Free Mining Review: Odd Scam Indeed

Free Mining Review: Odd Scam Indeed

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On the website, they claim that Free Mining is a Bitcoin mining pool started in 2018 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts and that they are providing the easiest cloud mining platform, a reliable 24/7 support and access to a helpful community. Of course these claims need to be validated by some kind of proof before we can ever believe them.

In fact, the main goal of this Free Mining review is to establish whether these claims are true and whether we can trust these guys with our Bitcoin funds. There are 4 plans in total asking for 0.01 BTC, 0.09 BTC, 1 BTC and 4.99 BTC respectively.

The earning rate is way beyond what regular Bitcoin mining in the cloud can produce with reliable platforms like the ones we have recommended in this list. Therefore, this seems rather odd because we can’t expect 10 fold profits from BTC mining any longer.

According to, Free Mining domain was created on 6th December 2018 and the owner did it privately. This is quite suspicious because if the site was truly mining Bitcoins, they would have introduced us to the anonymous Bitcoin enthusiasts who allegedly founded this operation. In fact, they would have nothing to hide at all. So this means that FreeMining is not a very transparent website. If you want to mine BTC, you should use sites that are truly mining Crypto currencies. You should verify if they have SHA 256 algorithm which is used to mine Bitcoin. But since there is no way to know whether this site really has a mining facility, the best thing to do is to stay on the safer side. Should you avoid them altogether? Here’s what we think.

Freemining Review

First of all, ownership of this site is not crystal clear and when Crypto currency mining operators are less transparent, then it simply means that they are up to something fishy.

free mining

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Secondly, FreeMining is a very new website that has not even existed for 2 weeks. That means they have zero customer feedback and you don’t want to be the first person trying your hands on this. If there was a way to test their service without paying, this would be a good offer. Too bad, FreeMining just wants you to invest a minimum of 0.01 BTC based on the promises which they have said on their website. Are you that gullible to believe their claims? This is your money and you should conduct due diligence before investing it?

The main reason why we suspect that this is a shady Bitcoin mining operation is that their ROIs sound too good to be true. They would have probably convinced us if the returns were reasonable and they had a few real client testimonials to back their promises. Perhaps we could give them a chance but again when we think that this service is not transparent, our confidence starts to fade away.

On their marketing material, they claim that they are partners of the Bitcoin Foundation and the aim is to make Bitcoin mining accessible to everybody. The other claim which they are making is that they are the first and the best in Crypto currency mining. If this is so, then where should we categorize some of the best mining platforms on the internet today? That’s the big question here.

Supposed advantages of mining with FreeMining

24/7 customer support is the first supposed advantage of utilizing this service. The site does not provide phone or chat service on their website. However, they have an email address and a contact form which can be used to reach one of their representatives. We believe that an online business that wants to remain competitive must provide a phone number and a chat feature on their website. There is no way they are going to claim that they provide 24/7 support when these two are missing. So we actually don’t believe the narrative that Free mining is providing support on a 24/7 basis.

Why we don’t believe in Free Mining at this time?

The anonymity that surrounds this website at the moment is disturbing. Anyone who wants to ”invest” in Bitcoin mining on this site will find themselves having to blindly trust the promises found on this website, which is not a good thing.

There needs to be some sort of transparency, and secondly, they need social proof to be able to generate some credibility. At this moment, the site is still new and its operations cannot be trusted.

We have also gone through their FAQ section where the site basically addressed generic questions like ”what is Bitcoin?” and so on. One of the questions that we found on this page was ”Is this a ponzi or a scam?”

That question was not answered simply because FreeMining does not have an answer that can persuade us. That is also a red flag and you should never mine with a website that cannot give reasons as to why they should be trusted.

There is also the promise of earning free Bitcoin every hour for free. There is no clarity as to how this is applicable to the investment plans that the site offers. As far as this is concerned, the 4 investment plans require a deposit and there is no way they can say we will mine for free. Also, there are no specifics like what maintenance fees will be applicable and whether these contracts are for a lifetime.

The only promise that we have is the average returns that Free Mining claims to pay on a daily basis. This is how scams operate and you cannot expect anything different. This is ”Bitcoin mining in the cloud”  but you have to recognize the fact that at some point, you will be sending funds to an anonymous recipient based on the promise that they will generate a daily ROI for you. Is this the way legit Bitcoin mining operations work? It is highly unlikely.

Our best advice for you

Free Mining is a scam. To cut the long story short, just find a legit mining platform here and get started.

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