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FractalGo has stated on their website that every week their trading alerts generates a return of over 20% every week. They are allegedly trading for the biggest financial institutions in the world which include hedge funds and institutional money managers. No hype. No marketing. Actual results. Every alert, every tick and every result is fully documented.” Unfortunately, the above statement is an outrageous misrepresentation of actual investor accounts, as per a third party Futures brokerage.

Owner of the company, Rich Clifford, claims that his trading system can also be used to break NSA codes,  and is currently being used by money managers that manage over $1.1 billion dollars. None of this ridiculousness could be verified, except for the massive investor losses.

As per the NFA, Rich Clifford has no reparations, yet he worked at 5 different money management companies. All 5 companies were charged with fraud, some were placed in court-ordered receivership, millions of dollars of investor funds went missing, and now this character reappears with a ‘magical trading’ system that can pay off the national debt in only a few trades. Only a fool, an idiot, or a financial moron would believe such financial nonsense. Yet it appears that many are willing to fork over thousands of dollars each year, based upon a fancy looking website and glossy marketing materials.

Buyer beware. Avoid like wet underwear because this is definitely an investment scam. If you want to make money as a trader, check out these trading tools. 

FractalGo review

Many readers ask how we decide who gets a review? The answer is pretty simple. We focus on the most ridiculous. We keep a master list of every known trading educator on the internet and continually monitor the landscape. We sign up for marketing emails using hundreds of dummy email addresses. All of these marketing emails are funneled into a single channel. Every single day, I wake up and read the nonsense. It’s like a gushing sewer of financial diarrhea. Wildly flowing and spewing all sorts of ridiculous investment promises.

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The most ridiculous emails, we mark with a ‘star’ and keep a running tally of ‘stars.’ The trading educators that accumulate the most ‘stars’ move into the ‘outhouse’. That special place where we dig out the kernels and chunks of truly outrageous marketing. It’s dirty work. For the past few months, we have been silently curating a truly outrageous series of marketing emails and promotional hype from a character named Rich Clifford.

Rich Clifford is the “founder and managing director” of a company named FractalAlerts. Actually, he is the captain of stupidity for several related companies: FractalGo, FractalAlerts, and FractalAlternative. What this guy has been piping out is some of the most outrageous financial puffery that I have ever witnessed.

Rich Clifford of FractalGo: Financial Puffmaster

According to Rich Clifford, he has designed a trading system that:

  • Has an 11-year track record.  Delivering 28.3% per week.  Every trade alert is documented. Every ruby red cent!
  • The world’s biggest banks, hedge funds and institutional money managers use it.
  • Over $1.1 billion dollars in being traded with this system right now.
  • The system was used to break secret codes in World War II.
  • The system can also be used to crack secret codes from the NSA.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? A system that won World War II!? And it delivers 28.3% per week!? Geez, that would be 1,471% per year! In only 2 years, this system would have accumulated all of the known supply of money on planet earth! Trillions in profits.

Heck, the United States Treasury could solve the 30 trillion national debt in just a few trades with this super system — that also supposedly won WWII by revealing the secret plans of the Nazis and Japanese. Who in the heck would be stupid enough to believe such outrageous nonsense? Apparently, there are plenty of suckers and fools willing to fork over thousands of dollars each year, for these supposed ‘super-secret’ trading signals.

Just have a look at this absolutely ridiculous promotional material…

Tracking Down the truth about Rich Clifford of Fractal Alerts

With such wonderful performance promises, we would expect that Rich Clifford would be more than willing to share the names of these supposed “Banks, Hedge Funds, and Institutional Money Managers” that are supposedly profiting so greatly.

So we reached out, using an alias email and requested REAL-TIME AUDITED brokerage statements.

Rich Clifford responded that “Yes, we have banks and brokerages tracking and using our programs, but access to that information is not something we can provide. They use it for their own trading.”

So we are supposed to simply trust this character, and hope for the best? Nope. I needed to keep digging.

Next, I reached out to, which is heavily promoting this ridiculousness. I asked the broker if he had any supporting documentation that supported these outrageous performance claims. He responded that, “you should be very careful” and “we see this sort of stuff all the time.” He concluded, “I recommend that you check with the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for any information on the person running this company.”

Contacting the National Futures Association regarding Rich Clifford

The NFA has a licensing directory, and it shows that Rich Clifford was previously registered as a principle, registered person–which is great.

A deeper search reveals that Rich Clifford has no reparations or regulator actions filed against him. That’s even better!

However, a deeper dig reveals that many of the companies he was registered, were charged with FRAUD.

  • Lake Dow Capital: charged with fraud, embezzlement, and fined $24 million dollars. (2002-2004)
  • American Derivatives: charged with fraud and fined $1 million dollars. (2004-2005)
  • Magma Fund Advisors: cheating, fraud, deceiving customers. (2007-2008)
  • Risk Capital Trading Group: fined $8.7 million dollars for fraud. (2001-2002)
  • Leadership Financial Corp: charged with fraud, forced to pay reparations. (2003-2004)

Our best advice for you

Is this just some sort of weird coincidence? Look at this list of companies and affiliations–it absolutely makes us shutter. The owner of fractalgo appears to have moved around like a financial venereal disease, leaving behind an absolute train wreck for investors, in our opinion. Stick to these highly recommended trading products. 

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