review

After receiving complaints from members of this platform, we knew something was amiss. Trouble started brewing when members realize they were never getting their funds back. Just like any other scam platform, owners of this site have decided to block certain accounts. Members who send withdrawal requests and have more than $500 balance are getting their accounts closed. Without a reason given, these scam artists are pocketing members funds for free.

Scam artists have been known to create websites which look the same as other legit platforms. Sadly with Zeb Coins, they are using the same design as another scam we exposed, FidelityGain. Looking at their account types, it is clear these two scams are using the same exact details. We feel it is our duty to expose these scam platforms and keep the Forex trading name clean. Read this full detailed and understand why investing with ZebCoins is a ridiculous idea. Here’s why:

About ZebCoins

According to the details posted on the footer of their homepage, ZebCoins is claiming to be based in London. About us page says the platform is being operated by a team of IT professionals. Another disturbing feature is that they claim to be registered under a different name. We found out that Zeb Coins is claiming to be registered under the name VISUALHYIP LIMITED. Scam artists will do or say anything to make sure their platform appears legit and true.

Anonymity is a dangerous character to associate with especially with online investment platforms. What are the names of these so-called IT experts? Why has the owner left out their details? Such platforms are known to use anonymity to steal from users without being traced. Any anonymous online trading platform is bound to shut down sooner rather than later. Scam artists don’t want to be contacted by authorities and victims of their act. Stay away from anonymous online websites.

Is ZebCoins licensed or registered?

What we found out about their license status is shocking beyond words. It emerged that ZebCoins is using a fake certificate as their license and registration documents. You can easily see these scam artists have coined their certificate using Word document and converted it to PDF. Company number listed is another random number meant to throw off investors into believing this scam. To confirm their license status, we went to official authorities in the UK.

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not have any broker or platform licensed under this name. We also reached out to other regulatory bodies such as CONSOB and CySEC and they all said the same thing. It seems we are dealing with a rotten platform which is out to steal from anyone who signs up. Dealing with this platform is a dangerous game and should be avoided at all cost. Stay away from this platform or else risk everything you have worked for. ZebCoins is not licensed to offer Crypto trading services.

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Advantages of ZebCoins

We could not come up with any advantage of dealing with a broker who is using fake credentials. Apart from being a fake, the owners are anonymous and keep their true identity from members. Depositing any funds means you are throwing your money away. With the numerous email complaints, no sane investor should associate with this lame platform. A cloned website is what newbie traders should avoid at all times. Stay away from it, zibcoins is a complete debacle.

Disadvantages of ZebCoins

Comptes offerts

ZebCoins Account Types

ZebCoins is furnishing users with three different account types to choose from. Accounts are named as Starter, Advanced, and Maximum. We immediately noticed an anomaly with these accounts due to the high minimum deposit requirement. Another disturbing feature is the guaranteed return of investment. Even a robot can never guarantee an investment due to the market’s shifting status. Ensure you stay away from this platform and ignore these accounts.

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Fausses allégations

Fake claims include having a stable income, getting comfort and protection, and 24/7 support. It seems these scammers know how to entice investors with their over the moon promises. The only thing true is that this platform will take your money and you will never recover deposited funds.

Pas de compte démo

You would expect a platform with these claims to offer a demo account. Demo accounts will give investors an idea of the leverage and spreads available.. Clearly, we are dealing with a platform which is not considering the plight of investors. Make sure to check whether a platform offers a demo account before signing up.

Offline Chat Support

During the entire period we were conducting our investigations, their support staff was offline. Scam artists don’t want to be bothered and simply want users to deposit funds to them. An offline support staff is an indication you will be ignored in the future. What happens when you have an important question to ask?

Are funds safe with ZebCoins?

How can funds be safe with a platform which fails to offer users a chance to withdraw funds? It is clear we are dealing with a platform which knows no boundaries when it comes to stealing. Don’t expect any compensation from this platform as they don’t comply with the compensatory scheme rules.

Is ZebCoins a scam?

ZebCoins Trading Platform

Evidence clearly shows we are dealing with a platform which is out to steal from anyone who signs up. Stay away from ZebCoins or risk losing your entire funds. Never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. We hope this review has opened your eyes in regards to this scandalous platform. Stay away from this platform or else lose your entire deposits.

Résultat financier

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls victim to their scam.

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Souhaitant à tous les investisseurs une expérience de trading heureuse et prospère.

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