FSMSmart Review: Daring Forex Broker Scam Unmasked


FSMSmart Review: Daring Forex Broker Scam Unmasked

FSMSmart ( is a CFDs and Forex broker scam to hit the lucrative Forex market. Claims that FSMSmart is a robust trading platform is nothing but lies. According to their homepage, this platform allows members to trade instantly from anywhere. With all these promises, we had to check whether they are true. Sadly, what we found out will shock you. Read this full, detailed review to get the truth.

FSMSmart Review

FSMSmart Review:

According to their website, they claim that this platform is fully customized to match orders across all markets. FSMSmart claims to deal in Forex, precious metals, commodities, shares and indices. Other claims plastered on the homepage include having a robust trading execution rate. If you are new at Forex trading, it’s easy to believe what these scammers are claiming. No one can deny that the homepage looks as real as it gets.

So why are we so against Fsmsmart? It’s simple, they have exaggerated everything here to get people like you to sign up. These are professional scammers who will do or say anything to get as many people to sign up. Promises like having a state-of-the-art execution platform are unfounded. Also, the promise that users will get a transparent and reliable trading experiences are not true. Read below and learn why these are mere empty promises.

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Fake Trading Charts.

Trade charts used in this platform are fake and don’t change at all. It means that the prices remain the same all throughout our investigation. Does this mean that prices in FSMSmart remain the same all over the world? This is a fake trading chart that’s simply meant to make the platform appear legit. Scammers use fake trading charts in the hopes that no one will notice the lack of change in market prices, we did.

Analyzing trends and grabbing opportunities will simply not happen with Fsmsmart. Since the trade charts are impersonated, you will most likely lose all your money. Never trust a platform that does not have a true trading chart. This trading chart is simply not interactive and is one sketchy chart. Notice that even the trade volumes never change? It clearly means that we are dealing with a scam Forex broker.

Who Owns FSMSmart?

FSMSmart Scam

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According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, FSMSmart is owned by a company in Switzerland. A registration number 93905 has been put there to make us believe that this is a legit broker. Sadly, we contacted the registrar of companies in Switzerland and no company is registered under such a name. Now that we are sure that this broker is not registered, it means we are definitely dealing with a scam.

Anonymity is what scammers thrive on; we surely don’t know the developers of this platform. If we knew who came up with this platform it would be easier to make contact. Contacting the developers would have cleared things out. It seems owners of this platform don’t want us to find out who they are. Fraudsters ensure that no one can be able to reach them since they are committing fraud. They are afraid of the authorities.

FSMSmart Payment Methods.

What we found weird with Fsmsmart is the deposit and withdrawal procedure. No one can claim to have withdrawn money with this broker. It simply means that what they have done is make it possible for users to deposit money. You can deposit using Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin Money and others. Depositing with this fake broker is fast, in fact, you can deposit money in less than five minutes. Wait until you want to make a withdrawal.

Withdrawing money with FSMSmart is next to impossible. As we earlier said, no one has been able to withdraw money using this brokerage firm. Every time a user tries to withdraw money, they come up with excuses not to release money. One of the excuses they keep on using is that you have not reached the required trading volume. It’s an excuse that most members of FSMsmart have faced.

Fake Platform.

Another disturbing factor we found with FSMSmart is their fake platform. No one should be able to use a platform that is unstable. We tried downloading the platform and had trouble doing so. Download would stop immediately and stall at around 58%. It means that this platform is unstable and not safe. An unstable platform is risky since hackers can easily gain access to it and manipulate it.

Imagine what hackers would do if they gained access of Fsmsmart and took control of it. It means your personal information is at risk and no one can do anything about it. What’s even more scary is that they can easily take away all your funds. It has happened before where hackers have taken over a platform and stolen everything. Problem with FSMSmart is they are not SSL Encrypted.

FSMSmart Fake Review

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Fake FSMSmart Demo Account.

Demo accounts are meant to give users a taste of what to expect. These scammers have come up with a way to manipulate users using demo accounts. What these scammers have done is rig the results of demo account in your favor. You may think that it’s okay but in reality, it’s you being played a fool. What are these scammers doing in order to rig the demo account? Ensuring demo accounts make only successful trades.

If you place trades with Demo accounts, they ensure you make at least 95% successful trades. It ensures that you will trust their platform and sign up with a real account. Problem is that with a real account, you will lose most of your deposits. Smart way that these scammers use in order to gain your trust. However, now you know what these scammers are doing and you will stop signing up with these scammers.

Is FSMSmart a Scam?

Without a doubt FSMSmart is a scam in the making. No one can prove otherwise since we have proof of scam. From having anonymous owners to lack of proper registration, we are dealing with scam artists. Never sign up with Fsmsmart as you will see your money go down the drain. Ignore all incoming emails and alerts telling you to sign up.

FSMSmart Final Verdict.

FSMSmart Scam Review

As we earlier said, we have concrete proof that this is a scam. It leaves us with no option but to blacklist this scam. Ensure that you stay away from Fsmsmart and never sign up with them. No one knows this best than thousands who have been scammed by FSMSmart.

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