FTMO Review: Get Funded by the Best Prop Trading Firm

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FTMO Review: Get Funded by the Best Prop Trading Firm

Receive up to 90% profit from FTMO with the prop firm covering all losses. That makes has to be the best prop firm in the world and with reason.

FTMO uses a unique 2-step evaluation course for traders. The course consists of a challenge and verification process tailored to discover the skills and talents of traders.

Once you pass this test, you get funded by FTMO, the world’s best prop trading firm.

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What more would you want if you were a seasonal trader and wanted to test your skills and get funding for trading?

With a 90 percent profit-keep partnership, FTMO has gone beyond leaps and bounds to ensure traders earn more than they could have imagined.

FTMO proprietary fund is available upon successfully completing the set challenges. Traders get to remotely manage an FTMO account with a balance of up to half a million dollars.

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Though the journey may be challenging to some, there are account analysis, educational applications, and performance coaches to help you hit the set goals.

Get to learn more about FTMO

About FTMO (Background check on

The FTMO project started in 2014 and was initially called in Prague, Czech Republic.

A handful of young day traders, including future founders of FTMO, joined forces to create the best prop trading firm.

With a different outlook, the team initiated several ideas regarding money and risk management.

There are different approaches to trading, and the platform saw it best to allow traders to trade using their preferred trading strategies.

You can only be successful in trading when you have strong discipline and observe rules set for better risk management.

Mission of

Located on the top floor of the modern Quadrio offices, FTMO simply wants to unleash your trading potential while still making a profit.

Evaluation Process FTMO

There are three steps to take when getting the prop firm to give you a fully funded account. Let’s take a look at these steps

1. FTMO Challenge

The FTMO challenge is the first evaluation step to take. You MUST succeed here to proceed to the next step.

After passing this stage, that’s when you advance to the verification stage.

With the first stage, you must prove your trading discipline and above all else, skills. Remember to observe the trading objectives.

2. Verification process

Here’s the second step and the last step to become a member of FTMO funded trading team.

You need to pass the verification stage once your trading skills and results get verified. After verification, the team offers you a proprietary trading firm.

3. FTMO Trader account

With this final step, you are finally a prop trader with the best firm, FTMO.

If you trade consistently and responsibly, you get to receive up to 90 percent of your profits. And you don’t have to worry about risks as the platform covers them.

Traders who consistently generate profits get the chance to get a scaled account. There’s a scaling plan in place for traders who believe they can earn more.

How about the trading objectives set by FTMO

Before the firm allows you to trade, there’s a test t check if you can manage risks. It’s for this reason FTMO developed trading objectives.

Meeting the set trading objectives means you are a disciplined and experienced trader. The platform doesn’t put limits on trading strategies used.

FTMO also doesn’t set limits on instruments or the size of positions you trade.

There are 7 currencies available for trading, including AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, EUR, GBP, and USD.

You can choose from two risk options, aggressive or normal.

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FTMO Trading Accounts (Challenge, verification, and Trader Account)

Traders will get to use set accounts during each stage of the process. Let’s take a closer look at each stage

FTMO Accounts

Account 1 (Step 1 FTMO Challenge)

These are the features to expect with the first challenge which includes a trading period of 14 to a maximum of 30 days.

The minimum acceptable trading days with the first account in the challenge stage is 10 days.

There’s a maximum daily loss limit of $500 set and a maximum loss daily loss of $1,000. Traders need to avoid hitting these limits to get a chance of moving to the next level.

The profit target for the first stage is $1,000 and this is an account with a minimum funded balance of $10,000.

There’s also a free repeat feature with a refundable fee of £155.

Account 2 (Step 2 Verification stage)

With the second stage, there’s also set trading period of 60 DAYS. The minimum trading days allowed is 10.

Traders have a daily loss limit of $500 and a maximum daily loss limit of $1,000. The profit target for this account is $500, down from $1,000.

There’s a free repeat mode with a free refundable fee.

Account 3 (FTO Trader Account Final Stage)

The trading period with a fully funded account is indefinite, with the minimum trading days not set as this is a live account.

The maximum daily loss is set at $500, with the maximum loss set at $1,000. Traders don’t get any profit targets set with this account.

There’s no free repeat, as this is a live funded account with a free refund module.

Key Highlights of FTMO Funded Accounts

Traders need to know and understand the key highlights of this account. These are three features that you must understand going in.

(i). Swing Account

It’s best to pick the FTMO account that suits your trading style. With the Swing account, members face no trading restrictions on holding positions.

Members can hold positions during the weekends and trade during macroeconomic releases.

(ii). Scaling Plan

FTMO plans to have a long-term relationship with traders, which means handling funded accounts and expecting both parties to reap rewards.

According to the select scaling plan, a trader who manages consistent profits will get an increase of 25 percent in funding every 4 months.

(iii). Free Trial

If you are not sure whether you are a good it for FTMO funded accounts, you have the option of trying the process completely free.

The demo or free version is a shortened version of the FTMO challenge with the same set of trading conditions.

Is there a transparent Payout system with FTMO?

Payout with some of the best funded account programs

There’s a default payout ratio for all FTMO traders set at 80:20, however, the 80 percent threshold is not where the fund firm draws the line.

When the trader meets the conditions of a scaling plan, the platform increases the balance by 25 percent, as indicated above.

The payout rate also increases to a staggering 90:10, which is the best in the industry.

Traders can request payouts on demand with the payment processing time set at 14 days maximum.

There’s also the option of traders choosing their profit split day, and you can change this up to three times.

FTMO ensures traders receive withdrawal amounts on the most convenient day.

What are the available trading platforms on funded platform?

The platform aims at furnishing clients with the best trading solutions in the industry. There are three world-class trading terminals available on the platform.

These include cTrader, MT4, and AMT5 trading terminals.

Trading instruments

Traders can choose from five available trading instruments, with the fifth asset being custom tailored by the trader.

These include Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Indices, and custom assets.

Available commodities include gold paired against leading currencies and oil. There are five crypto assets, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

You also get to trade with five major forex assets as explained above. There are also five available trading indices on the platform.

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Peaks of joining FTMO

Here are some of the advantages the trader gets from getting fully funded by FTMO

  • Account Analysis

The team had to create a platform with an unbiased look at the trader’s performance, and transparency was key to achieving this goal.

With the account analysis tools, you get to see a live performance of your prop account. This includes the balance curve, basic information, and general statistics.

Traders also get to compare their long and short term positions, including the results and winning rate of each held line.

If you want to see the results by days, there’s a close and open that results in your trading account.

Other account analysis features you will find exciting include trade day analysis and results by position size.

It gives the trader ample information needed on their progress as well as active trading limitations on a particular trading day.

  • Custom Apps

FTMO has developed several apps for their traders to help them get the discipline and increase the skills they deserve when trading with prop accounts.

Other available apps also assist with analyzing and journalizing the markets, which should be an ideal solution for creating a long-lasting relationship with clients.

One of the available custom apps is Account MetriX.

Account MetriX is a unique approach to how the prop firm monitors the progress of traders.

Other custom apps include account and statistical apps that help traders learn the curves and understand better their trading positions.

For beginner traders, there’s the mentor app that helps traders achieve better results. It helps traders to say no to greed and overtrading.

Another app worth mentioning is the equity simulator that helps simulate the possible outcome.

The aim of this app is not to calculate how much you can make but rather, every possible outcome of your trade.

  • Customer Support

Expect exceptional customer support with multilingual support available. There are 15 different support languages making the prop firm international.

With communication being an integral part of helping traders become better, expect to live chat with support.

  • Performance Coach

There are qualified performance coaches available to help guide the trading team to greatness. These performance coaches help lie down the best in terms of problems you face.

With the coaches, you learn how best to trade with the right psychology to help unleash your potential as a trader.

Some of the coaches you might interact with include Michael and Nelly.

  • Trading Academy

Beginner traders don’t have to worry about the proceedings. FTMO has prepared tutorials to help traders get started with basic trading habits.

You only need to sign up to start enjoying real trading tutorials from expert traders.

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Want to see the leaderboard?

To make things interesting for traders, there’s a leaderboard available that helps traders know they are not alone.

The leaderboard gives you an idea of how others are performing with the account size and gains available for all to see.

That’s what transparency is all about, as it helps to bring investors closer to the reality of what’s happening inside the prop firm.

Important updates and holiday schedules

To ensure traders are up to date with the holidays and any other essential information needed, the platform offers this to traders.

You will also get previous updates in terms of blogs posted on the platform, which is relevant in more ways than one.

Opening an account with FTMO

Opening or signing up with an account with FTMO is direct, and the entire process takes less than five minutes.

You will need to fill in the relevant details and update the required documents for KYC policies to take effect.

After passing the verification process, you can now reap the benefits of trading with a prop firm and get a fully funded account.


  • How do I start with FTMO

Before getting a real account, expect to start with a trial version, as the firm wants you to know what you’re up against.

It’s a completely free trial as the traders get the chance to test the available custom apps and later receive a shortened analysis version of your trial-based performance.

  • Who is eligible to trade with FTMO

FTMO accepts traders from all over the world with no special qualification required to open an account and get funded.

Due to regulatory requirements, FTMO ceased to accept traders from India as of Feb 2023 and a few States from the United States.

  • How long does it take to become an active FTMO Trader?

The minimum acceptable requirement to pass the FTMO challenge is 10 trading days. These days don’t need to be consecutive.

It means in as little as 20 days, after the evaluation process, you can start managing your FTMO funded account with ease.

  • What Capital will I start with once I pass the verification stage?

Traders get to trade with the same account balance they used during the challenge process. If you used $200,000 in the FTMO challenge, you managed $200,000 as well.

Remember that clients or traders are at this stage, entitled to 90 percent profits generated from the FTMO accounts.

Verdict of FTMO

What are you waiting for? You must sign up with one of the best Funded Accounts Management Programs.

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