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Trading futures profitably is not an easy undertaking. It requires special skills and perfect execution, and this has seen the rise of many companies claiming to be the solution for traders. FractalGo is one of these companies.

Like many others, this company promises to transform you into a successful trader in no time. Furthermore, they pledge their trading alerts will earn you up to 20% profits every week, and this is just ridiculous.

No trading system can produce those kinds of returns every week. Moreover, make those returns in futures trading. Like many other scam companies, FractalGo uses these high returns to lure eager investors onto their platform.

Beware of companies like this. Please do not fall for their false promises. There are many other aspects you should look at to determine whether a system is worth your money. This review will tell you why FractalGo is not a legitimate futures signal provider.

Avoid such companies like the plague. They have nothing to offer you. You should only invest in the best Forex trading solutions. Such companies will give you the best environment to safeguard and grow your funds. Moreover, you will save yourself much trouble.

FractalGo Review

FractalGo claims they are the best system to automate your futures trading process. They are claiming that clients trust them to trade over $1 billion in the markets. Allegedly, professionals throughout the financial industry trust the system in their trading operations.

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FractalGo Review, Platform

However, it is hard to believe this. No real professional will fall for their false promises. No entire trading system can earn you 20% in profits each week. If this were real, everyone would be doing it. Moreover, if the system is as profitable as they claim, why does the company need your money?

It is just a marketing strategy. The goal is to lure unsuspecting individuals onto their fraudulent operations. Furthermore, there is no evidence that this company is involved in any trading operations.

They do not provide any trading results to back up their claims. Additionally, there is no mention of the trading strategy they use to generate trade signals. All they have is empty words. They want you to trust them blindly and invest your hard-earned cash.

Ensure you only invest with companies that are transparent in their operations. The company needs to give you an insider’s look at the inner working s of their system. That is the only way you can assess whether the system can deliver what it promises. Moreover, invest only in companies that reveal their trading strategies and the results of that strategy. In this day and age, lack of transparency is inexcusable.

Founder’s History

As mentioned, the founder of this company is Rich Clifford. Details reveal that Rich has worked for five different money management companies. One would think it is good to see that he has experience and knowledge in financial markets trading.

However, this is not the case. All five of these companies were charged with fraud. Rich indeed has experience. Unfortunately, it is experienced in defrauding hundreds of investors millions of dollars.

Such people never change. Once one of their companies is shut down, they come back with a new company. Therefore, avoid FractalGo like the plague. It will not end well for you. You will lose your money, and you will have no one to turn to.

Ensure you only invest in companies run by individuals with verifiable track records. It will save you a lot of trouble and money. Moreover, only such individuals can deliver on what they promise.


Regulatory bodies oversee the operations of companies to ensure they are within legal requirements. Only companies with licensing from regulatory bodies can legally perform financial transactions.

In the case of Rich Clifford, he was previously registered as a principle. This should be a great thing. However, Rich Clifford totally disregards the rule of law. As mentioned, five of the companies he was registered with were charged with fraud.

This is a person who is aware of what he is doing. He just doesn’t care. You cannot trust such an individual with your money. He has already proved he cannot deliver on any promises he makes. Nothing will be different in FractalGo. Enough people have already lost their money in the hands of this shady individual. Do not be one of them. Run while you still can.

Trading Results

As part of its proportional materials, the company provides a statement showing a profit of over $1 million. They want you to believe that their system is profitable and is changing people’s lives.

However, this is far from the truth. The system is not profitable at all. In fact, an accurate statement from an actual customer shows the opposite. The system is losing massive amounts of investor funds.

Moreover, the real net results for investors show a loss of $115,035 from 2016 through 2018. There is no worse offense than this one. The company is boldly lying to its clients. There is no way to trust such companies.

Ensure you only invest with companies that have impressive and verifiable trading results. That way, you will make manageable and consistent returns over time. You only need to be patient and build your account slowly.

Distancing Themselves from Losses

This is something you will see with many fraudulent companies. They will never accept responsibility for the massive losses on clients’ accounts. Instead, they will blame the client for losing money. They will even blame the trading platform the client uses.

This is a huge red flag, and any honest vendor will own their results and give an explanation, and this is the least a company could do.

Furthermore, honest companies always show confidence in their product. They will even go to the extent of offering a money-back guarantee, and this is not the case with FractalGo. They are not interested in customer satisfaction. All they want is your money.

Is FractalGo Worth Your Money?

No, this is not a company you should give your money to. The system will not make you any returns. In fact, you will lose your money like many others. Moreover, the owner of this company has a very shady history in financial markets. His involvement with five fraudulent companies cannot be ignored. Such an individual should not be trusted with people’s money.

Even worse, the company is lying about the performance of its signal system. They claim massive profits on their promotional materials to attract customers. In reality, the system is losing investors massive amounts.

Further, the company has no confidence in the performance of their system. They completely distance themselves from any losses in investors’ accounts. Additionally, they offer no money-back guarantee. Once you give them your money, you will not get it back.

Final Verdict

FractalGo is not an honest company. Additionally, they cannot deliver on what they promise. This is yet another company promising returns they cannot deliver. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

If you are looking to make any real money, we recommend you only invest in legitimate Forex trading companies. These companies are the best in the market and have proven to work for a long time. They will provide you consistent returns without compromising on your peace of mind.


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