Free BTC Generator Review: A Scam, No Free Bitcoins

Free BTC Generator Review: A Scam, No Free Bitcoins

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When a scam website includes a button labeled ”Start Exploit”, it means exactly that. They want to exploit you at the push of a button. You might not know it. In fact, this is the greatest irony of this era in the Bitcoin mining and trading world. is ideally a scam and there is no doubt about it. Free BTC Generator intends to waste your time by making you believe that you can hack Bitcoins for free. This scam will even go ahead and display fake bitcoins that you have allegedly mined. If you try to withdraw them, Free BTC Generator will ask you for a fee.This is where they will scam you because most people do not know how a scam looks like in this aspect. They won’t suspect any foul play until the scammers have fleeced them of their coins in the name of trying to get out free Bitcoins from their system.

Therefore, before anyone falls for a stupid idea like Free BTC Generator, they need to read this review to learn what it is and why they are likely to lose money if they ignore certain factors.

Note: You want to mine BTC and other altcoins? Do it here and do not ever believe that someone can help you generate free BTC.

Free BTC Generator Review

The anonymous scammers behind this website explain that they have found several bugs in different mining pools and that they are using them for their own purpose. They are calling them ”security flaws”. They are now stealing Bitcoins and sharing the wealth with anyone who wants free money.

Yes, anyone who wants free money can get it from this website. How strange is that statement. One thing we all know is that there is no free money. The economy would have collapsed if everyone was getting free money. Anyone who says they have discovered a flaw and are generating free Bitcoins should be suspicious. They must be scammers in order to make such absurd allegations.

Moreover, the blockchain structure does not have any security flaws. It is impossible to exploit this technology to generate free Bitcoins. The reason as to why these scammers are alleging that they have discovered security flaws in the blockchain structure is because they want to fool you. They are not listening to themselves. Or they are probably being ignorant here.

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A few days ago, Free BTC Generator website was claiming that they have been begging the people in charge of Bitcoins to fix the security flaws and that they have refused. Because of that, they have decided to start taking advantage of the existing security flaws until the owners of BTC can fix the problem.

One thing you have to realize is that this explanation is inspired by ignorance. The so-called hackers are not aware of the fact that Bitcoin is decentralized, and cannot be owned by one single entity like fiat currencies.

So to say that they have contacted Bitcoin owners to fix the flaws is absolutely misleading. They are proving that they are ignorant and are not hackers as they claim to be.

Also, it would be illegal to start stealing Bitcoins if the ”owners” had refused to fix the problem. That does not permit anyone to take advantage of the situation and admit it in public.

So apart from the fact that they are wrong on this matter, they are also displaying their ignorance in front of a huge audience to the point that we are doubting whether they are hackers as claimed on the Free BTC Generator website.

Fake users chat

On this website, you can see the scammers taking to themselves via a troll box feature. Perhaps it’s programmed to keep writing messages so it may look like different users are talking to each other.

The reason why these messages are fake is because you can never see any bad news being discussed in that troll box. For example, at no point will you see complaints about how Free BTC Generator has refused to pay bitcoins or how they have been asking for fees in order to deliver Bitcoins that have been allegedly generated to users.

All you see are people claiming to have made a lot of Bitcoins through this system. This is quite misleading because newbies will just look at the troll box and believe they have found a gem, as in Free BTC Generator.

In fact, this site can be extremely deceptive given that everything is simple to understand and quite convincing if you don’t think twice.

Anonymous scammers

Well, this is common sense. If someone claims that they will generate free Bitcoins for you and yet they are not upfront about their identity, you need to think again rather than become excited at the mention of fake money. You know why? Because anonymous people on the internet who ask money from internet randoms are always scammers.

Otherwise, there would be no reason to maintain an anonymous profile. So this site Free BTC Generator is one of the platforms owned and operated by scammers who don’t prefer to disclose their identity.

It is self explanatory and you don’t need to question these people anymore. The site is quite simple and there is no way we can even contact the owner of this site. That is a huge red flag and a serious question mark. This site is here for a short duration and once it has scammed users, it will disappear.

Our best advice for you

When we look at this site, we see that it has a zero trust ratings because even user feedback is hard to come by. The site is promising something that is too good to be true. If the anonymous owner could generate free Bitcoins, the question becomes: why are they involving internet users? They should have probably made their billions of dollars are sought early retirement. The reason they want your input is because they intend to scam you. To generate Bitcoins, purchase hashing power from these companies.

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  1. Czyli wszystkie te darmowe kraniki bitcoinow to oszustwo?Czy są jakieś legalne,które coś tam płacą,nawet jeśli są to nie wielkie pieniądze?

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