Fx Farms Review: Is Scam?

Fx Farms Review: Is Scam?

Fx Farms ( is a hyped Forex indicator that provides unlawful services to investors. FxFarms is another forex indicator scam that is causing havoc in the online trading world. After receiving hundreds of complaints from members of FX Farm, we decided to investigate. What looks like a legitimate website is another clone indicator stealing from investors. And this is why we must ensure no one falls for this trap. Read on to find out why we mark FX FARMS a scam.

Fx Farms Review

About Fx Farms

The platform is washed with numerous forex products including offering trading signals. They claim to offer scalper bot services to investors. From the look of things, the website has managed to offer numerous products and services to investors. The website is designed to imitate a real platform and has managed to entice numerous investors. Details regarding the platform started coming out at the beginning of last year. The majority of people started lodging complaints against this platform.

Fx Farms is claiming to have the best and talented professionals who are classy and dedicated. If this was true, the number of complaints wouldn’t have risen to alarming levels. The platform is full of information regarding the products and services offered within the website. Three of the main selling points include commodity, currency, and Crypto trading. Are they really good at these three areas? Time is the best judgment and right now, things are not looking good for Fx Farms.

Assets Found on the Platform

According to their market’s page, the platform is offering a number of trading products and services. These include bonds, commodities, Crypto, Forex, Futures, and Shares. What remains to be the biggest problem with the website is the lack of accurate information regarding the products. FX Farms fails to give investors the full details of the conditions available. The products mentioned do not have any specific conditions which are at a disadvantage. Investors are signing up blindly without the full set of conditions made known.

Business Owner

Fx Farms Trading Features

Paul Miller is the person who is introduced as the head and pillar of Fx Farms. They claim that he was born and raised in the UK and has a degree in Business administration and Finance. The story goes on that he invested in Bitcoin in 2011 which made him a wealthy man. He then started Fx Farms a few years after beginning to trade currencies. Scam artists will create a compelling story of a man who has it all. Why is Paul Miller not recognized by any investors in the UK and the United States? He is a fictional character used to entice unsuspecting investors.

Customer Feedback

Contrary to what the platform publishes, there have been scathing comments regarding the platform. These scam artists are countering by hiring keyboard masters to post positive comments. They also go ahead and hire actors who act as members who have used the platform and succeeded. And this is where investors should be wary of what they see on promotional videos. If they were true, we would all join the platform and have a piece of the cake. Sadly, this is not the issue of FX farms.

Domain Details

What we found weird with the platform is that they have been live for a long time. Details from the leading domain tools register show the platform is over four years old. Trusted domain records reveal the actual registry date of the website was 12th March 2015. What is shocking is that the website has managed to go for long without any scrutiny. Thanks to complaints from members, investors can now learn the truth about this platform. And this is why investors should be wary of the platform. They have managed to be underground for a long time, imagine the true number of victims?

Experts on the Website

Andrew Ingram, Andrew Morgan, and Travis Gilbert are the people who claim to be experts. They have been listed as the full experts who handle the day-to-day business. The platform has also posted images of so-called agents from all over the world. What we learned from the experts is that some of them have been linked with other online scams. The video presentation on the website marking their first anniversary is green scripted. It means the background is not real, actors and movies use them to create background imagery.

Virtual Office

The real location of where the company is located remains hidden. Information on the website would suggest the platform is based in the UK. It is misleading information since these scam artists are using a false UK address. A further investigation reveals the website and the address belongs to Regus, a virtual office provider. Traffic from Alexa shows 60 percent is from the United States. These scam artists are either located in the States or targeting citizens of that region.

License and Registration Details of Fx Farms

Fx Farm is NOT licensed or registered to offer any trading products or services. To confirm our fears, we reached out to the authorities in the two regions. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority has not licensed any product under the name FxFarms. The FTC in the United States and NFA has also not regulated such an entity. And this is proof we are dealing with a rogue online trading platform. It is best to stay away from such platforms which offer no valid trading services.

Members will not get any compensation in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. And this is a raw deal for members as the platform will soon go under. An investigation is underway from regulatory bodies and a warning is on the way. Other regulatory bodies in the UK plan to stop the platform dead on its step. A press release on the website will ensure authorities shut down their entire operation.

Limitations of Fx Farms

Account Plans

Fx Farms Promotional Video

Fx Farms is providing investors with five plans to choose from. The plans listed include Base, Trader, Lead, Eagle, and President. These account plans come with a guaranteed profit margin of 1.5 percent to 2.45 percent. Users can invest as low as $25 with the Base plan and $55,000 with the President plan. None of these plans will help investors reach their financial goals. They are traps to get investors from different classes.

Contact Information

As stated earlier, the platform claims to be located in the United Kingdom. After calling the number listed, it went straight to voicemail. A real trading platform should offer live chat support to ensure communication is effective. Members have to wait for days to get a response when they use email channels. It is clear that these scam artists don’t want to be contacted by anyone. That is why they also hire actors to act as staff members.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Members should not expect to withdraw any funds from the platform. Not a single member has come out with proof of withdrawing funds with the platform. What the scammers have done is to ensure they have the necessary depository channels. Depository channels include e-wallets and Skrill. Word of caution, don’t deposit even a penny with the platform. Fx Farms is another online scam targeting newbie investors and traders.

Security of funds with Fx Farms

The safety of funds is not guaranteed by a platform with no proper security software. Lack of proper security software is evident with no DDoS protection available. Investors and members are prone to third party attacks. Stay away from this bogus platform.

Scam or Legit Fx Farms

After reviewing all the facts, it is clear Fx Farms is a scam. Stay away from the platform and ensure you never sign up with them. Mark any of their promotional emails as spam and resist from opening an account.

Final Thought

Steer clear from this product and use affordable Crypto tools when dealing with Digital Currency. Go for industry-backed tools that are affordable and easy to use.

We wish all investors the very best.

44 Replies to “Fx Farms Review: Is Scam?”

  1. Good to know this informations. I’m not a member of fxfarms but a lot of my friends have been registered to fxfarms and they received money everyday from fxfarms. Can you explain how fxfarms make money or where the money cames from so they can distributes the money to all the member in my country (Indonesia?.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for this information. Many people I know in Nigeria claim they receive money on their investment daily on fxfarms.

    1. Am a Nigerian, and I will never again subject anyone I love to such investment. I am a victim of ponzi scam. Now, I know better. I had invested in online investments and all came out the same…Loss.
      These people are worse than Yahoo yahoo boys and they operate the same; to come out as a legit business but to scam people. They were able to pay people daily for now because new money are still coming in from affiliates and once they get to their target, they will disappear. There are 5 important flags to watch out for and the worse is when you hear the w**d guarantee, and daily profits. FxFarm will end like others and people will loss money. So stay off.

  3. I have friends who are registered with fx farms and they are also getting paid.why don’t you review your findings once again and check again.

  4. Mr poster, have you done all the necessary findings to ensure that this business isn’t working or is a scam? What about those who make profit from it on daily basis? What evidence do you have to show that they use clone indicators? You could copy their trade for yourself to know if it’s true or not

  5. I could remember when someone created a thread on pennywise saying it’s a scam people almost eat the guy up, now where are they. Pennywise have disappeared. Let me explain why they can afford to pay. U invest $100 they pay u fraction of ur money back in days n u introduce people b4 u even get up to 30% of ur investment they also continue paying fraction to those people. This people introduce more people Fx-farm gets more bags of money, when they reach there target they disappear…it’s just Ponzi Rob Peter pay Paul. Be wise. Let me leave this adage.
    When you are preparing for a small lunch remember someone else is preparing for a bigger lunch where u might b part of their menu

    1. You have sincerely said it all, it is only left for who would hear. So funny when i hear that people are getting paid. People only get paid of the fraction of their investment, and by w**d of the mouth you tell others about it, they too would invest because all you want is the referral bonus. Some scammers would even tell you to compound your earnings, and you leave your earnings and capital to grow, and suddenly you wake up to a reality of being scammed. Fx farms is a ponzi and the investors will 100% lose their capital

  6. Hmmmmmm. Just got someone already in the business inviting me but I think I need to hold on first. Sometimes it may not be instant but the ending will not be good. Like penny wise

  7. This is also a business to you. Your risk to make your opinion and get customers to view your page. You could as well, add the advantages we’ve seen them do on a daily basis. Why leaving there good works for now and praying so hard to see them fall, even praying so hard again for the fall to come faster. If it’s easy, everyone should leave them and learn the forex. Do it YOURSELF.

  8. on this pandemic and around of the world using fx farms they earned money they invest probably like small packages but can u example me with method this really scam?

  9. I Got sign up with fxfarm but I haven’t invested yet,I just thought of making my research first before investing money..hmm with all I have heard I don’t think it’s a safe platform to invest my money!..thanks for the information

  10. I read this same thing about pennywise but I went ahead and still invested, and I ended up losing all my money. I guess it’s Once bitten twice Shy..

  11. Thank you for the information. Someone brought the investment option to a group I belong to claiming it is not a clone but I told them I have to make my research. This is the 2nd review I have gotten and they are both saying the same thing. Thank you.

  12. He who has an ear should hear. I personally did a research and found out all that the reviewer said but also went to further to enquire from FCA the agency that regulates and register financial institutions in the UK.They replied by saying that FX FARMS is not registered or regulated by them and the owners are faceless. Greed is our problem and as soon as we deal with it, we will no longer be victims to these scammers ever.

    1. FXFarms is one of those HYIP online , High Yield Investment Programs , they will fizzle away sooner or later , I have conducted my due diligence On the site and there are lots of red flags ? that indicates it’s a scam, please stay away . No genuine FX company will offer you such ROI , let’s not allow greed cloud our sense of reasoning when it comes to making money online

  13. Bro I haven’t invest yet am doing my research on it, but what I understand on it is that (life is all about taking risk to survive no pain no gain doe’s who take risks all always make it in life is all about having the mind of a lion. You can start with a small package wish you good luck dear !!! 09035843849

    1. Someone has invited me today, 15 October. So I guess, they are still here. And I am here to do my research about this as well.

  14. I am indonesian, and one of the victim of this scam platform. Withdrawing cannot be executed, We lost the money as we lost respect to our upline. They do nothing to assist, everyone dissappointed

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