Free Money System 2 Review – Idiotic Scam Relaunched

Free Money System 2 Review – Idiotic Scam Relaunched

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It’s so unfortunate that a pathetic scam like the Millionaire Blueprint can keep recycling itself under different pseudo names to deceive those who might have initially lost money through it. This time round, it’s being relaunched with a completely different name. It’s called the FREE Money System 2 or the FREE Cash System 2.

The website is in a ”coming-soon” status. We are glad that despite the fact that it has not be launched yet, we already have some insider information which will go a long way in educating and warning you not to give them your money.

From the word go, we can see that the Free Money System 2 is a global deception perpetrated by dishonest internet marketers who only care for their bellies.

It’s crystal clear that the Free Cash System 2 is targeting those who are easily lured by easy money. That is the sole purpose for which they use an intricate web of lies to deceive and steal money from you.

Therefore, if these experienced charlatans are all gunning for your wallet, you need to avoid their paths at all cost. In this case, you need to avoid Free Money System 2 because when it launches, they will mount a very powerful marketing campaign that will seek to net as many victims as possible (including yourself if not careful).

And now that you know the truth, you should be seeking real trading opportunities here.

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Evidence that Walter Green’s Free Money System 2 is scam

The homepage of that website can be accessed here As you can see, the fake money making opportunity is yet to be launched in a few hours (at the time of writing this review).

Please note that the Free Money System 2 is using the word ”Free” because they want to create the illusion that becoming wealthy is free and is as easy as using this system.

Do not be deceived because this system is even being promoted using actors who were hired to lie.

We have solid evidence that the Free Money System 2 intends to use these actors in their pitch video.

The guy who claims that he is Mr. Walter Green is known as Dennis Fitzpatrick.

free money system 2 scam testimonial actor

free money system 2 actor

You can see on his profile that he is from North America, and he offers endorsement services. You pay him and he reads the script as you want it. If you want him to pretend that he has been your loyal customer, he can do it too. Just request a quote.

free money system 2 actor

Also, the Free Money System 2 intends to use a bunch of Fiverr actors like D Clover 1. We managed to get hold of her profile on Fiverr, and all we can say is that she is a very popular face among scams that target the binary options niche.

Now, these actors have been used to tell countless lies concerning the Free Money system 2 software. They spread misconception and hype in preparation for the big launch.

They keep repeating the same message over and over. The idea is that one can get rich quickly if they took advantage of the Free Money System 2 software. In the real sense, this robot doesn’t have the capacity to make consistent profits. It could be worse than a gambling strategy so to speak.

More fake testimonials

Our focus is on this man called ‘Dennis’. He says that 3 years ago, he got an opportunity to use the Free Cash System 2 software.

Surprisingly, the domain where the Free Money System 2 is hosted at was registered on 23rd August 2017. This means that it has never existed before…. although there’s evidence that the owner used to run another scam called the Millionaire Blueprint.

We presume that the owner of this get-rich-quick scheme is behind a number of previously launched binary options scams which wrecked havoc on investors bank accounts.

The Free Money System 2 is just a relaunch of the same old robots that he has been using to swindle traders.

It is also quite evident that this man called ‘Dennis’ has never used this software or made the alleged $32k in 4 weeks.

The barrage of fake testimonials only serve to mislead unsuspecting investors. We have seen irrefutable evidence above. There is no way that this software can be a legitimate opportunity for trading binary options.

The sales pitch explaining the mystery behind the Free Money System 2 software

The first Free Money System was launched some time in 2013. It was a ‘sophisticated computer code’ that allegedly made some 152 individuals millionaires.

Then ‘Mr. Walter Green’ vanished afterwards. The narrative alleges that his activities were being tracked by government agencies across the world. It’s the reason why he disappeared to avoid arrests.

Now, this guy claims that his creation has since been copied and abused by scammers all over the internet.

The narrative also claims that Mr. Green’s system was finally hacked by government agencies, and now he is back after a long silence in hiding.

He says that the reason why he is back is because this new opportunity is ”secured” on a private server that is safe from all kinds of hackers, including government agencies.

Last but not least, it appears that his whereabouts are still unknown. But after this while, the Free Money system 2 is available for those who can take action quickly.

Now, can you see how this tale unfolds? This actor must be very good in storytelling. He can convince those who have never lost money on the internet. But if you have lost money before, I bet that this story sounds similar to other narratives that you have come across on the internet.

Somehow, this tale appears to have been recycled. It’s the typical narrative that all binary options scams use to promote their fake robots. Even if you ignore this review, you will soon find out that the Free Money System 2 is a bogus app for trading binary options.

Why this software is an absolute scam no matter how you look at it

When we first came across the previous scam of the Free Money System website, we found that it had very little information to verify its authenticity.

There were a number of scamming factors on that page. The video quickly caught our attention with all the dancing and singing of how we could become millionaires in a few days.

This video ran for half an hour, and it contained all the elements of a scam that we have seen in other fraudulent websites before.

It’s the first time we learned of the self-proclaimed ‘Walter Green’ or the Green machine for that matter.

By the time this video was coming to an end, we were fed up with the sales pitch. There was zero details regarding what he was selling us.

walter green

It looks like this man is very experienced in spewing lies on the internet. Today, he is launching another site, and we bet that the results will be the same.

Our Best advice for you

The reason why the new version of this scam has not been launched yet is because they are intending to create curiosity of what the Free Money system 2 can do. It’s the reason why they are counting down the launch date. Truth is, there is nothing for you here. You better stick to well-known legitimate binary options software in this list. Forget the Free Money system 2.

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  1. The fact that the developer is known for other scams, it’s common sense that this one is no different. I’m grateful to have read this before I signed up. The evidence clearly shows that the Free Money System 2 is a load of garbage. I can’t believe Walter Green thinks we are all dumb enough to sign up for this fraud. Do yourself a favor and listen to these writers! They know what they are talking about.

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