Futuro Coin Review: Scam Will Collapse Soon

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Futuro Coin Review: Scam Will Collapse Soon


The Futurenet Club is cunningly devised to misguide and even cause massive losses across the internet. The website in question is called, and they are aggressively promoting an altcoin known as FuturoCoin which they claim will grow tremendously in value to the extent that everyone will want to invest in that coin.

The website behind Futuro Coin claims that the company was setup back in 2012 and that it has been online since 2014. Unfortunately, we were not able to verify these claims because the origin of this site and its owner are unknown. Seems shady, right?

Futuro Coin is allegedly a creation of an Intentional company that is debt-free and focused on the goal of creating a sustainable Cryptocurrency that will be backed by a multi Billion dollar entity.

What exactly is the product or service behind this company’s existence?

Well, they claim that Futuro Coin is backed by a corporation with special interest in social media, online advertising, online gaming and digital media products.

The company has allegedly attracted over 2 million users across some 180 countries in the world. Again, take note of the fact that nobody can verify these numbers as they are purely the creation of this project.

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But for that reason, Futuro Coin is allegedly seen as the next greatest decentralized currency in the world. To invest in this company’s Cryptocurrency, you only have to folk out a minimum of $100. This will guarantee you total financial freedom (they claim).

Of course the alleged number of registered users is a concern. And the expectations of this coin are also a major concern. We do not expect investors to go right in before conducting due diligence because Futuro Coin seems a little bit shady. The website is also corny from the design to the manner in which they are communicating with their visitors.

The website where Futuro Coin is being touted at does not give any contact information which investors can use to submit their inquiries. There’s no email address or phone contact to make this a possibility.

We have to doubt this operation because legitimate Cryptocurrency projects usually implement all measures that would ensure that customers can reach them whenever they want to. But as for the Futurenet Club website, this important feature is lacking. We have to ask ourselves why?

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Futurenet Club Review: Is Futuro Coin scam or the way to go?

The point is, Futuro Coin is a scam, just like many other altcoins/tokens which we have reviewed here before. Let’s start with the basics first to identify the scamming elements that make this website a good fit on the bill.

futuro coin review

First of all, they claim that the site went online back in 2014. It would be foolish to believe so since Whois is saying otherwise.

According to the records of that domain, the site was registered on 14th, March, 2017. So definitely came into existence sometimes in 2017 right that registration date.

Why exactly do they have to lie on small matters that can easily be cross-checked? We have no idea. But maybe these scammers are too dumb to realize that they are committing a mistake which will work against them anyway.

The story of Futuro Coin isn’t adding up at all. When you discover that the origin or ownership details of a site can’t be disclosed for whatever reason, that is often a sign of a scam.

They have purchased premium plan, and this plan has a feature which enables scammers to hide their names so that only the domain name can be visible and not details of the owner.

We expected this to happen with this particular domain name where Futuro Coin is being touted at. You shouldn’t be surprised. But definitely the gross misconduct and lies that fill up the entire homepage of this site should be worrying enough.

What appears to be a legitimate company with focus on the aforementioned areas of business is actually a scam hiding behind Cryptocurrencies. To confirm this assertion, we have been forced to list down the specific elements of this scam that has made it qualify to be called a shady internet operation with no benefit of making anyone financially stable.

Future projections based on false numbers

We definitely love their optimism. But again, having blind optimism does not always mean that a project will take off and work as expected.

The world is never a bed of roses. Challenges will always come down the road. Only scams try to create the perception that things always work the way they have been planned.

Looking at the figures listed on the homepage, we see that someone was day dreaming or at least hallucinating on the idea of Futuro Coin.

That is why the first point starts with ”Imagine”. They want you to imagine that if 5% of their alleged 2 million users were interested in Futuro Coin, this would make the coin one of the most sort after altcoin in the market right now.

The problem is that these numbers are false, and we can no longer place our imaginations on false numbers. If they say that 2 million is the total number of people who are interested in the coin, we must confirm those numbers to even imagine the 5%.

Futuro Coin is definitely a fraud since the website claims that if you bank on their concept now, you can immediately start to see your financial life changing because many people have already started with them, and they are soon becoming millionaires. It’s your typical run on the mill scam where the red flags are obvious.

Futuro Coin is allegedly indispensable. Your time is what matters. If you get in right now, you will soon become a millionaire — claims the scam website.

Of course these projections are based on imaginations and not facts. The 5% is allegedly representing 100,000 users. This is yet another figure which we have not verified. But the site insists that these members have upgraded to their premium plan and ripping the full benefits of becoming a part of the Futuro Coin movement.

The other claim which cannot be verified is that there are 3/4 of Futuro Coin members who are interested in this coin. That is allegedly one of the main reasons why you should join.

The coin is allegedly limited to 100 million, and that it will soon run out of supply. That’s yet another reason why you should join the scam.

These scammers need to get their act together and style up. They can’t ramble about the numbers without providing any grain of truth or facts to back the numbers in question.

Joining Futuro Coin: should you consider it?

Clicking the sign up link at the bottom of the homepage will take you to this link This page has a sign up form and an option to pay through various means.

Fill it up the form at your own risk. Send money to them and kiss it goodbye in the process. There is nothing like becoming a millionaire through a scam.

Our best advice for you

The idea behind Futuro Coin is flawed and suspicious. The company in question isn’t registered anywhere plus the owner is incognito. Avoid Futuro Coin at all cost.

28 Replies to “Futuro Coin Review: Scam Will Collapse Soon”

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?
    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

  2. Obviously not done a great deal of research to write this inane rubbish or he would have found out that it is a genuine website, company & has got millions of users all over the world. Shame you have to write FAKE NEWS here- you could give Donald Trump something real to moan about!

    1. Ja meine liebe.
      Und alle jagen jetzt ihrem Geld hinterher. Ich sage nur FutureADPro. Alles steht still, seit Monaten keine Auszahlungen mehr.
      Die beiden Betreiber verstecken sich, der Support gibt keine Antwort. Finger weg von dieser Firma. Es sei denn, du willst dein Geld los werden.

  3. Sei incredibile! Lei stessa gestisce un sito web velato.
    Anche la ricerca è negativa, perché se sapeste quello che stavate facendo, avreste individuato
    Lì troverete tutti i dati e anche la sede centrale dell’ azienda; -)

    1. Basta vedere chi c’é dietro. Quando leggo dei fratelli Steinkeller (ricercati in diversi paesi del mondo) con i loro precedenti (Herbalife, Organo Gold, Cunligus, Onecoin), basta e avanza.

  4. Als er kantoren worden geopend over de gehele wereld en het bedrijf tot nu toe de beloftes is nagekomen is dit verhaal gebaseerd op bangmakerij. Als wij dieper onderzoek doen, is FutureNet een partner van B2B Services. Ze zijn ook van een bescheiden kantoor verhuisd naar een groter kantoor. Ik ben overgestapt van de ACN SCAM naar FutureNet, omdat ACN mij zwaar benadeeld heeft en enkele mensen om mij heen ook zwaar heeft benadeeld. In 2015 hebben de gebroeders Cupisz gouden bergen beloofd. Weinig van deze gouden bergen beloften zijn uitgekomen. Oorzaak: ACN is steenrijk, echter heel gierig.
    FutureNet heeft een goed en sterk fundament gebouwd en zij keren veel meer uit dan de ACN SCAM tegen heel veel minder inzet. En ACN is dan nog beter te doen dan andere traditionele Netwerk Marketing bedrijven. Veel mensen die bij traditionele Netwerk Marketing bedrijven over zeer lage beloningen. Met 14 jaar ervaring in verschillende Netwerk Marketing bedrijven… gunst is het sleutelwoord in Netwerk Marketing. Een verkoop afsluiten is puur gunst. Helaas hebben velen totaal geen interesse in diensten/producten. In de grote zalen wordt anders beloofd. FutureNet beloond wel. Zij keren NETJES uit. Dat kunnen velen met mij bevestigen. Net als het hopeloze traditionele Netwerk Marketing.

  5. This guy try’s to help people by pointing about a genuine scam, and people call him a l**r!
    Sad world we live in, there is no easy money to be made apart from hard work you do. Great article!

    1. Jak nie ma, w twojej po prostu nie ma… moja mama jest w futurenet od 2015r. Zarabia, ja jestem od blisko 3 lat. Bez grupy mam z adpro futurenet 2500euro miesięcznie. Mam 900 paczek. Dobranoc.

  6. If he is not right show him that he is wrong with facts not only say layer or not true otherwise shut up and give him he right to speak that is his opinion on his research

  7. I see my last post was was taken down. Sad world we live in when sad individuals spread l**s about a great company

  8. What a spid iot, I m a web developer and I can confirm that the website and all the Tecnology involved in the compay will cost millions to any body to develop, just and i***t with no knowledge and understanding will not see the tremendous amount of money and work that is behind FutureNet, I m not a member but I do see the developing of the company and is impressive,

    1. géén lid? en wel positief <3
      hier de link om gratis en vrijblijvend in te schrijven, dan kan een ieder zelf bepalen of er een contact formulier is, een service center, inschrijving als bedrijf en of eigenaren incognito zijn of juist heel benaderbaar.

  9. Für den Schreiberling, der keine Ahnung hat, welches Unternehmen dahinter steckt, sollte mal nach Polen fahren. Im übrigen nutze ich die Produkte schon seit 2016.

  10. Też mam styczność z programowaniem. I na prawdę trzeba masę pracy dać by osiągnąć to co FutureNet. Fajne jest to że ta technologia się rozwija. A najlepsze że dają zarobić. Nie jest to tak że wejdziesz a za rok będziesz milionerem!!! . Najpierw trzeba coś od siebie dać a później brać! Nie polecasz to inwestujesz. Ale by robić kasę trzeba wpłacić te 80k $ ale nie każdy ma. Jestem w firmie od 02.17y . I jak na razie odzyskałem swój wkład. Liczę być tam i reinwestować 3 year.

  11. Die offizielle FuturoCoin Website ist nicht die, welche der geistig verwirrte Autor hier nennt sondern:
    Zur Firma futurenet club betreibt seit jahren eine eigene social media Plattform, siehe hier:
    Die online WerbungsPlattform FutureAdPro existiert seit über zwei Jahren!
    Seit Februar 2018 läuft auch das FuturoCoin cloud mining im FuturoNetwork:
    Zum Futurocoin Finder ihr hier den Eintrag auf
    Zuletzt noch eine Anmerkung zum Autor dieses “Beitrags”: selbst im Internet darf man nicht seinen kompletten geistigen Abfall abladen, auch hier gibt es Regeln. Wer wissentlich falsche Informationen und Beschuldigungen publiziert, macht sich strafbar. Gleiches gilt für dem Betreiber dieser Seite, der den falschen Inhalt seit Monaten nicht löscht.

  12. il y a une chose a rajouter
    que depuis que j ai introduit
    le concept a mon entourage ils ont tous gagner en quelques mois ce que d autres aurait gagner en quelques annees evidemment ainsi que moi , ce qui sont interesser a savoir comment
    envoyer moi votre mail et j aurai le plaisir de vous expliquer et vous prouver
    car avec les preuves on discute pas
    si vous aussi voulez gagner
    envoyer moi votre mail

  13. No nie ma racji, moja mama jest od 2015 w futurenet. Ja jestem od 2016r i zarabiam.
    Wlasciciel to Roman Ziemian, spotkałem go osobuscie w Chinach na dużym evencie futurenet dla Azjatów, mam z nim zdjęcie. Firma ma kilka biur na świecie, jedno we Wrocławiu. Mają instiejace futuromaty, jeden stoi we Wrocławiu, jak chcesz się dowiedzieć skocz do kawiarni futurenet we Wrocławiu albo do biura. Pozdro

  14. Glupota na glupocie. Jestem od 2016 w FN. Moja mama od 2015, poznałem osobiście właściciela w na dużym evencie w chinach dla Azjatów nazywa się Romek Ziemian. Co roku słyszę że firma się zawali tymczasem wyciągam 2500e euro miesięcznie z ich programu adpro. We Wrocławiu jest futuromat gdzie mogę wyciągać swoje futurocoiny zamienione na złotówki. Niedaleko jest też kawiarnia futurenet, a dalej biuro jedno z kilku na świecie gdzie wszystkiego możecie się dowiedzieć. Straszny artykuł, sponsorowany chyba przez Facebook…

  15. Dikke scam dus kijk hoe iedereen snel een berichtje hier plaats met nep accounts.
    FutureNET is troep net zoals Bitconnect was trap er niet in investeer in Bitcoin dat is de toekomst niet zoon slap aftreksel.

  16. Du hast dich wohl sehr wenig mit dem Unternehmen FutureNet beschäftigt. Es ist alles andere als ein Betrug, alles was dort versprochen wird und wurde ist eingetroffen und wurde eingehalten. Bei Auszahlungen hatte ich noch nie Probleme, die Plattformen bieten das, was sie versprechen. Bei FutureNet redet niemand von schnellem Geld, hab ich noch nie gehört, weder von Teampartnern noch von von den CEO, keine Ahnung wo ihr das her habt. Man liest nirgendswo Kritik im bösen Internet, weil man keine wirklichen Fehler findet, alles läuft seit 2014 wunderbar und wird stetig optimiert und verbessert. FutureNet ist eins der transparentesten Unternehmen im Online Marketing mit einer großen Zukunft

    1. Ja warum gibt es wohl keine Kritik im Internet? Alle negativen Kommentare werden z.B. auf Facebook gelöscht. in jeder Facebookgruppe droht man mit rausschmiss oder die negativen Kommentare werden nicht veröffentlicht. FutureADPro war eine der Haupteinnahmen. Dies steht nun still. Alle rennen dem Geld hinterher. Seit Monaten keine Auszahlungen mehr. Somit kann der Coint auch nicht mehr funktionieren. Wenn du Geld los werden willst, kannst du meine Kontonummer haben. Ich sage dir aber von Anfang an die Wahrheit. Du kriegst dafür keine Gegenleistung und dasGeld gebe ich dann für dich aus.

  17. I am a Futurenet user as well and understand what he is saying. Futurocoin is not being mined so, so far there is no Futurocoin. Why should you pay money for something that doesn’t exist? I know how crypto’s work and I can see that there is no reason (yet) to invest in Futurocoin. Maybe it is a scam, maybe not. As soon as there is a coin to buy I will, but so far all you can buy is air.

  18. buen dia amigo, no hay necesidad de utilizar malas palabras compañeros, esta persona solo esta dando un punto de vista, y un analisis de su investigacion, lo que le falto fue aclarar algunos puntos, quiero informarte lo siguiente amigo, para que continues con tu investigacion,
    yo soy usuario de la compañia futurenet desde el año 2014, para ese entonces solo habia poco mas de 1 millos de usuarios, ten presente lo siguiente:
    1) la compañia nace en el año 2012 bajo un negocio de red social,
    2014) sale al mercado en el negocio de adsense, es decir publicidad on line, y se inicia un largo camino para hacer convenio internacionales con grandes empresas, ahi nace el departamento de informatica y desarrolladores, donde se inicia el proceso de desarrollo de juegos, apps y demas elementos para que la publicidad funcione en todas estas herramientas
    3. para el año 2017 la compañia toda la desicion de sacar su propia moneda, futuro coin, y sale al mercado en el mes de febrero, y a la fecha ya se intercambia en mas de 12 exchain,
    para el año 2017 ya existian poco mas de 2 millones de usuarios en la red social y en adpro, por lo cual para el año 2019 ya llegamos a los 5 millones de usuarios,
    dicha moneda que tu catalogas como futura estafa, ya la puedes cambiar por otras cryptos en los diferentes exchain y ademas por dinero fiat como dolares, euros. ademas que la compañia tambien cuenta con el servicio ATM, donde usted como emprendedor o empresario puede comprar el cajero automatico y hacer compras y retiros de los futuros coin, como de bitcoin tambien con estos cajeros,

    para resumir, aconsejo amigo que sigas con tu analisis e investigacion y deja la flojera a un lado, y saca un analisis mas detallado sin mal interpretar las palabras
    exitos muchachos, y como todo ne los negocios hay 2 alternativas,
    1, ganar
    2, perder

    pero con 5 años en la compañia con cumplimientos en los aportes y pagos, el concepto de perder ya no es opcion, 5 años de solo ganancia, y lo mejor no tienes que reclutar personas.

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