Free BTC Pro Review: We Feel Sorry for this Scam

Free BTC Pro Review: We Feel Sorry for this Scam

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In this review, we are discussing one of the most basic yet shady Bitcoin generators known as Free BTC Pro. We are not saying that this site will scam you. What we are basically saying is that this site is a total time waster and is not worth spending your precious time on.

Based on the traffic that the site is currently receiving, we can deduce that it’s a popular site with decent traffic. That means a lot of people are wasting their time on Free BTC Pro hoping to earn some Bitcoins in the long run. Is this kind of thing productive? Absolutely not.

For that reason, we shall review Free BTC Pro with facts and nothing else.

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Free BTC Pro review

The site has a basic layout where everything is straight forward. There is an input bar where users are supposed to key in their wallet address as well as a separate bar for choosing the amount of Bitcoins to be generated.

free bitcoin pro review

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The minimum amount that this site is promising to generate for its users is 0.1 BTC. There is also a warning that if users increase this amount, the generator will take a long time to dispense the full amount.

One thing you have to notice is that there is nothing like free money. 0.1 BTC is a lot of money to give out for free. We haven’t confirmed yet if someone has actually earned this amount of Bitcoin from Free BTC Pro website.

When you scroll downwards, you will see ”recent earning activities” where people claim to have earned various amounts of free Bitcoin.

It’s very hard to confirm these claims because these users are anonymous.

They call it ”exploits”, meaning that the Bitcoin generator is supposed to exploit a ”weakness” in the Bitcoin blockchain in order to collect free coins which are then dispensed through Free BTC Pro.

Now, that is a too good to be true promise. You certainly don’t expect anyone to freely dispense Bitcoin to anyone with a Bitcoin wallet address.

For you to earn money, you have to work for it. Anything that promises free money does not make economic sense.

And of course there is a live chat feature which scrolls real-time conversations between various users of the Free BTC Pro website.

We’ve used this chat and found that it isn’t any helpful. Basically, the chat box requires users to input a username and their message. Once they hit the ”send”, their message should be visible to other users who can choose to reply or ignore if they have the answer.

We have seen this kind of thing in many Bitcoin generator sites purporting to dispense free BTC. The purpose of this chat box is to add some credibility to the site. But in the real sense, no one is actually making free BTC here. It is a total waste of time.

Why you should not waste your precious time on Free BTC Pro

First of all, this website does not give convincing reasons as to why internet users should spend time generating ”Free Bitcoin” with them.

How exactly do the operators of this site benefit from this business model? Is there an advantage when they give out free BTC?

This is a hard to answer question. Also, given that this site has not proved whether or not it is paying out, we should deduce that it is a time waster.

The other thing is that details of the operator are completely hidden. The site is run by an anonymous person who wishes not to disclose their identity at all.

This pattern is usually followed by internet crooks who have an ill motive of scamming innocent investors.

We have checked the details of this domain on and hit a dead end.

Therefore, we are 100% convinced that Free BTC pro website is run by a crook(s). There is no doubt about this.

One thing that you should understand is that if a site is run by a crook, then definitely there is a catch for generating the so-called Free Bitcoin.

We are not very sure how this works. But we are convinced that the user will always be in a disadvantageous situation since the scammer has a real intent to make money anyhow.

This site is not trust-inspiring at all. To call it suspicious would be an under-statement. Anyone who knows this fact and still decide to waste their time here probably needs to satisfied their curiosity by probably losing some money along the way.

The site keeps teasing users with notifications of people who have just made some free Bitcoins with them. This is to generate interest and make people feel confident that Free BTC Pro can dispense free BTC.

These notifications are dubious. It cannot be confirmed whether these people received those Bitcoins. Moreover, you should notice the fact that they are introduced using one name only.

Others are introduced using nicknames so to speak. This makes it impossible to verify these claims.

Customer feedback/testimonials

We definitely have to confirm these claims of earning free Bitcoins using this site. But to do so, we have to cross-check user feedback on popular forums just to see whether people have received any free Bitcoin from this shady site.

Now, if you type the words FreeBTC.Pro or Free BTC Pro reviews on Google, you will not find any meaningful lead or forums where people are actively discussing this site.

We find it quite weird because on the Alexa platform, this site ranks number 372,000 globally.

A site that has such a decent global ranking should definitely be popular. And if it’s popular, it means that Cryptocurrency forums should have already identified it. We would be having many active discussions surrounding Free BTC Pro website.

Apparently, that has not happened despite the decent global ranking. Does it mean people are not interested in generating free Bitcoins through the site?

It’s hard to answer this question. But all in all, we find it very weird that these guys are promising free Bitcoins and at the same time not creating any substantial buzz elsewhere on the internet.

Summary of important points to note

We have always said that anonymous sites don’t make profit for their users. If someone is not willing to disclose their identity, it means they are hiding something which they don’t want you to learn about. Most of the time, you will find that the people who prefer anonymity are crooks.

This site is no exception. This site will certainly leave you with the distasteful feeling of getting home with a big empty box only to realize that you have been conned from that too good to be true sale.

The other thing you should remember is that nobody is giving out free Bitcoins.

This is common sense. Nobody will ever donate free money to anyone and for doing nothing. The notifications which keep popping in this site are definitely not legitimate.

Our best advice for you

Now that you know, don’t waste your time on this shady website hoping that you’ll make any money. There is no free Bitcoin anywhere. Genuine Bitcoins must be mined through these companies. Any other attempt to generate ”Free Bitcoin” is definitely inspired by greed which leads to nowhere.

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One Reply to “Free BTC Pro Review: We Feel Sorry for this Scam”

  1. I did generate .1 BTC. I thought they were legit. But after reading the
    comments” they were leaving, I realized they kept repeating themselves. Filthy language. Disgusting. I was leary about sending .002 BTC to pay for the use of the site. So far I’ve waited over 24 hours and received nothing. Very disappointed. I did take clips of the website and what they promised, emailed them of their actions. Recieved nothing in return.

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