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Futurelink token is a scam platform which aims to steal funds from its investors. Venturing with FULI would be a terrible decision that will cost you your entire principal amount. The platform claims to be registered in the UK, and its operations are conducted by its subsidiary FULI capital.

Futurelink token is a website which offers its clients Futurelink blockchain token sold at 3 Yen each. The company assures its investors that they will make big returns in a short period. It claims to offer various services, such as crypto mining.

FULI also claims to have collaborated with big companies to help with its operations. It is a trick used by numerous Ponzi schemes to try and boost its image and popularity. The crypto space has given rise to the opportunity to make returns as well as the threat of losses by Ponzi schemes and scams.

Futurelink token is a platform which only has bogus information on their website to make it easy for a newbie to fall for their con. There is no credible information on its pages, and it doesn’t even have Terms of Service, FAQ and investment plans.

The company claims to be regulated and states that they value their investors and guarantee the protection of investment funds. Scammers have plagued tokens and crypto mining activities; thus, the concrete proof is needed to prove the credibility and seriousness of FULI, but it is not the case.

Futurelink Token Review, Platform

The company is also operating anonymously, and the owners involved in this project are unknown. The site state that is has a competent team of experts with many years of experience, but it is all unverifiable. FULI has a lot of red flags, and you should not trust their claims blindly.

Futurelink token Review

Futurelink token, also known as FULI token, is allegedly a blockchain token which runs on the Proof of History (PoH) concept framework. The platform claims that it has 2,000,000,000 tokens in circulation, which are distributed through the company, airdrops, mining, and community incentives.

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The website has listed some of the uses the tokens will have, such as return on capital, dividend payments, market circulation, and for payments in buying and selling. FULI claims that their token will behave just like any other altcoin and that the coin can be mined, which is all a big lie.

FULI is a new token that did not participate in the ICO, and there are also many new coins being released every day in the market majority being scam tokens. The website allegedly states that they are participating in numerous projects to earn its investors money, such as small retail, automated operations, mining machines, and the global retail markets.

It also claims to be reliable and that it has received investments from big companies, but it is all wrong information, and the companies have not confirmed their involvement. FULI is also not listed on a popular and regulated crypto exchange, which is another red flag.

Futurelink token platform claims to have a news section on their website to help investors keep up to date on trends and educational material. They brag on marketing themselves by stating they offer quality services. The company also post stock images on their website page to help lure investors into appearing transparent.

You should be very keen before venturing online, especially in the cryptocurrency niche. Thorough research is a requirement when dealing with new tokens and ICO because the probability of finding a scam is high. There are legit and profitable crypto mining companies you can invest with in the market.

Investment plan and returns

Futurelink token does not have a definitive investment plan. The company claims to have invested in numerous areas such as cloud mining to earn its investor’s profits. FULI claims that the token can be mined to earn investors money, but that is also not the case. The forces of demand and supply control the value of futurelink token, and the futurelink ecosystem controls it. The FULI token suffers from liquidity issues because investors have not adopted the coin. After all, it is a scam.

The token claims that the coins in circulation will be distributed in several proportions: 20% will be invested in the company administration, sustainability, collaborators, the founders, and the team. 10% of the tokens will be allocated to community incentives, and the lion’s share is dedicated to mining. This is all on paper, but the actuality is that the company is a scam only interested in your investment.

FULI is a company that has many loopholes in its token. The token is not available to be traded on major crypto exchange platforms, and the company does not have an internal exchange for trading, especially selling. It makes it impossible for FULI token to be traded, and it also severely affects its liquidity. This is concrete proof that the token is only meant to be sold by the company to get investors money.

Regulation and Customer support

Futurelink token is a platform that is operating illegally and has all the characteristics of a Pyramid scheme. The company does not have any form of regulation information set up on their website. The company claims to be a trading and cloud mining website that accepts funds from investors globally. It is hard to trust a company that is not regulated by any Government authority.

FULI is also operating anonymously, and its customers are left in the dark. The website only uses stock images to create a false sense of transparency. The company founder and the expert team do also not know or any of their credentials. It is just a Ponzi scheme with much self-interest. The information on their website lacks with lack of critical information on how they work and operate.

Furthermore, Futurelink token does not have an active customer care system to support the investor’s interests. Expert investors only need a keen glance to identify that this company is a scam. In case of any complaint or when investors encounter a problem, there is no form of customer support services. The site does not have an email address, office address, or an official phone number.

The Domain insight

The official domain of the FULI platform is The domain was registered in the UK and was created on March 18, 2019, and expired on March 18, 2020, according to WHOIS. The team and its founder are unknown, and there is no information leading to them. It is currently unknown its target audience and its global Alexa ranking.

Final Verdict

Futurelink is a Ponzi scheme which only aims to steal investor’s money with the false promises of valuable tokens or returns. The company is operating illegally, does not have any licensing documents, and risks criminal prosecution. FULI has no customer support structures to help its investors. Additionally, the company is operating anonymously, and there is no available information on its founders or the team.

The company lacks any form of transparency, and it is very shady in everything it does. It has bogus information on its platform, lacking all the elements of a genuine crypto token.

Before investing in any tokens or participating in an ICO, you should do thorough research and have the knowledge to avoid falling prey to Ponzi schemes and scam platforms. Always invest in profitable crypto mining companies in the market.

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30 Replies to “ Review: Is Futurelink token a Scam?”

  1. I haven invest certain amount of money into FULI futurelink token with trading platform… Please advise it is a scam?? Thanks

    1. Hi Jack, me too, I have also invested a certain amount of money with too. Have you gathered any knowledge regarding this so far? and can I ask how did you come upon this token? Thanks and I really look forward to hearing from you. – Tan

    2. Would like to know how did you come about and FULI?
      I have invested some amount and wanna know if it’s a scam.

  2. A girl from Taiwan or china introduced me about this token… And I found out that today is the end date for subscription period and now the coin was dropped to nearly zero… What I think is FULI coin is a scam

  3. Can the above people who commented kindly leave your telegram ID? Let’s create a group chat and try to discuss & see if we can do something about this scam through reporting the authorities. I will be checking in here again tomorrow, thank you.

    1. I met a girl from dating site, she introduced me and encouraged me to fuli and playcoin.
      Her name is Li Jialu, 38 years old, from hangzhou china, maybe we’re talking to a same girl.

  4. She told me that she was from Singapore. She was a girl in Hong Kong. She is currently in Hong Kong. I met in Facebook. After a few days, she asked me about my financial situation and said that I can improve my economic situation and introduce FULI to me. The coin and the coin-operated website PLAYCOIN11, the website seems to be closed today, everything is a scam

  5. My friend in Australia met this same girl on Tinder dating site. They met in person and she claimed she was ‘an accountant or investment broker from Singapore’. She stated she had a hot tip about FULI going to double and be worth $50/token by June and that she had invested 400k in it. They met early May. She invited my friend to join a chat group and then playcoin11 (complete scam website – server no longer found and can’t access website) listed CYN coin (also a scam coin like FULI) and the group reported it was ‘hot’ too, and to invest in that as well. Then closer to June when my friend suspected a scam, he went to access the chat group and had been blocked. Does this sound highly famil*** to you all? Everything related to playcoin11, FULI and CYN coin is a total scam. Warn others and never accept a crypto ‘tip’ from a complete stranger or read any of the amateur c*** on Trading View. Like my friend, I’m sorry you all got scammed. That’s the problem with an unregulated, corrupt industry with fanboys who have NO trading experience whatsoever. Blockchain good. Blockchain proponents, community, and spokespeople corrupt as h***.

  6. I am from Taiwan. I think this scam is a team plan for a long time. As Alex said about his friend’s experience, the girl I met on Facebook also said that I would travel in early May. I think that 80% is going to Alex’s friend. Local brainwashing joins this scam, which is not just a simple scam that is an international scam.

    1. I am from Taiwan also. I met a guy in tinder . I invest CYN. Then I didn’t contract him when the website didn’t work. Btw he has been ask my bank account number for transfer money and helped him boutght BTC. But when he asked twice I refuse him then he stoped text to m. If this is an international scam then how we would do?

  7. We have been hired to shut down and find all those responsible for the scam you are referring to ( and We have no objections about other a**et recovery agencies joining our cause. We will get paid regardless as long as their is total elimination and future prevention or full recovery of a**ets.

    For others interested in the contract you may start with a legal subpoena for IP records from Amazon. This will include any and all records for connections to the host from the server side which will lead you to the origin. We are already in the process of doing so. Along with the above subpoena, an additional document must be filed with the registrar (a**uming a true identity was used).

    We helped pressure the shut down of the site yesterday prior to the release of CYN to prevent further theft. Their server information is pasted below.
    Cloudflare received your abuse report regarding:

    Please be aware Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pa**-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. Cloudflare does not control the content of our customers.

    Accepted URL(s) on

    Hosting Provider:

    AMAZON-AS-AP Tech Telecom, JP

    Abuse Contact:

    [email protected]

    We have notified our customer of your report. We have forwarded your report on to the responsible hosting provider.
    You may also direct your report to:

    1. The provider where is hosted (provided above);
    2. The owner listed in the WHOIS record for and/or;
    3. The contact listed on the site.

    Note: A lookup of the IP for a Cloudflare customer website will show Cloudflare IPs because we are a pa**-through network. The actual website is still hosted at the hosting provider indicated above. If the hosting provider has any questions, please have the hosting provider contact us directly regarding this site. Due to attempted abuse of our complaint reporting process, we will only provide the IP of to the responsible hosting provider if they contact us directly at [email protected].


    Cloudflare Abuse

      1. Unfortunately, we were only hired to recover our client’s a**ets. We work for a private security consultancy. This allows us to work outside any legal jurisdiction. I recommend filing a report with federal authorities to help reclaim your own a**ets.

        1. Playcoin11 is closed, only then
          Fuli, CYN is a scam. Many people lose a lot of money. The biggest beneficiary is of course this group of swindlers. Why no one bravely eradicated them. The swindlers re-created the second and third currency scam crimes.  Or did you go to the police station to vote?  Who can answer?  Can these evils exist in the world?

  8. How to help the victim’s loss? If the fraudster deceives and flees, it is useless to grasp the hard-earned money that he can’t get out to compensate the victim. He should be subject to the heaviest legal sanctions.

  9. and so? The victim is still helpless, but the fraudster continues to deceive and say that he is still returning to the original point.

  10. I checked for how the fuli coin was performing after a recommendation from a Tinder match. I am so sorry for the losses that were incurred by others. I myself have almost purchased fuli until a few red flags that prevented me from purchasing, perhaps just a sharing of these red flags to prevent others from being scammed
    1. I couldn’t find any other information on the web regarding this playcoin11 site.
    2. There is no 2FA for the website
    3. Tons of typo on the website

  11. Playcoin11 is closed, only then
    Fuli, CYN is a scam. Many people lose a lot of money. The biggest beneficiary is of course this group of swindlers. Why no one bravely eradicated them. The swindlers re-created the second and third currency scam crimes.  Or did you go to the police station to vote?  Who can answer?  Can these evils exist in the world?

  12. Please use Facebook to search for the name (Zeng Yi). From Singapore, see if anyone is cheating on her to buy FULI coins. Her Facebook has long since stopped updating. How can the lawsuit victims be scattered everywhere? To the scammer

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